12 September 2011


Precious darling, your wholesome, tender ways have become most beautiful to me since I know the secrets we share are born from the exciting origin of passion and romance.

In many different ways, you dazzle my eyes with your kindness, understanding and the manifestations of your warm, breathtaking desires.

Sweetheart, do you know that every time we exchange smiles, we make love over and over again, as if for the first time?

In a crowded room, your feminine allure thrills me deeply inside with invisible tears and with a weakness for your trembling kisses…reminding me of the tenderness in beautiful you.

You more than transcend all the love and passion I ever wanted in a woman and at the same time, you comfort me with sweet satisfaction by making all of my fantasies come true in your loving arms.

The beauty you bear within is quite remarkable, for with you, a flower and a child both long for your enchanting fragrance.

O beautiful woman, your eyes reveal to me unspoken words of flaming desire causing my heart to skip a beat at the thought of touching and tasting the tenderness in lovely you.



  1. ♥I am so very overwhelmed with the tenderness and beauty of the sentiments in this poem.
    You create so much emotion, it's palpable.

    ♥I am once again touched by the intensity of the thoughts you pen with such remarkable passion and ease.

    ♥My fantasy tonight is to be the woman in that crowded room who gains the attention of this sexy, sensual man.

    Sign me "breathless and swept away " ,


  2. your words are always soft and musical.

    well tended piece.

  3. the beauty you bear.......enchanting fragrance"

    Hey Andy.... its passionate...

  4. Aww..thats so sweet...
    Lucky you to have a woman like that in your life and lucky woman to have you with her! :-)

  5. wonderfully depicted...loved it... i will borrow your phrases and words whenever i want to write a love story :)

  6. Hi Andy, your words are beautiful and tender! It is a lucky woman who is written about here.

  7. I knew you wouldn't let us down on this topic, Andy. Another work of art! Your poet's soul is love itself.

  8. Andy,

    You have not lost your touch, or the words of magic which you possess, in fine quantities.
    Lovely and endearing words....

    I am sorry to read that you have been 'under the weather'. I do hope that in a short time, you will be filled with the joys and good spirits, which you so willingly impart to others.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  9. You poem is so beautiful and so over whelming and so well done

  10. Andy, how much love is there in your heart? It's incredible how you can write such tenderness time and time again.

  11. beautifully written, and full of passion.

  12. Imagery n feel behind those lines are awesome.
    beautiful expressions
    and a lovely read !!!!

  13. I have missed this place.
    I must say that you should publish a book so that i can read such beautiful poems whenever i feel low..they are truly awesome :)

  14. I pray you are soon recovered, Andy. I've missed you at the Friday's get-togethers. May you feel The Father's healing touch your leg, Roland

  15. Hello, that's a nice blog..:)

    First time here and would like to come back :)

    THis post is so touching and brought so much stillness to heart..

  16. You wrote each and every word on the heart of the reader to stay with them forever.Really beautiful poem. :)


  17. Your words are enchanting! Get well soon!


  18. Really enjoyed reading this, my first time at your blog but I am now following you. I really loved the last stanza.


  19. My dear friend Andy,

    Such beautiful words continue to show up on your blog. Knowing that secrets are born from the exciting origin of passion and romance....mmm beautiful. I know the words of this poem can be felt by two people who are truly in love.
    Although you may be under the weather, your poems continue to thrill those that are in love and those that are dreaming of a love shared through your words.

  20. So beautiful and sensual...
    Loved the ending...

  21. Andy, your work is a treasure. Thank you for starting my day off with such lyrical beauty.

    I hope you're feeling better. I caught something going around -it's really nasty - and it took a bit to fight off. Anyway, I'm back into the routine and hope you will be soonest. But, first, get lots of rest, seriously!!

  22. Thinking of you and hope you are feeling better, Andy.

  23. My friends, I am so touched by all your comments.

    @ Ariana: Thanks for the kind words, my friend. Smiling...hope all your fantasies come true!
    @ Morning: Thanks. I appreciate the visit.
    @ Mani: Hello & welcome to my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to visit & hope you'll return again soon.
    @ Bhargav: Hello, my friend. How are you? Your visit is much appreciated.
    @ hemarao: Smiling...thanks. There's no better feeling than to give love & be loved in return.
    @ Israr: Thanks Israr. I think you must have a nice collection of my poems stashed away somewhere (lol). Appreciate the visit.
    @ Mary: Thank you Mary. Always nice to see you.
    @ Charles: WoW! Such high praise. Thank you Charles. You've come to know me well (smile).
    @ Eileen: Thank you Eileen. Your words are always so uplifting & encouraging. Means a lot to me.
    @ Ann LeFlore: Thank you. I appreciate the visit.
    @ Haritha: Thanks. Nice of you to stop by.
    @ Myrna: My lovely Myrna, I live for love. It's what feeds my soul and who I am. Your visit is much appreciated.
    @ urban butterfly: Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.
    @ Tarunima: My dear Tarunima, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long while. You humble me with your words. I'm working on a book project & will definitely keep you posted. Thank you, my friend. You're a true supporter.
    @ Roland: Thank you Roland. My recovery is slow, but I'm coming along.

    Seems like ages since I was last at RFW. I hope to rejoin you all soon. Thanks for the well wishes. Much appreciated.
    @ Being Pramoda: Hello & welcome to my blog. Thanks for the compliment. I look forward to your return visit.
    @ Abhisek: Thank you. I appreciate the visit.
    @ kaykuala: Hello Hank. Thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate you stopping by.
    @ JIM: Welcome to my blog, Jim. I appreciate the follow. Thanks for the link to your blog too. I'll be over soon to browse & return the kindness.
    @ Ruthi: My dear Ruthi, you know I only write from the heart and my poems are usually about love. It's what I know & who I am. To have you and all my readers appreciate my words gives me much encouragement to continue writing.

    Thanks for the well wishes. I appreciate them.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Take care my dear.
    @ Hanan: Thanks. I always look forward to your visits.
    @ Kittie: Hello Kittie. I'm happy to bring some joy to your day (smile).

    I appreciate the well wishes & hope to be back in full writing mode soon. Hope you are feeling better too.
    @ Kim: Thanks Kim. I appreciate your kind words.