10 August 2011


Through silent sorrow, I can hear you tearfully seeking the sensitivity of my emotions to comfort you beneath the quiet winds of the night.

Darling, reveal your sadness to me and I will dry your tears with trembling hands.

Sit with me beside a rippling stream and let the delicate rays of the sun warm your heart with the freedom of nature's breathless beauty.

Do not be tormented by the evils of lonesomeness when the power to be loved is in your midst - in the form of my humble image.

My affections are filled with kindness and sincerity…the kind causing love to bloom beautifully like the lips of a rose.

The quiet winds of the night are filled with your aromatic fragrance proclaiming the greatness of a woman in the most seductive way.

Lady Flower, escort me into your dreams and allow me to love you intensely with the beauty and silence of life's timeless passions beneath the quiet winds of the night.



  1. How lovely...

    Your words actually convey a sense of peace and quietness. Love it...

  2. What a beautiful and sensitive piece! Excellent post!!!

  3. The quiet winds of the night ... Oh, how I love that imagery!

  4. Andy, this poem is beautiful and full of emotion.....thanks for stopping by today, and yes, QVC is a 'girl thing' and very addictive! :) xo,

  5. Andy I like this one very much. I am so impressed by your choice of words. They convey the deepest romance. I wonder how/why you developed this talent for romantic poetry. Glad you did.

  6. I love the gift of comments!

    To Rocky Mountain Woman: Thanks.

    To Judie: Thanks.

    To Stacia: Welcome. Thanks for the visit. I appreciate it.

    To Barbara F.: You're welcome.
    Laughing...oh yes...I know all about you girls and QVC!
    Thanks for the visit.

    To Myrna: My lovely Myrna, I'm all about love & romance. I've had these deep feelings ever since I was a young boy. It's not something I even know how to explain, the words just flow from my heart. The pleasure for me is having my readers enjoy and understand my poetry. Thank you for always encouraging & supporting me. It means more to me than I can ever express in these few words.
    Lots of virtual hugs to you, my dear.

  7. ƸӜƷ The Quiet winds of the night....

    Your words tonight made me feel peaceful. There is something very tranquil about a rippling stream reflecting the suns rays.

    Tears, I know only too well what they are. Thank you for your sensitivity to them. Through Sunshine and Rain...I will always have your poems to warm my heart and provide some shelter from life's storms.

    @>--;------ Ariana

  8. escort me into your dreams....

    awesome words and beautiful lines...loved it :)

  9. "...escort me into your dreams..." so beautifully written Andy...the whole poem rays with peacefulness, deep trust and confidence. Amazing as always.
    Thank you for your lovely comments you left upon my pages. Wishing you a nice and cozy day

  10. Welcome friends!

    @ Ariana: The setting is indeed romantic & peaceful. Allows one to gather his/her thoughts.

    If I were a magician, I would cast your tears off into the winds. Even though, I won't be in your presence as much as before, you can always count on my friendship and poetry to comfort you when the burdens of life become too much for you to bear.

    Thank you, my friend for everything you've done. Your kindness & support mean a lot.

    To taylorsoutback: Hello Pat. Thanks for the visit.

    To Muhammad: Thanks for stopping by. Nice to see you again.

    To Eclipse: Hello. You are most kind. Wishing you a happy weekend too! Thanks for stopping by.

  11. beautiful poem
    like the pic

  12. wow! i am falling short of words to comment!
    the title and the poem are equally marvelous!

  13. Your peotry is just beautiful. It takes me to another place. Wonderful.

    Thanks for your lovely comments about my paintings. I went to school in North Philly for many years and have fond memories of that part of the city, as well as the Italian market.

    Have a great day!

  14. so nice, a feel of warmth...awesome again

  15. wow, amazing q words, associated with such lovely Q thoughts,
    well done.

    have fun today.

  16. One more beautiful poem...
    Ciao, Andy. :)

  17. Hello everyone!

    @ Jyoti: Thanks.
    @ sm: I agree...something kind of soothing about the image. Thanks for visiting.
    @ Haritha: Smiling...you are most kind. Thanks for stopping by.
    @ Barbara: Thank you, Barbara.

    I love Philly. I left there in 2000, but I'm always visiting since I still have relatives living there and of course I'm a huge Eagles fan!

    Thanks for stopping by.
    @ Bhargav: hello, my friend. I hope you are well.
    Thanks for visiting. I appreciate it.
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  18. "...when the power to be loved is in your midst..." Wonderful words that is a treasure to hold on to.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you again for your visit and very kind words.

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  20. Wow... beautiful. I'm looking forward to reading more. I'm glad I found your blog today, thanks for stopping by mine!

  21. To Mary: Hello Mary. Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoyed your visit and look forward to your return.
    Thanks for following too. I'll be right over to return the kindness!

  22. Lovely! Thank you for sharing this! :)

  23. To Strange: Welcome Strange. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I appreciate it.

  24. To Eliza Wynn: Hello Eliza. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I appreciate it.

  25. quite romantic words.

    thanks for your visit to my alphabe-thursday. I hope you have a lovely day.

  26. You have a wonderful way with words. I can almost feel the longing!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You're right. Nobody ever wants to play Scrabble with me. *sniff*

    Thank you for your beautiful poems.

  27. To: Our Village is a Little Different: Hello Catherine. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

    Laughing...my wife hates to lose at Scrabble. She's gotten so bad that she's actually bought a Scrabble dictionary and memorizes all these crazy words that she knows are going to net her triple points every time! You two would definitely be hard to beat (lol)!

    Thanks for the visit.

  28. The smarty pants in me wants to say, 'the only quiet winds of the night that happen aroud here are from my husbands c-pap'.

    But my heart just says, 'awwww....awwww...awwwwww'!

    This was an incredibly tender piece of writing.

    You are quite the romantic.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  29. Hello Jenny.
    I'm very familiar with the sound of a CPAP unit. It's a lifesaver for many.

    On a brighter note, thank you for the heartfelt sentiments. Everyone tells me what a romantic I am...smiling...I guess it must be so.

    Thanks for the visit.

  30. Wow...

    Awesome Andy :)

    I know..I am falling in love with your blog!Loved your style of writing,rather I say expressing :)

    This post is very well written that appears as if it came straight from the bottom of the heart!

    Btw,I did not find ur google follow button so that I can add ur blog to my blogroll...could you help in doing so..

  31. Well Andy,
    sorry It might be something like page loading problem...now I found it..
    and u got a reader!

    I will be thankful to u if you made visits to my blog and made me learn things by ur kind advice Andy :)


  32. Hello Gowthami: Thank you so much for your kind words. I am truly humbled and touched you love my blog so much that you've become my newest follower. The joy for me is not only in writing , but also having my readers like & understand my poetry.

    I don't write to any particular style/form of poetry...I just write/express my thoughts from the heart.

    Thank you, Gowthami. I am honored beyond words.

  33. very balanced writing.

    thanks for sharing such a delicious treat.


  34. very pretty as always...

  35. Another wonderful write, Andy! You always come through with love in the spotlight.


  36. Beautiful - you paint such a sedate and welcoming image within, a pleasure to take in!

  37. Hello friends. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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  38. What a lovely, romantic, wish, prayer. Your mind has such lovely thoughts

  39. To Daydreamertoo: Thanks. I appreciate the visit/comment.