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29 June 2011


Darling, the gentle breeze dancing with the hanging branches of a willow tree reminds me of my fingers caressing the curls of your silky tresses.

How I wish I could bathe in the joyful tears of your beauty to fulfill the pleasures of my lonely heart.

Could this be just a simple flirtation or raw emotions of passion between two souls seeking the melody of an intense romance?

To gaze upon a flower like you makes me wish I were the stem of love…for how intriguing would it be for the flower to sit upon the stem?

Make me drunk first with the nectar of your fragrance and then make me weak from the desires I only knew in fantasies.

Just like a morsel of bread gives nourishment to a hungry soul, so the gentle touch of your trembling lips satisfies my emptiness.

Lady Flower, feed the poverty of my loneliness with the sweet nectar of your fragrance and in return, I will worship you with a never-ending love.

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  1. superb dish,
    well composed...your metaphors are brilliant.

  2. Hello Jingle: Smiling...thank you.

  3. again your sensuous and emotional poetry is breathtaking

  4. Hello Luna: You are too kind. Thanks for visiting.

  5. You do romantic very well. Very nice!

  6. Hello Jack: Smiling...being the romantic that I am, there are always flowers somewhere in my poetry.
    Thanks for visiting.

    Hello Marbles In My Pocket: I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  7. Beautifully written. With each and every phase you are expressing feelings of desire and requesting her love in return. You wrapped it up so eloquently with..."Lady Flower, feed the poverty of my loneliness with the sweet nectar of your fragrance and in return, I will worship you with a never-ending love." So heart touching.
    What woman can resist....

  8. To Ruthi: Smiling...you know I had a thought rolling around in my head earlier and this is the result. Glad you like it.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. (¯`v´¯)
    ¸.·´¸.·I am a sრul...seeking Romance & Passion εїз (¸.·´ (¸.·´

    Your pრem has me Dancing, intoxicated, and "Worshiping your Pრetry....with never ending Lრve." Andy.

    I seriously needed to focus on this fantasy tonight...it's so much better than my reality was today. (Thank you)

    Gracias mi amigo რ

  10. You did it again! Very sensual.

  11. This one reads like a song, Andy.

  12. As long as you weren't a rose stem she might enjoy sitting there.

  13. Good evening visitors:

    @ Ariana: Laughing...you've come to the right place for romance & passion! It's OK to visit Fantasy Island every now and then (smile).
    Thank you for the feedback. I guess you like this one!

    @ daydreamertoo: Thank you.

    @ Kim: Thanks for the compliment, but the melody is your heart (smile).

    @ booguloo: There are no thorns among my flowers (smile).

  14. Wow...this is beautiful! :))
    "Make me drunk first with the nectar of your fragrance and then make me weak from the desires I only knew in fantasies"
    Lovely line! :)

  15. romantic.. Andy... Here is my Rally Post, ? will my life be colourful ?

    Someone is Special

  16. lovely!
    i like that imagery of flower and stem:). And i agree with kim, this poem was like a beautiful song:)

  17. @ Pavitra: Thanks

    @ Someone is Special: Thanks. I'll be over to read yours.

    @ Tarunima: Thank you so much.

  18. Andy..

    Your words are like silk to my eyes. I read them and they just slip by smooth and intoxicating.. just like two fingers of Foxy's Firewater Rum..

  19. Wow Andy!!

    You really know how to put words together!! I am sure .. you would be a very big flirt!!

    Your lines are awesome!!

    with warm regards
    Another Author

  20. Hello jennirey: Thank you for the sweet words, but only a woman with your eyes will know they are silk (smile).

    Hello AllMyPosts: Smiling...I talk a lot, but I only have eyes for one woman...the one who has my heart completely.

    Thank you for commenting and stopping by.

  21. mesmerizing words you have..and what rhetoric..very beautiful..very romantic

  22. This is perfectly sensuous. Very romantic write .. Those words makes me want more of it as I read along.. Very beautifully penned down your thoughts :)

    Here is mine :

  23. Hello RpT@. Welcome to my blog. Thank you for commenting.

  24. Hello Saya: Thank you for the kind sentiments. I appreciate you stopping by.

  25. Beautiful and sensual...
    Loved this so much...

  26. My dear Hanan, I am truly touched that you are enjoying my work. Thank you for your continued support. I appreciate it immensely.

  27. Exquisitely beautiful, touching =)

  28. hello mindlovemisery, thanks for commenting & visiting.

  29. How lovely! There is little in this world as wonderful as being loved by someone with a strong mind.

  30. Hello Sober on the Way to Sane, welcome to my blog. Love in any form is beautiful. Thank you for commenting and for stopping by. I hope you will return again sometime.

  31. I have to compliment not only this poem but your entire blog. The overall effect is stunning and I'm very impressed. As for the poem itself, it opens up alot of thoughts and questions for me, and the imagery and language is beautiful.
    Job well done!

  32. To TC: Welcome to my humble blog. I'm glad you like it:)
    I appreciate the compliments and hope you will return again sometime.

  33. Andy, I thought I would stop by and read a few of your beautiful poems, in hopes that they might clear my "emptyhead", but
    its as though I am reading words that don't make sense!

    I am very sorry that I leave you with such a comment, like you said, maybe my muse is just lying in waiting for the right time.

    I'll be back, but until this "emptyhead" feeling goes away, I will only read.

  34. My dear Wanda, Don't worry...I fully understand your muse is not cooperating at the moment.
    Please don't feel pressured to leave a comment. Just browse at your leisure, you never know what gems you might come across (smile).

    Be well, dear blogger friend and I'll be by to check up on you again soon:-)

  35. What can I say Andy... simply beautiful as always...

  36. Hello Sam. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate it.

  37. You write beautiful music for the ears to hear. Very sincere. Writing about love feels good.

  38. Hello SamaraMarie: Thank you for the kind sentiments. Like you, I love life and I also love love...it's who I am.
    I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

  39. Very well done, I love all of it but the ending is amazing, Thank you, much appreciated, WS

  40. To WordSlinger: Hello & welcome to my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thank you.