13 August 2011


My darling, the scent of the night is filled with your sweet, feminine fragrance amidst a gentle breeze.

With your painted toes, seductively remove these satin sheets so that passion will overrule our shyness as we become one again under love's rhythm.

When the beauty of life is no longer enchanting, it is the essence of you that rages in my heart like a burning fire giving light to my darkest days.

And even if my nights are cold and empty, I shall never allow them to steal away the visions I have of beautiful you.

The treasures of the heart are many, my love, but there are none more precious than the harmony created between two obedient hearts like ours.

As your jasmine perfume gives beauty to these fragrant candles, kindly rejoin me in listening to the music of the wind entertaining the midnight flowers swaying gently upon their stems.

Darling, kiss me first then seductively remove these satin sheets with your painted toes while you make love to me with tears of desire…like you did a few moments ago...

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  1. Warning:
    The following poem is rated XXX
    " Remove These Satin Sheets "


    Andy...Andy...Andy! You do know how to fan the flames of desire with your words...don't you?

    ¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´(¸.• (¸.•´¸¸.•¨¯`•..♥This is seriously sexy

    I Love Satin sheets, and RED is my favorite

    1. Dear Ariana,
      LOLOLOLOL! I thought I'd give my readers a little something spicy this evening. Glad you like it. I appreciate the comment and thank you for stopping by. Hope you'll visit again soon!

  2. Andy,
    The passion and sensuous air provoked by your chosen words makes the poem linger on its strength with life of its own!


  3. This is indeed spicy..:)
    I love the image of - "obedient hearts".
    Lovely and romantic:)

  4. To kaykuala: Smiling...thanks Hank.

    To Tarunima: I like to keep everyone guessing. Sometimes, I get carried away and add too much spice(smile). Thanks for taking the time to visit. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  5. i simply got lost in the poem of yours.....its sensual, serene romance and andy i am spellbound always by the way you describe a lady's beauty.....splendid...:)

    and i have fallen in love with the last line..."seductively remove these satin sheet with your painted toes and then make love to me with TEARS OF DESIRE".............

    awww m spellbound......:))

  6. Oh, what a beautiful ending to a lovely poem! You do know how to turn up the heat.

  7. To Life: Smiling...seems I've cast a spell on you! Thank you for the kind & heartfelt words. I'm glad you like this one.

    To Mary: Happy Sunday, Mary. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

  8. Very good.

    Your choice of words are evocative and even bring about the scents you describe.


  9. I like it sweetly spicy... ;-)

    Happy sunday ~

  10. Incredibly sensual. I crave for words like these in my ears. Just beautiful!

    Thank you for leaving this link on my comment page, what a treat! You can do that anytime!

  11. Andy,
    I thought I would return the favor:
    Cloud Shapes in Blue Skies

    Italian Sonnet...hope you enjoy.

  12. I think you would make Cyrano blush. smiles...

  13. Andy,I live in New Mexico. The food here is spicy hot and I love the red chile.

    Your poem would match the food here.

  14. Wow, what an erotic poem, Andy.

  15. Greetings:
    you are represented here, blessing! Let us know what you think via commenting…


    Do join our poetry potluck week 48 tonight,
    You rock!

    love your writing, keep sharing.

  16. This theme was made for Andy. Most of his poems are romantic and often erotic. Always well done, too! This is another great one.

    Here's my offering for Potluck 48:http://charleslmashburn.wordpress.com/2011/08/14/the-lake/

  17. Every time I pass here you make me want to believe in love, you are such a romantic!!! :)
    Thanks for giving me hope :)

    happy potluck!!!


  18. More steam. Very well presented. I enjoyed it.

  19. Phewwww... sizzling.
    Painted toes and satin sheets. Wonderful imagery Andy~!

  20. Wow! That was very well done. Love the eroticism, especially the "remove these satin sheets with your painted toes" part. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

  21. Wow, Andy... this one is racier than usual. Well done.

  22. I'm feeling rather randy
    After reading your words, Andy.
    You've convinced me to obey.
    I'll get a pedicure today!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Ha-ha-ha! Passion with pizazz!

  23. Here's my potluck piece, by the way. Not as hot as yours but I did my best.


  24. WoW! You all are most kind for commenting:

    @ Hedone: Welcome. Thanks for the visit.
    @ Heaven: Spicy is good. Thanks.
    @ thingy: Thanks for visiting.
    @California Ink in Motion: Thank you. Thanks for the link too. If I've not already done so, I'll be by soon to read. I appreciate the visit. Please stop by anytime. You're more than welcome.
    @ booguloo: WoW! That's a huge compliment. Thanks Michael.
    @ Myrna: Smiling...thank you Myrna. Spicy hot is good too!
    @ Judy: Thank you. I appreciate the visit.
    @ Poetry Potluck: WoW! I've been featured. What an honor. Thank you so much & yes...I've already entered.
    @ Morning: Thanks.
    @ Marbles in My Pocket: Smiling...Charles, how right you are! I love to write about romance & love and add a little spice now and then. Thanks for the link too. If I've not already done so, I'll be over to read. I appreciate you taking the time to visit.
    @ lynnaima: Please...never give up hope and always believe in love. It's not going anywhere. Thank you for returning.
    @ Henry: Smiling...it's definitely hot in here. Thanks for visiting.
    @ Celestial Dreamz: Yes...spicy is always good! Thanks Baishali.
    @ Daydreamertoo: Smiling...indeed! Thanks.
    @ Miss Kitten: Welcome. Smiling...it's hot! Thanks for the link too. I've already read it and it's equally hot & spicy (lol). Thanks for visiting.
    @ Kim Nelson: Smiling...I blame it on the theme. I like to change things up once in a while...keeps my readers on their toes. Thanks for the visit.
    @ Kay: Laughing...WoW! Kay you are too much! Thank you for stopping by.

