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29 September 2011


Romantic Friday Writers is a weekly blog-fest hosted by L'Aussie & Francine. This is my first post & entry in a long while. The challenge for Wk 21 is "Fearful Heart!" Write a romantic piece in no more than 400 words based on the theme. (word count: 210 MPA*) To read the other entries or for submission/membership guidelines, click here...

How can I forget that memorable moment when, like a thief in the night, you stole my fearful heart from behind the iron bars protecting it for so long?

Darling, your charming smile embraced my senses with human feelings I never knew I had nor could enjoy with tears under the freedom of passion.

The attraction between us caused time to stop and filled the air with the sound of violins and other musical instruments that only lovers can hear and enjoy.

Beautiful lover, you do not have to worry, for I shall tell no one that you stole my trembling heart with your charismatic kindness, leaving me to enjoy your presence like a helpless victim in joyful fear.

Yes, like a thief in the night, you striped me free from the garments hiding my sadness and loneliness behind fabrics and threads, while clothing me in return with the warmth of your loving arms.

O precious friend, what you did to me was not by any means against the laws of my flesh, but is the greatest crime ever committed against my once fearful heart and still leaves me dazed with human pleasures running through my body...in sweet memory of the wicked thief in the night.



  1. Such sweet and charming words, Andy.

  2. Lovely to see you back (I've been away an age, too!) I love 'helpless victim in joyful fear' - I think we all know that feeling.

  3. Andy: I can't believe no one else has stopped by yet. How are you? I hope you are mending fast. Obviously your illness has not stopped your romantic imagination. Thanks for posting your wonderful poem today Andy. The image was a knockout too! But your words sing. I love 'clothing me...with the warmth of your loving arms.' Just beautiful imagery.

    Great to have you back. Did I already say that?


  4. Well done Andy. I loved all the references to the thief of your fearful heart.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  5. "sweet memory of the wicked thief."

    I love that line!

    Great mood and feeling.

  6. "In sweet memory of the wicked thief in the night"...as ever, exquisitely written, Andy! A great comeback, too!

  7. So glad you're back. Hope you enjoy better health and inspiration for many moons to come.

    In my opinion, you don't need "in my opinion." I think the line flows better without it. (IMO) ;-)

    I love the part about "clothing me with the warmth of your loving arms." A lovely, sensual image.

  8. loved the flow of utmost intense feelings :)

    Weakest LINK

  9. Love the line about a fearful heart..painting a picture with your words


  10. A theft you don't mind having, huh? As always, Andy, you manage your romantic style with originality and beauty. Enjoyed this one.

  11. Hi, and welcome back honourable Knight of the Heart.

    Hee hee, this is so inspirational, Andy, the image and the words are playing havoc with my imagination. A thief in the night, hot sultry air and man lying atop a bed. When awakened by cool breeze he thinks a dream just that until he spies a scarlet silk scarf draped across his torso!

    Naughty boy! ;)


  12. Andy, your poem captures sensual images of what the fearful heart has enjoyed in happy times. Love the image of the thief in the night who steals a heart that was already for the taking, yet stole it in 'the way' it was taken. There is a paradox there that is lovely and quite striking. Love that line of 'clothing with arms of love' too. Really sensual and warm, creates a useful antidote to the coldness of fear.

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. From one poet to another: welcome back to RFW!

  13. Good to have you back, Andy! As usual your words carry such wonderful sentiments.

  14. Andy, your sweet sincerity is felt beyond the page my dear. If more men were this expressive the ladies of the world would smile more. I loved this piece.


  15. The first am droppping by... U hv a interesting Blog here....

  16. Really beautiful, Andy. We capture the unique emotions -- the joy and the fear -- of falling in love. Keep writing more like this!

  17. Great to see u after a long time !!
    As always a fantastic read full of intensity n vigor !!

  18. Very beautifully written sir...
    the Second last stanza was the pick of the poem for me, describing the warmth loving arms...

    very romantic and touching.

  19. Lovely to see you back, i hope you are well now:)
    This poem was so sweet ..the wicked thief saved a fearful heart:)

  20. Though some incidents appear negative they leave long positive vibes.. well written Andy..;)

  21. beautifully written..
    the way u weave all in your words makes it worth a read !!

  22. Andy, no one else writes like you, all unabashed! So glad you are back and hope you are feeling better and better. Be well, friend!

