15 December 2011


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Artwork provided by/copyright ~ Melissa Tandoc

Beautiful woman, weep no more, for even though we are strangers, allow me to console you in this trying hour.

Do not choose solitude as a friend over me, for I am greater than sadness and kinder than falling tears.

In spite of sorrow, the beautiful portrait of your smile still glows with timeless essence before sleeping flowers at your painted toes.

You are so attractive that your image is a replica of a rainbow gleaming upon the precious canvas of life.

My heart can offer you the gift of poetry and with visible tears of compassion, the nobility of my humble spirit will embrace your pain as if it were my very own.

Please understand that as I walk away into a world holding emptiness for the foolish dreams I bear, I want nothing in return than to see a joyful sparkle in your eyes.

You remind me of a lonely flower hiding her beauty in a cloud of sadness over a great city with majestic lights.

Your tears fall rhythmically like crystal water upon the thirsting earth, but your beautiful image has more luminescence than the moonlight over a city of unrighteousness.

Permit me to help you open the envelope of sadness that has sealed your sorrow in the dawn of life.

Let me free you from the lover who has you bound with shackles of lies and tasteless kisses.

Lovely maiden, even though I am a prisoner of lonesomeness, I follow the scent of a rose as if it is the only flower dancing in freedom.

When I walk away, please know my eyes will hold the memory of you as the most exquisite flower swaying mellifluously within the cage of my loneliness.

And when tomorrow comes, the children of God will rejoice in your ethereal radiance, but I will fade from your memory….just like a passing breeze on this painful, tear-filled night.

RFW Wk27 Runner Up Award



  1. I have fully entered the essence of your poem as I read it over and over again.

    I do,however, at times choose solitude over a lot of things. It would be nice to shift focus from bearing sorrow alone and have somebody lift them up from my shoulders.

    While some poems allow me to create melodies...yours bring me to images.

    Thanks for the opportunity to be included in your page :)

  2. To Melissa: Sometimes, reflection in solitude is a good thing, but we were not meant to live this life alone. I wish only good things for you & hope, in time, your heart will be treasured & adored as it should be. Thank you for the kind words & for the lovely image.

  3. Painful, tear-filled life....
    one or the other times we get to face this night n then we seek the strength from the ppl we love :)

    Awesome piece !!

  4. Andy,
    Beautiful write! Ever so romantic! Great sketch Melissa. I like portraits! It allows us to appreciate personalities!


  5. Your writing and her art .... beautiful union!

  6. Great collaboration, Melissa and Andy. What a beautiful sketch to accompany a moving poem!Enjoyed the experience, thanks a ton for sharing.

  7. Beautiful artwork by Melissa and the finishing touches of your touching poem make for a great combination.

    Andy this poem is lovely.

  8. very wonderful combination this ring loud and clear but as soft as the scent of a rose on the wind. thank you two and god bless

  9. Melissa..the painting is just awesome and Andy has done complete justice by drawing out the pain from the picture....superb guys.

  10. Melissa, your art is truly amazing. Even in her sadness, there is a sense of contemplation...how did I get here...how has it become so still and quiet..whispers in my tears...reminding me of what was and is no more...I loved your phrase Andy...but I will fade from your memory, just like a passing breeze...the promise of "Hope" when the sun rises tomorrow...beautiful and sensuous parntership of the Arts...Melissa and Andy...

  11. To Jyoti: Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Your comment is appreciated.

    To kaykuala: Hello Hank. Melissa's sketch is awesome isn't it? Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. I'll be over soon to return the visit.

    To Savira: Thank you Savira. Melissa is indeed a talented artist.

    To Sulekkha: Thanks Sulekha. I'm extremely grateful to Melissa for providing this sketch at such short notice.

    To Debbie: Thanks Debbie. I appreciate the visit.

    To Roy: Hello Roy. I've borrowed your artist...hope you don't mind (smile). Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.

    To JANU: Thanks Janu. Melissa is extremely talented & I'm honored to work with her.

  12. Great artwork, thanks Melissa for allowing us to see your piece, and thanks a lot too Andy for sharing us and giving it a great writings. Your really a great poet,:) Keep on sharing more.. you always inspiring us here..:) God bless you..:)

  13. Love, true love, is that which can give the most without asking or demanding anything in return.
    I am so happy to be back,reading your exquisite words Andy...romantic and very touching.
    Congratulations to dear Melissa..the picture is out of this world.

  14. Thats an awesome drawing!!! And the words are so perfect . Loved it!

  15. Spectacular piece of writing andy!

    Mely- U r soo talented...u put life in ur sketches, Brilliant..Love u for ths...

    Deadly combo andy n mely..


  16. this poem touched my heart....well done andy!
    the picture is equally incredible.....

  17. Andy this is so beautiful! i loved it

    P.S sorry i was a lil busy lately...did not used blogger !