  25. Wow..My first visit here..

    Achly I am in a rush to close all the tabs and switch off my sys,but cannot do this without completing two of ur posts...ur blog is soo nice and this post is mmmmm so lovely, neat and romantic :)

    Will visit again for sure :)

    I say I can learn many things from ur blog!


  26. There's something with that jasmine scent, is it not?? :)
    Wow...no words left!

  27. To Gowthami: Welcome to my second home (smile). Thank you for the kind words. We can all learn from each other. Please visit me often, you're always welcome.

    To Eclipse: My dear Eclipse, Jasmine...one of the world's most expensive fragrances...it's beautiful. Thanks for the visit. Always lovely to have you stop by.

  28. Geez, how come my husband never says that about my purple painted glittery pedicure.


    (awesome as always!)

  29. This is so intense n sensual.
    Nice read !!!

  30. To Jenny: Laughing...try red...much easier on the eyes!
    Thank you. You are most kind.

    To Jyoti: Thanks for commenting. I appreciate the visit.

  31. Another intensely written piece, very emotionally charged all the way through. Wonderfully written as always.

  32. rich, engaging all the senses in the passion...feels good to me andy...sexy poem man...smiles.

  33. Hot....full of passion...lovely!

  34. A warm and sensuous write, full of tenderness and passion. It almost makes me want to ask my husband to paint his toenails...(NOT) but it is a lovely image--I'll just go paint mine.

  35. I think we could re-name today Passionate Tuesday/Wednesday. Deep in the passion and the loving sensuality. Well written. Thank you.

  36. Well done. I can see those painted toes and smell the jasmine.

  37. A very sexy and sensual poem!
    I liked it very much, Andy.
    And thank you so much for your kind words on my poem today about my dog Patches.
    He's been gone a long time but I have never forgotten him.

  38. I'll have to have my husband take a few lessons from you!

    Thanks for enjoying my Sunset with Palm Tree photo. Have a fabulous vacation! Bon Voyage!

  39. I love the gift of comments!

    @ Pat: Thanks. I appreciate the visit.
    @ Brian: Smiling...if it feels good, you know it's good. Thanks for visiting.
    @ ayala: Thanks.
    @ hedgewitch: Laughing...paint your husband's toes...I never thought of that one! Thanks for the visit.
    @ Beachanny: Smiling...thanks.
    @ Nara Malone: Jasmine is a beautiful scent and well...I think everyone now knows I like to see those painted toes (lol). Thanks for visiting.
    @ Margie: Hello Margie. Glad you enjoyed the poem.
    Patches sounded like a beautiful dog. Pets have a way of holding on to our hearts...once they've entered, we never forget them.
    Thank you for sharing & for stopping by.
    @ Barbara: Smiling...I take that as a huge honor! Your paintings are amazing and thanks for the best wishes. I'll be by to see your new creations when I return. Thanks for stopping by.
    @ Reader Wil: Welcome. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. I hope you'll visit again sometime.

  40. You have some imagination Satin sheets and painted toes :) Made me smile :)


  41. Hello Padmavani: Smiling...imagination for some, reality for others. Glad I was able to make you smile. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

  42. LOVE THE ENDING - "Like you did a few moments ago..." Awesome ... the desire is so evident with just that one line.


    BTW - I'm new to the dVerse site and this is my first OpenLink night :) I'm excited to read so many pieces of poetry!

  43. To poetwhispers: Welcome to my blog.
    I hope you enjoy Open Link Night #5 and I look forward to reading more from you.

    Thanks for visiting.

  44. Andy, a sweetly sensual, passionately-penned piece! Read it yesterday and loved it - came back again and it still feels like the first time: captivating! You're officially winning me over to viewing poetry with a lot more appreciation and enjoyment. I appreciate and enjoy your poetry - well done!!

  45. To babyrocka: Hello Marya. I only know one way to write...from the heart. I love to write, but the real pleasure for me is having the reader enjoy my work that he/she keeps returning for more (smile).

    Thank you, Marya for the heartfelt sentiments & for taking the time to visit. Means a lot to me.

    Best wishes.

  46. Sensuous seems like a very small word for this poem, Andy... it's simply exquisite!! Luscious in its feel, and rich in emotion, the poem makes the reader melt... just like that candle in your poem..

    (sigh)... LOVELY!

  47. I've been away, hence the delay in responding/visiting.

    @ Kavita: You say the nicest things. Thank you. I appreciate the visit.

    @ Mad Kane: Thanks for taking the time to visit.

  48. Hello Poet Andy.
    This poem of yours is sexy hot. I'm gonna paint my toes & get me some of them there satin sheets too!!!

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      You had me smiling with your comment. It seems satin sheets and painted toes are among the favorites of both the men and the ladies here (smile). Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment. It's not so scary here (neither am I), so I hope you'll be brave enough to leave your name on your next visit. Thanks again.

  49. So beautiful Andy. What delicious images.


    1. Dear Denise,
      I always appreciate your heartfelt comments and hope I will always be privileged to have your eyes read my humble work. ;-) Thank you for visiting.