18 April 2011


Darling, even though you are unknown to me, we are not strangers, for I have seen your beautiful face before…upon the pages of my poems.

My poetic verses remind me of our silent meeting in a garden of sleepy violets that stayed awake just to listen to our whispers of love.

It is your timeless beauty that transports me into dreams and fantasies bearing the mellifluous sweetness between a poet and his Lady Flower.

I am so enthralled by you that when you cry, I hear each teardrop sound falling gently upon my thoughts while I reach for your tender hand, which remains invisible to the touch.

We are not strangers, my darling, for the breath of the wind brings your sweet essence to me in the form of a white dove soaring over my unwritten poems.

Like an enchantress flower, you inspire me to pen poetic words of beauty for your precious eyes to read.

If ever your heart should embrace my thoughts with joy and wholesome desires - the kind that causes a woman to crave the deep kisses of a man - then, beautiful Lady, we are most definitely not strangers.

*Modified artwork by Konstantin Somov, wikipaintings.org



  1. •♥•♥•♥•♥♥ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♥♥•♥•♥•♥•♥•

    This is melt my ♥ Heart Beautiful Andy.

    After the Nighttime wild ride of "Make sweet Love to me" This poem is the morning after with all it's beauty and tenderness.

    "You are the enchantress flower filling me up with the inspiration to pen poetic words of beauty for your precious eyes to read."

    My eyes have read your beautiful words...
    and I am filled with peace.☮

    Ⓣhank Ⓨou Ⓜy Ⓓear Ⓟoet Ⓕriend

  2. Hello again Ariana,
    I am touched that you can find such comfort in my words. I sincerely appreciate your continued support and hope you will visit again soon.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog for a read. Your poem is very romantic. It looks as if you have a lovely muse.

  4. I hope this tenderness spills over into your life every day.

  5. A warm welcome is extended to new and returning visitors:-

    @ Mary: Thank you for coming back. Your words are most kind.

    @ Friko: What a lovely thing to say. I wish the same to you too. Nice to see you again.

    @ Aayushi Mehta: Thank you for taking the time to comment. I hope you will visit again some time.

  6. nice. i find you in the wind and dove an my poems...you sure know how to lay it out for the ladies andy

  7. Thank you for the kind words on my own site today Andy - it is a splendid thing, to see a community so warmly reach out in such times.

    As for your own writing, a beautiful piece, soothing in your words' caress, the way that only heartfelt writings can be. It is more than a love note, it is a declaration of soul - "we are not strangers" indeed. Very smoothly done.

  8. Andy,

    What a special topic to write about. It exposes feelings of two people who really are not strangers after all. Where you come up with your beautiful words finds me in awe. Never stop writing because there are so many of us that find your words special.

  9. such sensitivity and depth you possess, that not one little thing will ever go unnoticed by you when your eyes are looking into her eyes...it is refreshing, to say the least, to know there is still true romance in life and your poetry has beautifully brought it back to life...thank you for sharing your touching words...

  10. Each poem of yours that I read casts me into a dream world where words float on clouds...

    Excellent as always


  11. You are SUCH a romantic writer. A "sensitive guy." A pleasure to read your words, Andy!

  12. Hello Everyone. Nice to see new and returning visitors.

    @ Brian: Laughing...I like how you think! Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Chris G: Thank you for the lovely comment. I really appreciate you stopping by, as I know you have your own worries at the moment.

    @ Ruthi: As always, I am encouraged by your continued support. Thank you kindly.

    @ janice: Yes, you are quite right...true romance still does exist in life, even among all the strife and turmoil in today's world. Thank you for taking the time to pen such kind words.

    @ Leslie: Welcome. It makes me happy that my words can bring such joy. Thank you for visiting.

    @ Jannie Funster: Thank you for the warm sentiments. I'm always encouraged when visitors stop in and offer feedback.

