02 June 2013


Lady Flower, in wakefulness, I can hold your tender beauty with a tearful smile, but in dreams, I can see the very depths of eternity through your beautiful heart.

Affectionately yours is what I am and you will see the crown of desire I wear for you inside the arch of every rainbow. 

Darling, it is amongst the purest flowers of life that I find sweet innocence in the temple of your eyes, which in turn bless those same flowers with the light of love.

Your feminine hands remind me of satin and silk pouring dewdrops of passion into the vase of my heart where flowers appear flavored with your kisses upon each of their perfectly smooth petals.

Every magical gesture you share with me beside a fountain of beauty reminds me of the love I can never control bubbling forth for the lover in you.

Indeed, affectionately yours is what I am and is the reason why all of my dreams and desires have turned into this enchanting flower arrayed in your holy image.

(*photo by EPGoddess)