11 February 2013


Love is not selfish and can easily be understood by the loneliest of hearts isolated from society or mankind.

Love is the bread of all food and can fill the emptiness of a man yearning for infinite happiness.

Love is the most priceless jewel of the heart and does not need to be studied or pondered over in a classroom full of learned men.

Love is the greatest quality that inspires a man to learn what is set before him in order to enjoy the beauty of life.

Love is more powerful than the laws of evil and wiser than any gift of wisdom.

Love is more innocent than an infant at birth and more majestic than any palace ever built.

Love makes music out of nothing and everything.

Love is the sweetest melody the heart will ever know in this journey of life.

Love is the reason I exist today...simply because love is what I am.


04 February 2013


Only once in a lifetime will a poet find the true flower of his dreams who matches his own nostalgic thoughts.

With each poem that he writes, he empties his spirit, giving the compassionate reader a glimpse into the very depths of his heart.

Lady Flower, because of your humble existence, I have come to know the reality of true, human beauty.

If only I could create priceless splendor using poetic words then I would joyfully design an exact replica of your illustrious smile.

Gently turn the pages of my heart and you will experience the texture and emotions of my poems bearing your name.

In exchange for your divine friendship, let me also offer you timeless rainbows from my treasured dreams.

O darling, these nostalgic thoughts of mine have guided me to you among the hymns of the night where your silky voice blends harmoniously and in one accord with the angels above.