01 May 2011


Behind this ordinary pen lies the empty heart of a lonely poet who scribbles well into the darkness, until a new dawn comes into view.

He writes about a woman whom he sees only in his dreams, even though her smile surpasses the reality of his greatest imagination.

Like a flower trembling under the rain, so the heart of this beautiful woman reaches for someone to shelter her from the sorrows of life.

Driven by a burning desire for love, he searches frantically for her feminine essence among simple words that have not yet been written.

As he scribbles a verse of love, he visualizes her pretty face giving him the inspiration to pen the sweetest thoughts his lonely heart can ever dream of.

Even in exile, she comes to him upon the winds and kisses his tears that wet her lips in return with the beauty of this man's deepest emotions.

The lonely poet may have finally unearthed the mystery of love behind this ordinary pen - via the reader's eyes, which become engrossed with the intense lovemaking of his [poet's] words amidst the silent darkness of the night.



  1. Good morning Andy,

    Within these words I can feel the sadness of the lonely poet. While he searches for her giving him the inspiration to write the thoughts that are so touching to his heart. Beautifully penned.

  2. Good day to you too, Ruthi.
    The poet is indeed lonely, but he has his pen and his thoughts of a beautiful woman.
    Thank you for the comments.

  3. (¯`v´¯)
    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*εїз "Behind This Ordinary Pen"...
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ Lies an extraordinary Man.

    "Even in exile, she comes to him upon the winds and kisses his tears, which wet her lips, in return, with the beauty of this man's deepest emotions."

    I've fallen in literary Lღve with this latest pღem Andy...

    I want to embrace the lonely poet and taste his tears on my trembling lips...He empties himself through the beauty of his words...not seeking anything in return...so that we all might be filled.

    And still the wonder for me...is where all this emotion comes from when you write...To quote ~Edith Södergran--- I don't create poetry, I create myself, for me my poems are a way to me.

    Thank Yღu dear poet friend...

  4. Hello.

    Your poem made me smile a lot during my reading. She must be very lucky to have someone who writes her those beautiful verses. I am a woman, so I really know what it feels like...
    Do not know your story, but I hope she someday finds her way to you. She really needs to read those words.

  5. My dear Ariana,
    Thank you for the very kind sentiments. As a humble and peaceful man, the smallest things in life bring me much happiness. Yes...you could say my poems are a way to myself (sometimes). I really cherish your sentiments, because I know they are truly heartfelt. Thank you again, my friend.

    Welcome Lu Ann. What a nice thing to say. Your comments also made me smile. I think I am the fortunate one, as my Lady Flower has already found her way into my life. Thank you for coming and I hope you will return in the future.

  6. I appreciate greatly your honest, heart-felt words. I think probably many might feel this way but not be brave enough to share. I hope your dream WILL come true some day.

  7. Often we think our dreams are about fantasy, and we neglect the reality around us. This lonely poet may be close to a beautiful heart longing to wet her lips with his tears, while he is but dreaming, a prisoner to his fears.
    But now I see there is an answer to all the mental strife, for a Lady Flower has already come into his life. Good job, poem on!

  8. I often scribble well into the darkness too...(I hope you find her)...beautiful write...love the feel of the loneliness...many can relate...

  9. Welcome Mary.
    Thank you for commenting. I'd like to add that although this poem is purely a work of fiction, my Lady Flower has indeed found her way into my life and my heart.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    To dan roberson: Hello.
    Smiling...yes...all the mental strife is now over. Thank you for dropping in.

  10. Beautiful and romantic, as are all your poems!

  11. gotta love that pen and the creative mind that puts it to good use!

    and that you have!

    wonderfully written and expressed!

    thank you

  12. Welcome back Sherry Blue Sky.
    That's me...king of love and romance. Thank you for the lovely sentiments.

    Hello and welcome Hope.
    I appreciate your comments and thank you for stopping by.

  13. Andy,
    Your words as usual are so romantic and filled with love.
    It is really nice though to know that you are only writing those words with ink and not tears. To know that you have found your true love, is very nice indeed!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  14. simply cool..

    no worrying about theme.

    I have some trouble with the word verification, but glad to see the comment go through.


    have fun.

  15. Dear Eileen, good to see you back again.
    Your comment had me smiling, especially the part about the ink and hot tears!

    I have everything I need to exist in this life...love, happiness and of course poetry.

    Your comments are always appreciated. Thank you for your time.

  16. Welcome back lorely.
    I can write any time of day, as I so often do, but there's something magical about scribbling well into the night...I think that's when my imagination can truly be free.

