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28 January 2011


In the anthology of my tender writings, the reader will get a glimpse into my humble heart and will envision the spirit of a man full of meekness, tears and love for the fate of a dying flower.

To some, my songs of poetry will remain bewildering to the mind, but to others, while searching for a flicker of happiness, they will be the hidden joy the heart never knew existed in the darkness of life.

What I write is not born from greed, wealth or fame, but rather from the jewels of love…the kind representing the sparkle of an infant's innocent smile that goes unnoticed in a world filled with evil and tasteless tears.

The breath of life bears the fire of love for everyone to speak, but sadly, a man's own doing extinguishes these flames of beauty, turning them instead into words of hate and death toward his brother born from the same woman.

My songs of poetry are the voiceless words of my heart speaking with the freedom of love to yours, for my hermitage holds the melodic silence that turns simple words into devoted flowers bowing down in worship before the presence of a beautiful woman.

My songs of poetry also hold the weeping sounds of a man who loves the enemy as his own, for with each falling tear, humility and kindness are whispered along with an eloquent understanding of love and forgiveness.

Yes, my songs of poetry are heartfelt words containing the fragrance of merciful flowers dancing upon paper before the reader's eyes, while giving birth to sweet love and tender sorrow...from the grace and flow of an ordinary pen.



  1. Andy, as a man, I'm not that romantic and I don't know anyone who can live up the the high standards you've set! The man in this poem has it all going for him. Wish I'd had these poems when I was younger...I woulda had loads of girlfriends.(lol)

  2. To Anonymous: Even though I understand your wish to remain anonymous, I wish you would have told me your name, so I could address you correctly.

    Thank you for the insightful comments. I do appreciate them and am glad you took the time not only to come by, but to write as well.

  3. song of poetry,
    so full of passion and tenderness.
    well done.

  4. Hello again Jingle.
    Thank you for the nice comments.
    I'm glad you came by.

  5. "What I write is not born from greed, wealth or fame, but rather from the jewels of love…the kind that represents the sparkle of an infant's innocent smile, which goes unnoticed in a world filled with evil and tasteless tears." These words are epic.

    Could you change the colour of your links? They're hard to read! Keep on writing and thanks for all your comments and hopefully the ones to come.

  6. To the other Andy (Andy Mcdonald).
    Thanks for the encouraging words.
    I'm delighted that you're enjoying my work and keep coming back. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

    (I'll try to fix the link color)

  7. "Voiceless words of my heart" -- very nice line. Thank you for sharing this lyrical poem from the heart.

  8. Andy,
    There is no doubt at all that you have the gift of presenting romance, in a written form.
    I enjoy reading your poems and following your latest creations.

    Congratulations on having collected so many wonderful poems.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  9. Hello Judith, welcome.
    Thanks for coming by. I appreciate your comment (and your smile).

    Dearest Eileen, Thank you as always for such heartwarming words and compliments. It's truly touching to have another accomplished writer continually read and look forward to my humble words.

    Best wishes to you and I hope you are well.

  10. This is lovely Andy. I am enjoying exploring your blog and thanks for visiting mine recently.

  11. Hello Peggy, Please take your time exploring. You're welcome here anytime. I appreciate your comments and look forward to your next visit.

  12. such a romantic. I am awwwing all the way with a smile :) Happy potluck!


  13. Hello Lynnaima.
    Smiling back...thank you for the lovely comment. I'll be over soon to view your post.
    Thanks for visiting.

  14. such romantic love and beautiful passion ... lovely :)

  15. Welcome back Celestial Dreamz.
    Thank you for the kind words.

  16. so deep and passionate -- so you :)

  17. For bendedspoon: Hello Rea. Smiling...you've figured me out! Nice to see you again.

  18. Poignant! Thank you for sharing, Andy!

  19. Hello Becca.
    Thanks for spending some time here.

  20. "which goes unnoticed in a world filled with evil and tasteless tears" Stunning lines. This is one of my favorite poems that you've written. I enjoy visiting and reading your beautiful romantic poetry, keep singing the language of the heart

  21. Hello mindlovemisery.
    Thank you for the kind words.

    It makes me truly happy that you find enjoyment in my humble words. As long as there are welcome eyes, I'll keep on writing (smile).

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I'll keep an eye out for your next visit:)

  22. " What I write is not born...but rather from the jewels of love"... Andy these words are jewels... Love it.

  23. Hello Sam.
    Nice to see you again. Thank you for the kind words.

  24. Your heart and passion are reflected beautifully in your words.



  25. To tasithoughts: Hello again Jon-paul. Thank you for taking the time to visit. I appreciate your comment.

  26. Andy.. awesome.. no word can describe my happiness after reading this song.. here is my song, Somebody's me

    Someone is Special

  27. To Someone is Special: Thank you SiS. I too liked your song and of course the voice of Enrique!

  28. BRAVO!

    Andy sweets,
    You write and boy, do you write?
    Wonderful adjectives and imagery somewhat intense..

    Our situations shape us and we find it easy to give up.. so why bother? If someone gets hurt in the process.. just who cares.........???

    Hugs xoxox

  29. My dear Olivia: So nice to see you.
    Thank you the comments & for spending some time here today.