28 January 2011


My darling, illuminate my heart with life's eternal wisdom, so I may learn the sweet manifestations of love's desires.

Like a spectacle filling my eyes with human beauty, your kindness even moves me to cry invisible tears of love.

Over the years, I have ploughed the garden of lonesomeness and found nothing but withered flowers and broken thorns.

Today, your alluring image displays an illustrious glow causing my senses to feel the fire and warmth of imaginative passion.

Will you kindly fill me with the gratification a man desires from behind the veil of a woman's seductive smile?

Lady Flower, allow me to anoint you with poetic words of love that have been hidden away in my heart for so very long.

Simmering inside with trembling emotions has brought me to the conclusion that to learn life's eternal wisdom, one must enter your heart with tears of love.

*Image from wikimedia.org
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  1. I enjoyed reading this one. well done. :)

  2. Hello again Celestial Dreamz,
    Glad you liked this poem. Thanks.

  3. A women would be lucky to have you with words like that...loved the read. xo

  4. heartfelt words,
    your open mind will win love for sure, keep it up.

  5. To Sherry Irvine,
    Thank you for taking the time to visit and for the lovley sentiment. Most of my poetry will be about love and romance. Glad you enjoyed this one.

    To Jingle,
    As always, welcome back. I am always encouraged by your comments.

  6. thanks for sharing your beautiful words...

  7. To littlekhargosh: Hello & welcome. It's my pleasure to share my humble poetry. I hope you enjoyed your visit & thank you for stopping by.

  8. Andy your capacity for love is really impressive as is the way you express it here. Liked the 3rd and the last line the best.

  9. Hello rch.
    Thanks for the kind words. They are much appreciated as is your visit.

  10. This poem really tugs at the heartstrings. "Ploughed the garden of lonesomeness" is so vivid, a feeling many of us have shared. Very nicely done!

  11. To Mary Mansfield: Hello Mary. Yes..those gardens of lonesomeness can indeed be rather solitary. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate the visit.