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18 December 2011


Upon an ancient oak lay an inscription of love a man had carved for a beautiful woman.

She was indeed the prodigy of his heart and the flower with the sweetest scent blooming over the horizon of his dreams.

In the stillness of dawn, her countenance glowed like the midday sun and under the blanket of moonlight, she thrilled him with her velvet kisses.

Every moment with her inspired him to write unpublished words of love that would be read one day with eyes full of silver tears.

Sitting by a rippling pond, his thoughts could also be heard through the flowing waters by those enraptured with his poetic verses of love.

Sweet love rules the human heart with perfection and with this man, there would be no exception to this timeless gift that he had been blessed with.

He knew quite well his inscription on this old oak would attract the attention of those stopping by just to marvel at his greatest work and others simply wanting to capture their own moments of love.

(*photo by EPGoddess)



  1. It's always an intriguing thing the stories behind the etchings people will carve into trees, signs, etc.
    Great prose :)

  2. To Jessica: I totally agree Jessica. Thanks for visiting.

    To Jan: Thanks Jan. I appreciate it.

  3. the inscription on the oak tree speak of his mind through years. her presence in his heart makes love tangible to his thoughts. his longing for her is scripted through his art of proving love to be immortal. he scripts the moments for all to feel and unfold each of his dreams that captured their romance.

    loved the poetry:)


  4. To fantacy in practicality: I love how you interpreted this Sancheeta. Thank you so much. I'll be visiting your link soon too.

  5. Vow! Reminisences of many years...the deep longing of love..
    Nice poetry andy!

    @Sanchi- Loved ur interpretation.


  6. Every love story has its own "story" to tell...Every moment we are apart feels like an eternity... But eternity isn't long enough when we are together.
    Beautiful words Andy...I think you are the most romantic writer in this whole blogging society I know..Its a pleasure to read what you write,gives me hope.

  7. My dear Mani: Thank you for your feedback. I always love hearing from you. Thank you too for gracing my blog with your footsteps (smile). I sincerely appreciate it & have already been over to yours to return the kindness. See you soon, my dear!

  8. Beautiful lines. Beautifully expressed. :)

  9. To Alpana: Dearest Alpana, thank you for your words of poetry. I love them. Thank you too for the kind compliment. I am truly humbled. I live & breathe love & if my simple words can bring an ounce of happiness & hope to the reader, that's the best gift I can receive in return. Thank you again Alpana. Your words mean a lot to me.

  10. To Shreya: Thank you Shreya. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. I'll be returning the visit shortly.

  11. Just lovely...you capture every essence and every emotion so well.

  12. To JANU: You are most kind Janu. Thanks for taking the time to visit. I'm trying to catch up on some past posts. If I haven't already done so, I'll be visiting you soon too.

  13. wonderful as ever... and suddenly a question popped in my mind... like what is the style that you write in? its not poetry right?

  14. To Sweta Chakraborty: Thanks Sweta. I appreciate the visit.

    To Muhammad Israr: Hello my friend. Smiling...my poetry does not fit the "normal" style of poetry as perhaps you might know it. Some say it's prose, others free style. Call it what you want. My style is my own, but it is still very much poetry. The beauty of poetry is that you can make it anything you want it to be. Some people say rap music is poetry, would you agree? I'd say music is poetry & poetry is music...both have rhythm & flow. Thanks for the observation & question Israr. I always appreciate your visits.

  15. This one is a novel idea and a little different from the usual Lady Flower poetry. So special liking. And love the image.

    I remember asking you a similar question once as Mohammad Israr to which you replied well :)

    A smile from the past

  16. I love your phrases - silver tear! they are like dreams :) Thanks for this post!!!

  17. I want something tangible to express my love ~ music, poetry, drawing... wood carvings are more permanent than sand castles and day dreaming. And yes, it's visible to everybody. It's like shouting that we love this person without words :)

    You know I'm amazed that the music you chose for your page fits every poetry you write :)~ it draws me some place else while I read and reflect :)

    e' bella ;)

  18. Each day I come here is always another day of new discovery of your superb work. The artistic way you present your poem and the beautiful poetic words would melt anyone's heart. You write with ease and you always amaze me with each visit. The music I'm listening to now is so romantic and soothing! It's so fitting for all your poems here.

    Loved this poem. :)

  19. some great stories behind every such inscription so beautifully u described it.. A lovely post...
    heart touching as always !!

  20. Silver tears! i loved the phrase..;)

    another nice one Andy..

  21. To Prosenjeet: Hello Pro. Nice to see you. Indeed...a little different, but still along the lines of romance & love (smile). I remember you did ask me a very similar question to Israr a while back. I'm happy you like my answer.
    Thanks for the link too. I have already visited your post & commented. Looking forward to Pt.2 & your return visit. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

    To Ruby: Thanks Ruby. Great to see you again.

    To melissa: My dear Melissa, thank you for the heartfelt sentiments. It makes me happy that my poetry sends you to somewhere nice...you deserve to always be happy (smile). Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I truly appreciate it.

    To Balqis: Hello Balqis. I am touched by your words. Thank you. Your support of my work keeps me encouraged to write & share more. Thank you for visiting. I sincerely appreciate it.