  13. thank you so much for visiting my blog Andy..i am humbled with your kind words..and i find a beautiful soul here in your lines,your words speak to the senses..:)

    nice to meet you :)
    Desert Rose

  14. Hello Desert Rose,
    Welcome to my blog. Thank you for the beautiful remarks. I am always encouraged by reader feedback.
    I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to returning to your site very soon.

  15. "You are the enchantress flower filling me up with the inspiration to pen poetic words of beauty for your precious eyes to read."

    Your piece sings love. Such a tender spirit you use to express beauty in life. Great job...

  16. Andy, if you be the Prince Charming, your poetry be the charm and your most enchanting female reader be the fairest of them all, then that lady would read these words and be smitten- hook, line and sinker. But still, even if this was not so, Andy, I love these poems. They are as romantic as they are enchanting. The lines spill over from the page into my heart. You are gifted!

  17. Stunning, romantic, as always...Great write, Andy.

  18. A warm welcome is extended to new and returning visitors. Thank you all for taking the time to stop and pen your thoughts:-

    @ wolfsrosebud: Hello. Thank you for the lovely comment. I appreciate you stopping by.

    @ Salem Lorot: Salem, what a nice thing to say. It make me happy that you can enjoy what I write.

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  19. This was sheer beauty in every line...a modern day love sonnet perhaps....captivating words. Thanks for visiting.

  20. Hello Rekha,
    Thank you for the lovely sentiments. I hope you will visit again in the future.

  21. Thanks Andy for visiting my blog and giving me the opportunity to visit yours. I am enchanted by your writings and truly inspired by the beauty of your words. I cannot find the correct word of appreciation that can match upto your talent. Keep writing...your style is awesome!

  22. This poem is moving and soothing...beautiful words.

  23. Welcome new visitors.

    @ Nishi: I am humbled by your praise of my writing. Thank you so much. Please feel free to return here anytime.

    @ ayala: Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your comment.

  24. this was incredibly beautiful!

  25. Hello vanessa,
    Thanks for the kind words.

  26. You drew me in with the word mellifluous, one that for some reason I have always enjoyed.

    "mellifluous sweetness between a poet and a Lady Flower."

    And then with this...wow, you should write greeting cards so I can impress my wife! Well done, my friend...well done.

    "When you cry, I can hear each teardrop sound falling gently upon my thoughts"

    By the way, thank you so much for stopping by my site and for your kind words.

  27. Oh my, dear poet! I blush at the sincerity and emotion of your writing. Truly wonderful! You have painted a beautiful canvass with your words. Bravo!

  28. Hello to new visitors.

    @ tolbert: Welcome tolbert. WoW! That's some comment. Thank you for your warm sentiments. Your words give me encouragement to continue writing. I'm deeply touched. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Natasha: Hello Natasha. Thank you for the warm sentiments. Your visit is truly appreciated.

  29. Glad I stumbled upon this--this is love poetry at its best-soft,seductive and tempting.A Lovely muse indeed.

  30. Hello Butterflies of time.
    Thank you for the beautiful sentiments. I hope you'll return in the future.

  31. This is definitely captivating!

    You write so romantically.. dreams n sensuality married to produce your post!!

    I haven't really met anyone this romantic till now- wink!!

    Very well written!!!
    Sunday Hugs xxx

  32. Welcome back returning visitors,

    @ Madeleine Begun Kane: Hello and thank you for commenting. I appreciate your visit.

    @ Olivia: My dear Olivia, Thank you for the warm sentiments. I love everything about love and romance. It's who I am and what I know. I'm glad you stopped by.

  33. Hello again Sandy.
    It's always encouraging to see a returning visitor. Thank you for commenting.

  34. very touching message - great visuals, too.

  35. Welcome Sheila Moore.
    Nice of you to visit. Thanks for commenting.

  36. you have beautifully romanticized each and every stanza in this masterpiece. i love the sincerity in and rhythmic flow of your words. :)

  37. Dear Bing (Pink Lady), thank you again for your kind and humble comments. Please know they mean very much to me.