22 August 2012


Lady Flower, how is it possible for the naked wind to clothe me with the sweetness from your timeless fragrance without you ever being in my midst?

Every time you dispel your kisses to the heavens, I can feel them upon my face, as if I am welcome before the Throne of the Almighty Himself.

Kindly include me in sanctifying the shrine of your dreams so I may learn and understand the true meaning of the word "holy".

Permit me to have the honor, freedom and right to decorate your tresses with life's most prestigious flowers, for although my hands are empty, my humble heart is certain you can thrill me with songs of passion.

My darling, we both know the naked wind is invisible and its magic can only be felt by loving, grateful hearts.

Sadly, even though I might not see your smile in reality, I can still feel you entering my heart with the rhapsody of love…just like the naked wind. 

*Photo provided by/copyright my dear friend ~ Nelieta at Nelmitravel


08 August 2012


The greatness of love and passion can give anyone wings to soar into the imagination of a lover to understand the secrets of his or her emotions.

My heart has always been most humble beneath the sails of love, even though my voyage had no destination in the gentle arms of a loving woman with your pretty smile.

In tearful dreams, I have summoned love, but the only response I ever received was one of reality reminding me I must face another day without someone to bless me with the richness of love.

With much content, I will continue to comply with the laws of loneliness, but I will never give up on the beauty of love unless death overpowers my desire with a lifeless heart.

Reading about love upon written pages can beautify the human heart with many fantasies and dreams, but reality becomes much sweeter when the emotions of a lover are stored within a diary of love buried deep inside the writer's heart.

For some, a diary of love is all they have and each day they read from its beauty, the more they realize that love is also meant for the lonely and brokenhearted.

Lady Flower, a diary of love is what I hope to write now with loving tears upon the heart of a woman as beautiful as you.

(*photo by ~ EPGoddess)


05 August 2012


Lady Flower, this lonely road I walk is the only garden my heart knows.

To watch you gracefully decorating it with your feminine gait leaves me breathless, while wishing you were mine.

My soul even becomes intoxicated every time I look at you among nature's blossoms giving beauty to my dreams.

Sadly, as the final days of autumn come to an end, my heart willingly surrenders its warmth to the cold embrace of winter's unkindness.

Beautiful woman, if only I had the spirit of a great poet, I would pen the most mellifluous words of love upon the pages of your heart.

If I were a sheet of paper and you the ink, how I wish you would write your dreams upon my empty heart in return.

Darling, if it is my fate to remain in this lonesome oppression, I will gladly accept it with the hope that you will one day walk upon this lonely road again.