  23. Oh, this is beautiful writing..nice that the 'thief' stole what you wanted stolen!

  24. Beautifully and passionately written. Enjoyed it. :)

  25. Andy, you are ever the true romantic ... your words like balm to so many poets here. Your poems or short pieces so very lovely. It is good to see your blog again. Thank you for your meaningful words upon my poem "Falluja."

  26. Hello friends. I've really missed you all & am happy to be back.

    @ Madeleine: Thanks. I appreciate it.
    @ Margo: Thanks Margo. Welcome back to you too.
    @ L'Aussie: I'm doing much better. Thanks for asking. I've not been able to write anything for the last couple of weeks, so my muse is overstocked at the moment (lol).

    Thanks for all your emails & the warm welcome back. Meant a lot to me & kept my spirits up when I wasn't feeling like myself.
    @ Nancy: Thanks Nancy. Much appreciated.
    @ Ruth: Thanks Ruth.
    @ babyrocka: Thanks Marya. I appreciate it.
    @ Beverly: Thanks Beverly. My recovery is progressing slowly.

    Thanks also for the critique. Having a second pair of eyes helps & after re-reading I agree with you.
    @ Rachit: Welcome to my blog Rachit. Glad you liked the poem. Hope to see you back again sometime.
    Thanks also for your link. I'll be by to visit soon.
    @ JIM: Thanks Jim. I appreciate the visit.
    @ Myrna: My dear Myrna, thank you for the lovely sentiments. As always, I appreciate your visits.
    @ Francine: Laughing...thanks my dear. You have some wicked imagination too!
    @ Adura: Welcome to my blog, Adura. Your words are like food for my soul. Thank you so much for the warm welcome back. I'm looking forward to reading more from you.
    @ Joy: Thanks Joy. I've missed you all at RFW & am happy to be back in the fold.
    @ Tameka: Welcome Tameka. WoW! Such high praise indeed. Thank you for your honesty & for stopping by. I hope you'll return again soon.
    @ Meena: Welcome Meena. Thanks for visiting. I appreciate it.
    @ viqifrench: Hello & welcome to my blog. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Smiling...oh I'll keep writing...there's plenty more where this one came from!
    @ Jyoti: It's great to be back among friends. Thanks for taking the time to visit. Much appreciated.
    @ Venkateswaran: Welcome to my blog. I appreciate the visit & hope you'll return soon.
    @ Tarunima: Thank you Tarunima. I'm doing much better. Seems like I've been absent from blogging for ages. Your visits are always appreciated.
    @ Being Pramoda: Thanks Pramoda. It was nice of you to stop by.
    @ Marian: Thanks for the compliment & the well wishes Marian. I've really missed interacting with everyone. Glad you stopped by.
    @ Mary: Thanks Mary. Thanks also for taking the time to visit/comment while I was away. I appreciate it.
    @ Ravenblack: Thanks. Your enjoyment is my enjoyment too. Thanks for stopping by.
    @ Old Raven: For me, writing is like breathing. It's been quite difficult for me to write while I was unwell, but thankfully, my muse didn't desert me. Thank you for the heartfelt sentiments. I appreciate them & your visit.

  27. Sweet loving words. thank you for sharing this. Such a romantic I am stunned and amazed. Not sure why seeing that I don't know you, but I was.I will be back!!!

  28. Welcome Jan.
    I am indeed a man of romance & love. My expressions come straight from the heart. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.
    Looking forward to your return visit.

  29. Dear Andy,
    Sorry, I'm late with my comments.
    Thank you so much for reading my attempt to write about romance and fear. Fear seems to have won out.

    I'm so glad that you are back with us. Your post shows that you are up to the difficult challenge of balancing romance with fear. Well done!
    Best wishes,
    For the benefit of other readers:
    Anna's REWers Challenge No 21 'Fearful Heart'

  30. Hello Anna.
    Thanks for the welcome back. I've really missed RFWers while I was away. This week's challenge was tough trying to combine fear & romance, but I think you too did well.

    Thanks for stopping by. No need to apologize. You're welcome to visit/comment anytime.

  31. So romantic and tender. I love the idea of the thief in the night who stole your heart from behind its prison of fear. Very relatable.

  32. Hello Sherry.
    Nice to see you.
    Yes...that wicked thief crept right on in & stole my heart from under me! (smile)
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate it.