    To Jyoti: Yes...I love these inscriptions. One can only imagine the beautiful stories they tell. Thanks for visiting. I appreciate it.

    To Being Pramoda...: Thanks Pramoda. Always nice to have you stop by.

  22. Andy I really like your style, it flows so well, almost like scripture, another wonderfully heartfelt poem.

  23. Hi Andy...
    Sweet! I loved this... truly beautiful... :)
    You always carve out beautiful verses in the hearts of your readers... :)
    Thanks for your visit and inspiring words!

  24. hello Andy,
    again you've made my day with passionate romantic piece of you...
    everybody that touched our life has carve their purpose for love although end of hurt... but bittersweet carve indeed :)

  25. As i read it stirred up sweetness and loveliness within me. Well written in my view.

  26. @HANAN BINT ALAVI: Thank you Hanan. I am grateful to you for your loyalty & continuous support. Thanks for taking the time to visit. Great to see you.

  27. @mpucukilalang: What a lovely thing to say. Thank you Citra. Yes, these carvings do indeed tell stories that sometimes does not have happy endings. Thank you for visiting. I appreciate it.

  28. @latha vijayakumar: Hello & welcome to my blog. Thanks for taking the time to visit/comment. I truly appreciate it. I hope you will return again sometime.

  29. @rch: Thanks for the compliment rch. I'm glad you like this one. I appreciate the visit. Come back soon!

  30. @voiceoftruelove: Hello. It makes me very happy to hear you say that. Thank you so much. Nice to see you again.

  31. Oh my I feel like grabbing someone and giving them velvet kisses!!!!

  32. @lonesomebounty: Hello & welcome to my blog. lol...velvet kisses are nice...go ahead! Thanks for visiting. I hope you will come back again soon.

  33. andy, beena while since i was over here to read your love poetry...i love initials carved in trees...i wish the real love outlived them honestly...very cool to leave it to inspire others...nice post man...hope you are well...

  34. @Brian Miller: Hello Brian. I too am intrigued by these inscriptions & the kind of people who carved them. I always wonder if their love kept them together through the years. Nice to see you, my friend. I hope you will stop by again sometime. I'll be over to visit soon.

  35. How sweet and lovely ~

    Happy Holidays to you and your family ~


  36. To Heaven: Thanks Heaven. Best wishes to you & your family too. I'll be by to read your post sometime soon. Thanks for visiting.

  37. I beg your forgiveness for my cutting and pasting my comment, but there was no way on Earth I would be able to make it around the whole globe to wish everybody a Merry Christmas otherwise.

    The magical elves that constitute my staff have demonstrated their lack of respect in either not showing up for work at all, or those that have all seem a little worse for wear (if you catch my drift). All they seem to do is sit around smoking cigarettes that, frankly, smell funny. In addition, they play cards and tell dirty jokes rather than do their jobs! Consequently, the reindeer are all filthy and out of shape.

    Despite my best efforts, the couple of chooks, arthritic wallaby and three peculiar wombats that I’ve drafted in just don’t cut it as replacements.

    Anyway, all the way down here at the bottom of the world (A.K.A. Tasmania), and from myself, Jen, Henry and Ezra, please have a Merry Christmas/Winter Solstice/Hanukkah/Festivus/Ashura and a happy New Year!

    I hope that all of your holiday photos turn out to be triumphs, your stocking is stuffed full of lots of tasty treats and not coal and that all your pumpkin pies/ prawn cocktails/ currywurst are all as tasty as can be!

  38. Hi Andy,

    Nice to meet you. I enjoy your style of poetry and like your answer about it in your comments. I think there are many different styles because some poets write what style their poem is. Most I have never heard nor seen, which is a great way to learn.

    I like it when someone writes the date when they carve because then you have some idea how long it has been there and if you find one that is really old then you also wonder if they are still alive, together, and have they ever visited the carving as they grew older. This would definitely be a timeless gift.

    Thanks for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday Gift. Looking forward to many more poems by you.

    Happy Holidays.

    God bless.

  39. To Mrsupole: Hello & welcome to my blog. Very nice to make your acquaintance too. Smiling...I'm glad you like my style of poetry...I do too!

    Looks like you're as intrigued by these carvings as I am. It does make you wonder how many ever revisit the carvings & even add a postscript.

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Lovely comment.

  40. Andy - Beautiful!

    Happy TT and happy holidays!!

  41. To Kris: Welcome Kris. lol...I like your cut & paste. I nearly missed your comment. For some reason it had ended up as spam! Thanks for taking the time to visit. I'm doing catch-up rounds & will be stopping by yours soon.

    To Karen: Hello Karen. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for taking the time to visit...I know only too well how busy this last week has been! I'll be stopping by sometime soon.

  42. Beautiful, as always.
    Merry Christmas Andy.

  43. To Daydreamer: Thanks Daydreamer. Always nice to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.
    All the best to you & your family for the Holidays too!

  44. To Lady Whispers: Hello Lady Whispers. Welcome to my blog. Glad you loved it. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll return again sometime.