    Glad you liked this one. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  17. "among simple words that have not yet been written."

    This part captures, to me, how it can be futile to describe love with text. Great.

  18. Hello M.A.S.
    How right you are!
    Great to see you back again. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  19. with every poem i read..there is this feeling of you writing thoughts that once flowed through my head but never truly got penned....

  20. Hello again Aashi.
    I am touched by your thoughts.
    Thank you for sharing them here.
    Your visit is most appreciated.

  21. Andy,
    You always convey a depth of emotion. This one, so sad and yearning.

  22. Hello Kim,
    I love to write deep, heartfelt & thought-provoking poetry. It's a common theme amongst the majority of my poems. Sometimes fiction, other times not...I leave the choice up to each reader.

    Thank you so much for coming by. I'll be returning the favor soon.

  23. You've captured and released my words and thoughts!

  24. So enjoyed this poem and so happy you have found your lady love!
    You are such a romantic!

    Margie :)

  25. A warm welcome is extended to returning visitors,

    @ booguloo: What a nice thing to say. I appreciate you coming back & spending some time here.

    @ Margie: I have to agree...I am a die-hard romantic!
    Smiling...my Lady Flower keeps me grounded.

    Thank you for the comments and for stopping by.

  26. The lonely poet is also a romantic. I hope you find the words and the love. Poets put so much of themselves into their writing.

  27. A fantastic write! You've managed to capture the core of what the heart yearns for yet sometimes cannot find in a physical form

  28. Take it for granted :) Ill come back.

  29. Hello everyone. Welcome the following:-

    @ Judy Roney: I agree wholeheartedly...poets do indeed put a lot of themselves into their writing.

    Smiling...yes...I am a true romantic and I have definitely found the love.

    Thank you for the warm sentiments. I really appreciate them.

    @ abthomas: You've hit the nail on the head! Thank you for stopping by.

    @ Lu Ann: Thanks for coming by. I hope I'll see you here again.

  30. Andy - how wonderfully romantic sentiment ... and how delightful your love has found her way into your life, your heart and your arms! Lucky woman!!

  31. your writing is like food for the soul

  32. Not an ordinary pen at all. Well done, Andy. You've captured the life of the lonely poet with only words to warm his nights.

  33. WoW! I'm truly touched by everyone's comments.

    @ beccagivens: Smiling...you are very kind. My Lady Flower has been a permanent part of my life for more than a decade.

    @ lunawitch15: Thank you Luna. I am most encouraged by your words.

    @ Madeleine Begun Kane: Thanks for coming by Madeleine. Hope you're still dancing!

    @ JamieDedes: Exactly! Thank you for stopping by, Jamie.

  34. Very romantic poem :)

  35. Hello to inaweblogisback: Thank you.

    Welcome back Celestial Dreamz: Nice to see you again. Thanks for commenting.

  36. Thank you, ayala. Nice of you to stop by again.

  37. You have a beautiful flow with words. This is my first time visiting. Thank you for such romantic thoughts.

  38. *sigh* - and here's me thinking romance was dead....and men didn't write real love poems anymore...

    so, so beautiful...i hope the lonely poet finds his lady-love...


  39. ack...i just lost my comment!!

    gorgeous -- this made me give one of those starry-eyed wistful sighs that only a true love poem can produce...

    beautiful, wistful, hopeful...

  40. Hello River. Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate you coming by and hope you will return again sometime.

    Hello mel. Your comments brought a smile to my face. Romance still does exist, at least for me anyway. Thank you for taking the time to write. I greatly appreciate your feedback.

  41. you know what man...you keep writing like you do and she will show up...let her read your poems...maybe you should drop them behind you as you walk and see who follows...smiles.

  42. Smiling...thanks Brian...not sure I'd be able to handle the followers! Appreciate you coming by.

  43. Behind this ordinary pen, the lonely poet may have finally unearthed the mystery of love…by way of the reader's eyes, which become engrossed with the intense lovemaking of the poet's words amidst the night's silent darkness.

    Andy, I am floored! As simple as that.. I have been there myself- don't long for him anymore!

    Maybe it was never meant to be..
    Hugs xox

  44. wow.. pen can be fatal then swords..
    that lonely poet can weave magic through words.. magic enough to drive her to himself and never let her fade away.. through his words..

  45. Hello dear Olivia,
    Sometimes, a past experience can hurt us so badly that we are unable to trust or love. In my humble opinion, we must first learn to love ourselves before we can even begin to love someone else.

