31 January 2011


Tell me, beautiful woman, are you the lily-of-the valley or the water lily blooming within the teardrops of my loving eyes?

The natural beauty of your smile touches my heart with an appearance and attractiveness that embellishes my soul with trembling joy to embrace the plus-size of your curvaceous image.

Adorned with the ornamental vision of you, I have been led to this musical path echoing the sound of your melodious voice, while whispering my name with tastefulness and elegance.

Darling, your plus-size, curvaceous image is most sensuous to me, filling my eyes with the gratification a man enjoys when the beauty of a woman is the ultimate reason for his passionate desires.

Lady Flower, you are the perfume in spring intoxicating the air I breathe with life's sweetest essence born from the heart of a most exquisite angel.

As we walk hand-in-hand into the horizon of eternity, your footprints are most comely upon the sands of the seashores, while your anklets chime in rhythm with the ocean's waves.

In fact, with each footprint, you leave behind an indentation of warmth and tender passion, thrilling a man like me with your plus-size femininity.

Sweet darling, you are most praiseworthy and honorable before my eyes, for every man will observe your curvaceous beauty with voiceless words coming from his trembling heart, which will be awestruck every time…just like mine.

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  1. this poem is the great and it makes the plus size women feel wonderful because all women have beauty and you expressed it greatly, with so much feelings.

  2. Thank you for this poem, Andy.
    As a plus size woman, we are rarely considered beautiful or attractive. This poem confirms beauty can come in any shape, size or color. You make me want to embrace my curves!
    Your poems are so heartfelt, without malice. They are a pleasure to read time and time again.

  3. I am re-visiting this poem & have made a few changes.

    To Anonymous: Yes...all women have beauty, regardless of their size. Thank you for writing.

    To Daphne: Hello & welcome. Sadly, society sells the thin is in image & anybody outside that realm is considered not as beautiful. I celebrate all women & if you have curves, flaunt them.

    Thank you for expressing your sentiments. I appreciate your comments.

  4. i am glad you do not let size get in the way of beauty because i do believe that it can transcend that...i like the little touchs...the chiming anklet...

  5. Hello Brian. Nice to have another man's point of view.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. hi andy,

    i love the way your poem brings out in my interpretations, that the more a man takes the time to sincerely get to know a woman, the more beautiful she will become, and that includes every aspect of her being, her curves, her smile and the beauty from within which transcends into visual loveliness...

    another meaningful write...and thanks for sharing...


  7. You made plus size women feel so proud of themselves. Who likes being reed thin?

    eye for an eye

  8. For Janice & Gautami: Hello ladies. How are you?

    All women are beautiful, regardless of size, color, etc.
    However, I wanted to encourage the ladies with curves, because all too often, they do not receive the attention & adoration that I believe they are due.

    My message to plus-size & curvy women is to embrace your curves. Celebrate what you have been bestowed with. Believe in yourself and know you are indeed beautiful!

    Thank you Janice & Gautami for your comments. I appreciate your feedback.

  9. Yes it shouldn't matter either way
    As long as you are happy with yourself day to day
    Who cares what the rest say
    If you do whack them with a tray..lol
    You showed the beauty in more ways then one
    Great write really showing it shouldn't matter the size of one under the sun

  10. Hello Pat.
    Smiling...I'm not a violent person, so I'll have to pass on the tray whacking!

    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments.

  11. it made me smile :) ... well done.

  12. Hello Celestial Dreamz.
    Thank you.

  13. Wow. Beauty absolutely comes in all shapes and sizes!

  14. Hello Jenny. I agree...beauty belongs to us all. Society dictates what is/isn't attractive and sadly, curvy ladies are not given the proper respect and exposure. I thought I would highlight the beauty of their curves with this one (smile). Thanks for spending time here today. I appreciate it.