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10 April 2011


A soft, midnight breeze has brought with it the sweet, intoxicating scent of a woman I only see in passing.

To be submerged in fantasies of imaginative lovemaking with her leaves me weak, but completely satisfied.

She is the proverbial beauty of romance sitting upon the mind of a man observing her gracefully walking among invisible roses.

The flames of passion will forever burn inside the human heart when the attraction of the opposite sex bears an irresistible appeal.

Walking innocently upon my joyful tears, this beautiful woman even decorates my eyes with her feminine sweetness.

It is no secret there is a certain divine aura about her, causing her glamorous image to glow with timeless radiance.

I find myself walking with her in the symbol of my dreams until a new day escorts me back into this empty reality.

In fact, just to walk with her, if only for one moment, will complete this part of my life, which I never imagined could be so beautiful.

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  1. Andy, such beautiful words. The fantasy thoughts of passion, if only in his mind, are enough to make a woman quiver with delight.

  2. Welcome back Ruthi,
    Thank you for the kind sentiments.

  3. Very passionate writing. I enjoyed it.


  4. Hello again Lisa,
    Glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks for returning.

  5. Hello again Celestial Dreamz,
    Thank you so much for visiting. I appreciate your comment.

  6. A nice piece of writing, Andy. :-)

    I came here by way of Poets United. Good to meet another poet.


  7. A warm hello to Paul Andrew Russell,
    Welcome to my blog. Thank you for the comment.

  8. Hello to Jack Edwards Poetry,
    Thank you for taking the time to visit.

  9. Andy,
    You are indeed a true romantic!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  10. My dear Eileen,
    Thank you do much for the kind comment.

  11. I especially like this line:

    "She is the proverbial beauty of romance sitting upon the mind of a man"

    nice :)

  12. A warm welcome is extended to new visitor Lisa from Canada. Hello and thank you for the comment.

  13. There is undoubtedly something very sensual and yet sweet about this poem.

    The fantasy of a midnight lover is exciting. As a woman I could have written this about one of my midnight fantasies.

    I love this line:
    "Moreover, the flames of passion will forever burn inside the human heart, when the attraction of the opposite sex bears an appeal, which cannot be resisted."

    Thank you for this lovely Poem. Now, I must go back to my own "Empty" reality.

  14. Hello to new visitor Sahira Mohini,
    Thank you for your insight into this poem.

  15. the dream girl...beautiful words sir..

    1. Hello.
      Thanks. Nice of you to stop by.
      I notice you have 3 blogs, but they are all empty???
      Time to start penning something I think (smile)!