30 November 2011


Among the harvest of my thoughts, I find myself daydreaming of a Lady Flower whom I have not yet met.

The light gleaming from her eyes, even though hidden within night's darkness and fantasies, still gives beauty to my dreams.

Every heart is shackled by self-pity at times, but only the lonely know the difference between sympathetic sorrow and lonesome tears.

Tenderly, my heart remains devoted to her, for in the nakedness of the wind, I can taste her sweet, feminine scent through the poems I write on this lonely park bench.

Every time she gracefully walks upon lifeless grass, her sultry image gives beauty to it under a sunlight blessing beautiful flowers like herself.

Daydreaming about this lovely woman helps restore the voice of passion I once lost inside the grave of a broken heart.

Today, I cling to the liberty of her enchanting spirit for happiness and in the essence of my daydreams, I imagine reaching for her lips to taste what sweet love really means.

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28 November 2011


Beautiful maiden, breathe upon me your sweet fragrance and fill my mind with colorful shades of tenderness and joy.

Only you can remove this melancholic feeling filling my body and soul with a lifetime of heartaches I obtained beneath the trials of romance and love.

Sadly, my heart seems to vacillate between kindness and unfaithfulness - with the latter always leaving me in tears and at my lowest ebb.

Even if I am simmering inside for your feminine touch, I know quite well I can never buy your love with the most beautiful pearls sleeping at the bottom of the ocean.

The intonations of my heart speak to you with words that can only be heard through written poems dancing at your painted toes with the help of the gentle wind.

O maiden, your sweetness can bring a dying flower back to life and at the same time, your tears can fill a man's heart with sadness, causing him to appreciate a dying flower before the earth swallows her trembling beauty forever.

My darling, it is the fragrance of a trembling flower that leads me to you before the soil of the earth also welcomes me home.


23 November 2011


Her sweet, intoxicating fragrance in the gentle breeze reminds me of midnight kisses stolen passionately in secret.

Shining like jewels through an hourglass, her eyes bear the beauty of a velvet rose immobilizing time between two lovers.

In a garden of innocence, she is most noticeable because of her sultry intentions beckoning the heart of a man staring joyfully at this sweet, Spanish flower.

Lost in moments of imaginative madness, I find myself kissing the back of her soft, feminine hand in a public setting.

How can the allure of this woman move me to welcome her breathless kisses when we are bound by secrets that cannot be revealed?

Awakened suddenly by reality, I find myself gently kissing the silken petals of a flower blooming in my midst with warm, trembling lips.

Smiling bashfully while I hold her dearly and in such high esteem, I realize this sweet, Spanish flower has captivated my stolen glances, for I have come to adore her since she stands most beautiful among this garden of passionate freedom.


16 November 2011


My darling, when you cry, weep not for me, but for the love in your midst that you purposely refused to acknowledge.

You dance before kings and men of the night while believing yourself to be more prestigious than someone adorned with simplicity or residing in poverty.

Every woman was born for the desires of love, but sadly, only a few can separate its true meaning from the material lust of this world.

In puzzlement, I behold the vision of you blessing an infant flower with the kindness of water, but foolishly sharing the mystery of your perfumed veil with an intoxicated stranger.

Probe into my heart and you will find the kind of faithfulness every lover dreams of beneath the timeless sovereignty of love.

Lady Flower, cry not for me, but for the beauty of love that has passed you by…just like the soothing winds between your fingertips.

Darling, cry not for me, for I will soon be on my way to find and nurture an empty heart searching for a sweet and precious love like mine.


15 November 2011


Lovely maiden, view the birds in flight soaring across the skies with blooming flowers in their beaks for the wonder of you.

View the guitar at my side filled with excitement to play sweet music for you upon its silver, sparkling strings.

With love, I will pronounce your name in the prayers of life among lit candles bearing your wonderful, enchanting fragrance.

Darling, let me whisper to you the words I longed to say ever since that day when your beautiful eyes spoke about the attraction you had for a man like me.

Please know, if I should become shy and cannot speak in your presence, then the flowers among us will chant poetic words of romance buried within my loving heart for only you.

You will hear the sayings of passion and love filling the air while the beauty of you compliments each word with graciousness and style.

You will hear the voice of my heart thanking the birds in flight for raining upon your lovely image thousands of life's most beautiful and timeless flowers.

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08 November 2011


"la llorona", Maria Cristina 

I am a stranger to the flower sitting in the gentle hands of a woman who only has eyes for the man refusing to appreciate her priceless values.

How I wish I could comfort her from the bitter tears falling with sadness from her pretty, swollen eyes.

As I meditate on life and love, I cannot help but wonder about this woman who seems to have spent more days in pain and sorrow than in happiness with the man she accepted as her lover.

Foolish is the man who forgets what a woman means to his heart, his desires and to the earth!

Life and love are meaningless without the beauty and existence of a woman in the naked arms of a man, in the presence of children or among blooming flowers.

A woman is the queen of all flowers and the greatest inspiration man has ever known or will ever know in this stream of time.

A woman is the ultimate reason why I fall to my knees tearfully whenever I observe her beauty being disrespected by a man too blind to see she is the Almighty's most beautiful and precious creation.

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