20 June 2012


Pinamar, Argentina

Poetry represents the universal language of sweet love, for no rhyme is necessary to express its tender and deep emotions among paragraphs written from joyful tears.

The three most powerful words of poetry that any human can whisper or utter to another are…"I love you".

Love epitomizes the ultimate authority of the heart, for every manuscript created under the hand of the writer is born from emotions of poetry.

Preserving the very essence of his thoughts through silent dreams, the words of a poet become like books in a library…storing within collections of his work for others to enjoy.

Impassioned with the gift to decorate ordinary paper with words of beauty, a poet feels deep love to touch the emotions of a stranger through the art of poetry.

Emotions of poetry are really the greatest joys of a poet's life, for with every smile that welcomes his work, his motivation to continue writing intensifies through unseen tears.

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17 June 2012


Love has a way of compelling us to listen intently to her tender voice whenever she speaks.

She is the greatest of all feelings the human heart can ever experience or enjoy in this journey of life.

Love is more beautiful than flowers in spring and the greatest treasure readily available to every human alive...it is the wealth among wealth with a priceless value that never decreases.

In the bosom of love, I lay my head and in the design of love, I find sweet comfort under her majestic halo giving light to my cloudy path.

The fragrance of love is like a never-ending, sweet perfume…it is the scent I taste every time your tender lips touch mine beneath the light of life's glowing beauty.

Love, the enchantress flower has captivated my soul, thrilling my heart with life's most beautiful enchantments. 

*Revised post - Originally © written/copyright/published 28th January 2011


12 June 2012


Is it possible for the silence of the wind to echo the whisper of love and not be heard?

My prose poems have been published in the winds and carried into the dreams of a lonely woman to learn of my deepest secrets.

She quietly reads each line with a humble, faithful heart…savoring the mystical flavor of love in her memory before falling asleep.

So magical are my words that in an awe-inspiring way, I can feel her lips dancing with mine among each written stanza.

So enchanted is her imagination that even multiple pangs of distress are removed from her heart when she sees a flower blooming in her image before the throne of love.

She is the gentle voice in the wind proclaiming the beauty of our love with delicate expressions for every listening ear.

*Revised post - Originally © written/copyright/published 26th October 2011


04 June 2012


Daughters of the night stood beside my sickbed and asked for a final reading of love from the tablets of my heart.

With deep respect and in a frail voice, I spoke of love like a gentle prayer from my pale, dry lips.

"Love," I whispered, "is greater than life itself, for in life, sin gives birth to imperfection, causing us to stumble upon pain and betrayal, with a seduction of tears as the river for bathing in lonesome depression."

"Love," I told them, "is pure and more beautiful than an altar of gold."

"Love causes the human heart to reason with beauty, understanding and salvation."

"Love is righteous, peaceful, tender and more innocent than falling tears from an angel in the clouds."

With my last breath, I uttered, "In life, death will soon embrace each of us at some time, but love's beauty is the only living thing that cannot die at the doorsteps of death."

The daughters of the night then looked at me with tear-filled eyes and like whispering flowers they uttered: "Goodbye, dear poet", as they watched my spirit become one with love.

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