    Thank you so much for coming. It's always nice to hear from you.
    Take care dear one & warm wishes always.
    P.S. I'm liking the new look!

    To Deepika: Hello and welcome. Such a nice comment. I'm truly touched by your sentiments. Thank you for joining the party!

  46. So romantic, I love romantic poetry. I studied poetry for a whole semester but at that time I didn-t appreciate it, I used to find it boring. Now though I have learned to love poetry. You are very good at expressing your thoughts. Thank you for stopping by. I-m not good at writing but I-m good at baking, especially sweets:) I'm following you from Trapani, Sicily.

  47. A warm welcome to Ciccia who has travelled here from Sicily.

    Thank you for the lovely sentiments.
    For me, poetry is soothing to my soul. I don't always understand what I read, but I savor the words like a vintage wine.

    I am very happy that you've joined my other "Friends". I hope you will take your time to enjoy not only my work, but also that of everyone else.

    (Laughing...I really enjoyed the Apple Pie...thanks for sharing).

    Thank you for your support.
    Warm regards,

  48. wielding every pen
    is a devoted writer
    fulfilling a dream

    I hope you fulfill your dream, friend. :D

  49. Hello Matt.
    How right you are! Thank you, I appreciate that.

  50. searching for love in pen and ink...your parchment collecting layer upon layer of sadness while aging in hope...your poem reaching out to many hearts and returning many lovely comments...you live inside your heart and that's a very big place to live, with plenty of room for your special someone...the power of your words will surely break through the barriers, miles, and walls to find her...of all the things sought after in a lifetime, we have found nothing without having known love...thank you for writing a poem that has enriched my life and made my day more meaningful...wonderful poem...

  51. lovely and lonely at the same time....a beautiful read :)

  52. To Janice:
    WoW! I love to receive feedback from my readers, but I have to say your comment is probably the most memorble so far.

    Your words are so touching to me that I am truly moved and humbled.

    I am not looking for praise or glory. I write the only way I know how, from the heart. For me, I would not want to exist in this time of life without my heart embracing love.

    Thank you Janice for such lovely compliments. If I could hug you as a way of saying thank you, I would.

    Your reaction and that of all my readers keep me encouraged to continue writing.

    I truly appreciate you taking the time to express your feelings.

    Thank you once again.

  53. For moonscribbles,
    Thank you for commenting. Your visit and time are much appreciated.

  54. Very very touching.This made me smile and then it made me sad and again it made me smile.Your words are full of emotions that roll and lap at the heart like waves at a beach.Loved every word!

  55. Our constant curse as poets, the fantasy created can delude our reality with notions so intense they have to be experienced. We can exercise this in our words, you do that beautifully ~ Rose

  56. Hello visitors.

    To Jay: Nice to have you back.
    I like the comparison of the ebb & flow of my words with the lapping of the waves. Very nice visual.
    Thanks for coming by and for taking the time to write.

    To C Rose: Fantasy v reality...I wonder which is truly the curse?

    Thank you for the lovely sentiments. I welcome them and appreciate you stopping by.

  57. Sorry for the long absence on your blog Andy....This is beautiful you see...

    Words are more powerful and pierce the human heart and hurt more than needles do....

    The poets fantasy and love innocent yet heart wrenching!
    Keep Writing!

    Take Care.

  58. Hello Fatima.
    Thank you for the lovely sentiments. I truly appreciate your time and your visit.

    Please feel free to visit any time.

  59. It is our dreams, aspirations and longings that makes poets out of the multitude of people who walk this earth. All people live and experience it seems, a poet seeks out though, and writes what he finds and has yet to discover. Thanks for being a poet.

  60. Welcome roughwaterjohn: Laughing...ahoy matey...there's a poet in all of us. Some prefer to ride the high seas. I, on the other hand, prefer to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground with my poetry. I did enjoy my visit aboard Glenna Jane though!

    Thank you for the lovely sentiments. I really appreciate you sailing in.

  61. lonely times often bring forth the most heartfelt writing...

  62. Hello Leslie. Loneliness is scary to some. I think ot brings out my best writing.

    Thank you for taking the time to write. Appreciate it.

    (Smiling...did anyone ever answer your squirrel question?)

  63. A fabulous, heartfelt and romantic poem, great description of the emotions and art Andy. Another one for my collection (If I may) and as it grows I had to do some furnishing over there. Your poem gave me the actual idea. :)


  64. My dear Eclipse, a thousand "Thank yous" for showcasing my work at your blog.

    I like what you've done with the furnishing of newest collection. Good job!

    See you soon and yes...my permission is granted (smile).