04 December 2011


A gorgeous woman is what you are and the innocence coming from your lovely eyes is as beautiful as the passion you fill my humble heart with.

If it were within my power, I would rearrange the moving clouds so your beauty could glisten under their greatness…just like a dancing flame upon a candle in the gentle wind.

Sweet darling, as the rose in the garden of my heart, you keep all of my emotions wrapped within your silken petals - the same way you keep my nakedness wrapped in your loving arms.

O Lady Flower, through the whispers of your heart, advise mine to always long for your love and convince my thoughts to think of only you amidst tears of sadness and the joy of happiness.

Yes, let the thread of priceless lace continue to bind our hearts as one and, while the world stays in the cold embrace of lonesome darkness, let our love be the candlelight always keeping our days and nights bright with passionate flames of pleasure.



  1. People who need to love, because
    Love is the soul's life,Love is simply creation's greatest joy.
    Beautifully written Andy...I always loose myself in your words.

  2. Keep this flame alive because it is a treat to read your romantic lines.

  3. If I have a lover right now, I'd be delighted to hear such words... geez! But I love whispering your poems to Jesus at night :) Your poems serve as ignition to this fire inside.

    I love visiting your page :)

  4. Andy,
    Just thinking of whispers of love are as delightful as seeing the person in front of you. Great!


  5. Lucky the lady who these words are written for, Andy :)

  6. This is so inspiring, lovers who are really in deep of love.:) I miss my honey on your post, because he always telling me those words that makes my heart feel great. How I wish that the flame won't end till our hearts stop beating.

    Thanks for this wonderful post and your sweet music background. I like it!:)

  7. Delightful!
    Liked your comparisons :)
    Soft music in your blog is giving a more sensitive touch to your words ..

    Enjoyed the post :)

  8. Andy the lady with u s blessed coz u r sucha die hard romantic n understand emotions of woman so well...

    God Bless U!!


  9. So romantic, as always, Andy - AND with a musical accompaniment! The lovelorn know where to come for a hit of romance!

  10. Andy, your romantic lines make me go mad.. "oh Lady Flower, through the whispers of your heart, advise mine to always long for your love.." Loved it so much..

    Someone is Special

  11. wrapped within your silken presence -> nice imagery

  12. Still trying to catch my breath . . .
    Truly expressive and full of love's fire and passion.
    With Janu, I must ask you to keep the fires burning, Andy!

  13. Exquisite beauty, Andy! The image is equally as gorgeous and I'm glad you chose to use an animated one ~ I'm a candle fanatic :D

    BEAUTIFUL post as always :)

  14. Your words woo those who read. What a romantic you are. I wonder if you have ever thought of writing romance book as well as poetry.

  15. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing!

    Erick Flores

  16. Andy,

    A most heartwarming tribute to a dear love. Your style is to be treasured as a gift...

    All Good wishes,

  17. I'm out to buy some candles and they'd better inspire my husband to write something similarly beautiful. But I doubt that'll happen. Hah.

    There's only one of you Andy, and your style is inimitable.

    Want you to know I read the final poem from the party. It was lovely. I saw the video too and it made me smile so happily. Thank you Andy for taking the time to bring many of us some joy. May you always have this wonderful spirit.

  18. Andy, your words warm my heart, as they always do! You have true talent as a writer of romantic verse.

  19. Beautiful imagery Andy :)


  20. Beautiful imagery Andy. Love your sensuality.

    PS: if I posted twice - sorry. Still having some blogger/internet problems . .


  21. "Sweet darling,your are the rose in the garden of my heart,keeping all my emotions wrapped in your silken petals" -BEAUTIFUL!!

    Do read:
    God in your pockets

  22. This kind of praise is good for the soul, moving words of pure love and devotion. Great post, Andy.

  23. What always strikes me about your prose poetry is the classical feel to your romantic writes. Very few people express their feelings in such picturesque ways as you do - it's very refreshing. Thanks for the music here too.

  24. andy,
    this is perfect! you have so much love on your hear that it has become an abode of lovely poems:)
    thankyou so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet words:)

  25. Andy, I stumbled upon your blog by accident and I am so delighted that you write poems... and read I did.. each taking my breath away. Keep on writing. I will be a regular visitor from now on...


  26. Well put, lovely.


  27. Greetings, Andy!

    I adore your blog! It's beautiful!

    After reading the first poem I know ill be back for more!

    Very romantic- words any woman would love to hear!

    Congratulations on writing so many poems! I hope that you will one day have them compiled and published!

    Great work! Definitely reveals your heart!

    I too am a poet! Hope you will visit my blog and tell me what you think!

    I will be back!

  28. This is simply beautiful. I'm so glad I dropped by.

  29. You always write beautifully! I read your poems many times because I love the way you write - unique!

  30. Hi Andy. You're such a talent!

    I'm back for judging for RFWer. Just letting you know I've put up a Vote Poll on RFWer so you can have your say this week!


  31. That is so beautiful and your blog is great too. So I have given you an award. Please collect it at

  32. A warm welcome is extended to new & returning friends.

    Your comments & feedback are like food for my muse. Thank you all for taking the time to visit. I'm so touched by your kind words. I've tried my best to visit everyone here, but if I might have missed you, please accept my sincere apologies & know I'll be visiting soon.

  33. hi andy, yet again, stunningly romantic...

  34. Hello Pramoda, nice to see you. Thanks so much for stopping by. Your comments are always appreciated. I hope you'll return again soon!

  35. So beautiful, Andy! I also love the music. Thank you for your wishes.

  36. Hello Kay. The music is soothing isn't it...I'm glad you like it. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  37. It's so romantic and passionate...

  38. Hello Saru. Thank you. I appreciate the visit & kind comment.

  39. Dec 4th was my birthday and to know a beautiful poem was created on that day makes me smile. Another lovely lyric filled piece.


  40. To Tameka: Belated birthday wishes Tameka. Hope your day was a joyous one. Thank you for the lovely compliment. I always look forward to your visits. I appreciate the link too. If I've not already done so, you know I'll be by to read it soon. Thanks for stopping by.