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21 July 2011


The naked earth clothes her perfect beauty with the wild flowers of freedom.

The vast sea hides her loneliness by weeping profusely during the stillness of a long night.

Even the blue skies reveal their moods of contentment by watching the clouds drift away casually from their presence.

My darling, you will find the kindness of the winds amid the broken branches of a barren tree gently kissing their wounds to make them fertile again.

Not every soul has a soft bed to lie in at night or a lit candle to read about the wondrous hopes of an everlasting love.

Tell me, Lady Flower, will you cherish the life of love through the humble and faithful eyes of a man with my persona?

Please know that my love is far superior to nature, for no hurricane or wind can ever snatch away these emotions of love from the paradise within me.

In fact, the blue skies and the blooming gardens of life befriend my humble soul by learning the difference between common nature and the divinity of human love.

(*photo by EPGoddess)



  1. Andy, every time I visit here you dazzle me with beauty. Keep writing whatever you do. Your heart is pure.

  2. this was a sweet poem. thanks for posting it.

  3. That’s been written with a poetic ease and nicely versed too

  4. very pretty words - nature is a favorite source of inspiration to me, too. {:-Deb

  5. What beautiful words of intense and permanent love. I, too, am a poet but I'm afraid I rarely write such meaninful poems.

    My Alphabe Thursday is at:


    Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  6. How romantic! I love how you tied in nature with the expression of your love! :D

  7. To Myrna: Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, Myrna. I love to write and do so at every available opportunity. Thanks for visiting this evening.

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    To RNSANE: Welcome to my blog. I am a true romantic and write from deep emotions. Thank you for visiting and leaving me your link. I'll be over soon to read your entry.

    Have a great weekend too!

  8. I love the imagery you've got here. Wonderful.

  9. To mom2kiddos: Hello again. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate the visit.

    To beckyp: Welcome Becky. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

    To: Welcome Keri. Glad you liked this one. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. sweetly emotional ... :) a beautiful write as always.

  11. Andy your words can make a girl flush. Wow! :) ~Ames

  12. My favorite line begins "Not every soul...." Lovely, Andy.

  13. Wow this was so beautiful....and the use of the nature was just wonderful :)

  14. this is so beautiful.gave a cooling effect to my soul:)

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  16. It feels like I am just repeating myself over here Andy....and ...the people above have already said it all....Stunning.

  17. Thanks Eclipse. Sometimes, it just takes something tiny for me to go off on a writing frenzy. It makes me happy knowing my poetry brings such joy to my readers.
    Thanks for always supporting my work. Means a lot.

  18. Thanks sm. I appreciate the visit.

  19. Beautiful poetry...love the imagery shared in your words.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you for stopping by my post. I appreciate your kind comment and happy you enjoyed the art I do.

  20. To Personalized Sketches and Sentiments: Hello Maria. Thank you for taking the time to visit. I appreciate it.

  21. This is beautiful. Gorgeous imagery.

  22. his feels like something that Rumi or Hafiz might have said. Lovely.

  23. ah the line about the skies showing their contempt - the clouds drifting - poetry in action right there - the poetic wording and cadence of this poem makes it an enjoyable read - nice!

  24. Andy, you amaze me. Such beauty. Sigh.

  25. To Madhumakhi: Thanks. I appreciate the visit.

    To Kim: WoW! To be uttered in the same sentence as Rumi & Hafiz...now there's a compliment! Thank you from this humble poet. ;-)

    To Ostensible Truth: Hello & welcome to my blog. Thanks for the heartfelt words. I appreciate you taking the time to visit.

    To thingy: Thank you. I can find beauty in the smallest of things. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

  26. Thanks booguloo. I appreciate the visit.

  27. Lovely words Andy - lovely.

    Anna :o]

  28. A love-filled and uplifting poem...beautiful!

  29. Hello Andy,

    Your words always bring me to a very happy place. I can escape to see the greater beauty of love and life.

    Best wishes, Eileen.

    Andy, Sorry I have not been very attentive to visiting recently. My attention has been diverted by my duties as a very happy grandma!!!

  30. To Anna :o]: Hello Anna. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate the visit.

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  31. nice way of intertwining the theme awesome actually :)
    enjoy the potluck!!!


  32. To Lynnaima: Smiling...you are most kind. Thanks for stopping by.

  33. Andy wows the crowd again with his beautiful romantic style. Wonderfully done!

  34. love this one, well done.

    the open line is superb.

  35. To Marbles In My Pocket: Thanks you Charles. I appreciate the lovely sentiments.

    To Jingle: Thanks Ji. Means a lot from you.

  36. To Hanan: It makes me happy that you are enjoying my poetry. Thank you for supporting my blog. Means a lot.

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  37. This is totally breathtaking!
    Beautiful poetry:)

  38. Thanks Tarunima. You're always supportive of my writings.

  39. To mrwatson215: Welcome to my blog, Craig. I hope you enjoyed your visit and thank you for stopping by.

  40. What an asolutely nifty way you have of crafting words into emotions.

    Such a talent.

    I always feel like I am opening a gift when I come to your blog.

    Thanks for sharing your work with us.


  41. To Jenny: Ah Miss Jenny...you sure know how to sweet talk me (smile).
    Thank you for your gracious words. I am most humbled.
    Thanks for visiting.

    See you soon!