  18. emotion dripping down her eyes was heart wrenching. the poem was flawless flowing in the tune of unconditional commitment in devotion with love.

    Melissa is extremely talented in all ways. her sketch has brought out the intensity of your words in true sense.

  19. Your poem is beautiful Andy. When I see a man write like this it really makes me melt because most men never go to the deeper places of the heart on paper.
    Beautiful poetry Andy, your words paint a picture so enchanting... and that music!
    Melissa's art work is gorgeous, a perfect mate for your words.

  20. Touching and inspiring!!!
    Some poetry starts with a good line but looses its "hold" in the middle yet this one captured my heart with every single note (I call it note/s not words because I can hear melody...)
    I've just discovered a gem this day!!!



  21. What selfless love. You do really know the art of love Andy. Really touched by this. Melissa your sketch is so lifelike. Beautiful collaboration

    My moment

  22. This is a sad and nostalgic write.. thanks for sharing this ~

  23. I love thd prose but hate solitude
    I have 5 adult children who have virtually left home and since divorce I am very Lonley

    My son said I don't like own company and I don't I was designed to share my life

  24. Andy, kya bathyaein. the verse, painting and the lovely music which plays when I enter here are a beautiful combination.

    The poem is tinged with sadness but the thoughts that emit from the poem seem liberating.

    Andy, you are just splendid with words.

    Have a joyous weekend.

    Love and peace,

  25. So sad; yet beautiful, Andy. I admire the union of art and craft in this piece.

  26. The image and poem complements each other. An amazing artwork derived from the beautiful lines of the poem. A great sharing! Thanks to both of you.

  27. Hi,

    As always beautiful prose, and as though casting spells! Lovely image, the words a perfect reflection of intention to ease inner pain. ;)


  28. Melissa's art work is like life jumped onto the canvas. Andy's words are like music on a battlefield. Powerful! I loved this piece and will be sharing it on my page.


  29. Dear Andy,
    Your lovely poem here brings home the problem of whether or not to share one's sadness with another person. How will your woes be received?

    Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for me, life experience has taught me to keep sorrow inside even if my true nature is to be open and honest.

    You can't show it all to just anyone. There is something very intimate about talking about the sadness of one's life. And it is the kind of intimacy that makes one vulnerable.

    My guess is that the fear of showing one's real feelings is a contributing factor to why there is so little love in the world.
    The voice in your lovely poem wants to comfort. This is something rare, most people, most men, don't want to be bothered!

    On the other hand, your poem seems to be about the meeting of two strangers, where one of them opens her heart and tells exactly how sad she is, which may be easier to do with a person she doesn't know and won't have an opportunity to meet again. That happens sometimes. People sitting on a train or an airplane can tell a perfect stranger their whole life story, because they think it will be forgotten and have no consequence.

    It may be harder to tell the truth to someone whom you have known all you life. They can judge you for your thoughts. People living in small communities often work out strategies to keep secrets from their neighbours.

    Anyway, your poem is beautiful, and beyond explanation.

    Hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.

    Anna's RFW challenge No 27 Sparkle!

  30. Hi Andy! Sorry for being so slow this week but life intervenes! Now I can read everyone's entries at once which is the best way...

    Such beautiful artwork. Melissa is so talented as are you. Your words are replete with sadness yet therein hope lies. As always, a wonderful entry for RFWer.

    Happy Christmas!


  31. ╰⊰⊹✿"Do not choose Solitude as a friend over me, for I am greater than sadness and kinder than falling tears."

    I tasted your words as they mixed with my tears. Sometimes Solitude seems more of a comfort when we are hurting and in pain, reaching out to others seems hard to do. Your lovely words are a reminder that there are those people in our lives who we can and should go to for solace.

    ♥ I am prepared to open the envelope of sadness that has sealed my sorrow for far too long.

    Beautiful, insightful, and poignant. As always,
    Thank you Andy.


  32. Boy...you out did yourself this time. So many touching and sensitive lines. I think any woman would want to run off with you.

  33. Andy you have outdone yourself with this one.....and so well set off by that lovely painting from dearest Melissa! ♥

  34. You write so soulful sir. Your words got me glued here. Great read. :)

    For Melissa: Loved your sketch. Lovely :) xx

  35. So beautiful- your verses and Melissa's sketch... :)
    Loved this...
    Thanks for visiting and sharing!

  36. I have no words, Melissa beautiful sketch, Andy beautiful words.

  37. My dear friends and readers,
    As most of you know, I am a simple man who only sees what is beautiful. All I know is love. Thank you all for your overwhelming responses and replies. I am truly touched by your kindness. A special thank you goes to my dear Melissa who graciously provided the artwork for this poem. Not only is she talented, but she is beautiful of heart too. It is because of friends like all of you why I continue to write my humble poetry. My sincere thanks again.