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02 March 2011


Lady Flower, please finish these sentences of my heart, so you may know my thoughts of you long before my lips can speak them.

The alluring scent of you exudes a wafting, perfume fragrance causing my senses to crave your honey kisses, even among a crowd.

Sing the hymns of romance with me, as we enter into love's immortal beauty beneath the rising star that can even be seen by day.

Did you know droplets of rain remind me of your anklets tinkling along a path leading beautiful you to me?

A lover's call bears the whisper of passion hidden in the bosom of life, but then revealed through the eyes when one's tears are visible to the other.

Weep with me over a fallen flower and feel my emotions, as they are expressed under the poverty of sorrow with tears that taste just like yours.

My darling, a lover's call is direct and filled with endless sweetness…the kind that flutters like a pair of eyelashes caged inside the slavery of romance and love.

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  1. Andy, this is another one of your poems that can be described as emotionally touching, sensual as well as captivating. The phrase that captivates my emotions is..."A lover's call bears the whisper of passion that is hidden in the bosom of llife, but then revealed through the eyes, when one's tears are visible to the other." How passionate!

  2. The alluring scent of you exudes a wafting, perfume fragrance that causes my senses to crave your sweet kisses, even among a crowd.

    I'm quite captivated by that line and I need to buy that perfume!

  3. Dearest Ruthi, here I am again...late in replying to comments.

    Smiling...you know I'll always write about love, romance and passion...can't help myself!

    Good to see you here again.

    To Anonymous: I feel kind of strange replying to a no name, but I guess I have to be fair, especially if you know who you are and are reading this right now:)

    Smiling...I'm afraid that perfume is a one of a kind creation and is exclusive to Lady Flower.

    Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it.

  4. The opening lines just grab at you and won't let you go. Your poems have the ability to make women swoon.

  5. I am not going to say anything. You are my favorite. Here! I have become your follower now!

  6. Captivated.
    Lovely as always.
    I really enjoyed reading your work Andy.
    Have a lovely day!

  7. Ah, Andy, romance at its best. The most beautiful beginning to a poem. Loved it!

  8. Magniicent. Your use of description is always unique and brilliant.

  9. Hello everyone.

    @ K McGee: Smiling...you know I have a way with words. Thank you for commenting.

    @ Mihir: Thank you. I'm happy to see you here. I had a very nice journey at your travel blog and left lots of comments:)

    Welcome to the Vip Lounge. I will return the kindness and follow you too!

    @ merio: Thank you. You are most generous with your time. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Leo: Thank you for the warm sentiments Leo. Romance and love is all I know.

    @ Andy McDonald: Thank you Andy. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

  10. Oh My! This couldn't be a coincidence.. My dear friend is going through a similar phase.. only that his are unheard phrases..

    Touched.. moved!

    Puplumages is Purvi :)
    I am from ~

  11. Andy you have a very nice style to your writing. It's like you're talking directly to me. Another well written piece, I thank you for sharing:)

  12. I simply feel amazed at your infinite passion on romance..

    how do you find inspirations?

    very sizzling open line, beautiful creation.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. "weep with me over a fallen flower"... I love this line

  14. you are very good at expressing the things you know as well! :)

  15. So romantic and poignant... Wonderful!

  16. "Did you know droplets of rain remind me of your anklets tinkling along a path leading beautiful you to me?"

    that just did it to me. beautiful.

  17. WoW! Thank you everyone for your support.

    @ Purvi: Hello. Just a suggestion...you should encourage your friend to write his experiences down...might help with the healing process.

    I notice you've been an active follower of mine for a while now, but I wasn't able to view your blog because I didn't have your link.

    Thanks for coming by. If I've not already done so, I'll be by soon and will add you to my blogroll.

    @ Fred: Welcome back. Thank you for the compliment. It means a lot to me that you take the time to read my humble words.

    @ Jingle: Ji, you are most kind. A lot of the time I just write from my imagination, but my most emotional poems come from listening to the melancholic music of the great Mukesh.

    @ Sam: Nice to see you again. Thanks for supporting my blog.

    @ Luna: Thank you. I appreciate your comment.

    @ magdalenahermanstories: Hello again. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Paulami: It make me smile to know my humble words can be bring a measure of happiness to you the reader. Thank you for taking the time to stop by

  18. When I see your name I know I am going to enjoy a wonderful poem about love. And I did.

  19. Such a moving romantic poem. Reading your poems is like falling in love =)

  20. Hello Teri. What a nice compliment to start my day! Thank you so very much.

    Hello mindlovemisery. Beautiful sentiments from you too. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

  21. all is very romantic but this is really nice...
    My darling, a lover's call is direct and filled with endless sweetness

  22. such a romantic poem it is,i love it:))

  23. Totally romantic and a vivid imagery..throwing into a dream which one would never want to get end :)..

    Pretty work!

  24. A warm welcome to new & returning visitors.

    To Tarunima: Hello again. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your return visit.

    To Alcina: Hello. Your comment is truly appreciated. Thank you for stopping by.

  25. Andy, your sensitivity shines in the words of your beautiful poetry! Its really refreshing to read!

  26. Hello Cindy. What a nice thing to say!
    Thank you for the warm sentiments & for taking the time to stop by.

  27. This is a really lovely poem, didn't let me turn away from the screen the moment i started reading
    it is a beautiful description of a beautiful occurance.
    if many more would experience a lover's call the world might just be a better place
    I think i'll write a response

  28. Hello bkpaf: Thank you for the kind sentiments. I need no better form of encouragement than to have the reader enjoy my humble words of poetry.
    Thank you for taking time to stop by.