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21 March 2011


Did you know some men will fabricate any story just to impress a woman as beautiful as you and to have her attention and artistic smile?

Such intentions are only humorous if they are fictitous to the listening heart and not meant to destroy what is truthful or to blaspheme what is sacred.

In my opinion, I find it wrong for any man to rob the heart of a woman like you with casual lies for the sweet flavor of her warm, passionate kisses.

You may suppose I think a lot of myself, but the truth is, I would rather lose your friendship to honesty than to have it with a lie.

What is born from dishonesty will usually grow from the soil of darkness and will eventually give birth to unfaithfulness.

Beautiful woman, your splendor is far greater than the lie, yet with invisible tears, I can taste your sorrow for the gifts of romance and love.

Do not give in to the temporary warmth of happiness that holds no hope for the everlasting fruits of love - instead, walk away from the lie and your heart will feel the absolute beauty of truth…which will always withstand the test of time.

*Photo provided by/copyright my dear friend ~ Jan Neel at Photos by Jan



  1. One man will use deceit to gain the favor of a vulnerable woman, another man will use truth no matter the personal cost to himself.

    One woman will accept dishonesty in her desire to gain a mans favor and feel his Love, while yet another woman with courage will walk away from desire in order to stay true to her self.

    Where is the balance between Love and Desire? Right and Wrong?

    Beautiful woman, your splendor is far greater than the lie, and yet, with invisible tears, I can taste your sorrow for the gifts of romance and love.

    Your choice of poems lately have been very thought provoking Andy. Thank you for sharing your poetry and allowing your readers to voice their thoughts and comments.It's a privilege to watch and be a part of your journey as a poet.

  2. Hello Ariana,
    Thanks for visiting and for the insightful feedback.

  3. ahh yes one will lie and win and one will tell the truth and lose. Nicely written.

  4. Welcome Louisedouglas,
    Thanks for visiting. Your comment is greatly appreciated.

  5. Truth. We did know this, but you have poemed it beautifully.

    Thanks for a fine Potluck contribution. Hope you enjoy your visits and visitors.

    Poem on ...

  6. you know better because you are a man,

    welcome to JP..
    Happy Potluck.

  7. i am in awe of your respect and i am sure every woman will fall for your maturity.. great write andy! here's mine.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/paper-scribbles/

  8. Hello Jingle, Hello fiveloaf,
    You are both most kind with your comments.
    Jingle...I'm glad I found JP & am looking forward to sharing and interacting with eyeryone.

  9. Beauty and the Lie...wow! Andy, your poems never cease to amaze me. The way you can express your feelings is awesome. There is much truth in the things a man will tell a woman to get what he wants. And many times a woman is so lonely and vulnerable that she is blind to what this type of man is telling her. How insightful for her true friend to express his feelings and try to open her eyes to these kind of men.

  10. Hello Ruthi,
    Thanks for stopping by. Your feedback on this poem and "Clothed With Lies" are very much appreciated. I'm glad that you are enjoying my writings.

  11. God save all from such lies ..
    Love needs truth to blossom , every thing else is a compromise !

    Thanks for this soulful post :)

    ~ ladynimue.wordpress.com

  12. Hello Nimue,
    You came a long way...Thanks for taking the time to write.

  13. Good story, but not all us men are like this...there are still some good and truthful ones out there.

    1. To Anonymous Man,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I agree not all men are as described here. I know I'm certainly NOT like that!