18 December 2011


Upon an ancient oak lay an inscription of love a man had carved for a beautiful woman.

She was indeed the prodigy of his heart and the flower with the sweetest scent blooming over the horizon of his dreams.

In the stillness of dawn, her countenance glowed like the midday sun and under the blanket of moonlight, she thrilled him with her velvet kisses.

Every moment with her inspired him to write unpublished words of love that would be read one day with eyes full of silver tears.

Sitting by a rippling pond, his thoughts could also be heard through the flowing waters by those enraptured with his poetic verses of love.

Sweet love rules the human heart with perfection and with this man, there would be no exception to this timeless gift that he had been blessed with.

He knew quite well his inscription on this old oak would attract the attention of those stopping by just to marvel at his greatest work and others simply wanting to capture their own moments of love.

(*photo by EPGoddess)


15 December 2011


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Artwork provided by/copyright ~ Melissa Tandoc

Beautiful woman, weep no more, for even though we are strangers, allow me to console you in this trying hour.

Do not choose solitude as a friend over me, for I am greater than sadness and kinder than falling tears.

In spite of sorrow, the beautiful portrait of your smile still glows with timeless essence before sleeping flowers at your painted toes.

You are so attractive that your image is a replica of a rainbow gleaming upon the precious canvas of life.

My heart can offer you the gift of poetry and with visible tears of compassion, the nobility of my humble spirit will embrace your pain as if it were my very own.

Please understand that as I walk away into a world holding emptiness for the foolish dreams I bear, I want nothing in return than to see a joyful sparkle in your eyes.

You remind me of a lonely flower hiding her beauty in a cloud of sadness over a great city with majestic lights.

Your tears fall rhythmically like crystal water upon the thirsting earth, but your beautiful image has more luminescence than the moonlight over a city of unrighteousness.

Permit me to help you open the envelope of sadness that has sealed your sorrow in the dawn of life.

Let me free you from the lover who has you bound with shackles of lies and tasteless kisses.

Lovely maiden, even though I am a prisoner of lonesomeness, I follow the scent of a rose as if it is the only flower dancing in freedom.

When I walk away, please know my eyes will hold the memory of you as the most exquisite flower swaying mellifluously within the cage of my loneliness.

And when tomorrow comes, the children of God will rejoice in your ethereal radiance, but I will fade from your memory….just like a passing breeze on this painful, tear-filled night.

RFW Wk27 Runner Up Award


12 December 2011


Would you not agree that the violins of love are more harmonious than the silent chords of death?

Love is like a flower adorning itself with the prettiest petals to attract the heart with timeless beauty.

The mirror standing between love and sorrow holds the reflection of a man craving the embrace of a maiden whom he can only enjoy in his dreams.

She has the grace and freedom of a woman thirsting for his passionate kisses beneath the empty skies.

Her heart remains dreamy towards him, for this romantic love she feels has become most addictive through the voice she can only hear upon the pages of his beloved poems.

Her fragrant tears upon his lips are the vision he sees every time the beautiful call of love comes to him in the form of the photograph of her pretty face.

Oh maiden, bless my heart with the reality of love and free me from the silence of death before the violins of love stop playing our song.


08 December 2011


Beautiful woman of my heart, not only did my love for you originate before my birth, but I have loved you even before my mother was created.

You are the peace among a war of roses and in your sweet tears, a dying flower upon a grief-stricken stem has the hope of lifesaving water to help revive its withered petals.

Even the trickle of a lazy river and the whistling winds whisper your lovely name with their refreshing sounds.

My darling, my Lady Flower, I have much happiness in your kisses and satisfaction from your loving embrace.

All things are beautiful in my life because of your illuminating spirit.

With your feminine touch, you make my heart dance to our song, while fulfilling all my desires in our temple of love.

You are my rock and my stronghold, for the dawning of a new day has no meaning to me without the awe-inspiring light of your dazzling smile before my eyes.

You are the eternal love I bear in springtime and every other season under the dewdrops of my heart.

Even though the burdens of this life are many, my load is always lighter when I walk hand-in-hand with you...the most precious and priceless jewel of my heart.

(*photo by EPGoddess)


07 December 2011


Farewell my love, for I must depart from our secret dreams until tomorrow comes.

I am flattered you have chosen this simple man to hide in your eyes for the beauty of a forbidden love.

Your elegant, sultry style keeps me captivated inside the superiority of your loving heart.

The emotional angst I once experienced from lonesomeness has all disappeared ever since our lips danced to your favorite song.

Among the snowflakes of a cold, wintery day, my heart is warmed knowing your thoughts are only of me as you sit quietly with your friends.

In intimate moments, your lipstick stains my dreams with breathless kisses born under the glory of a golden sunshine.

My darling, until we meet again, I shall wait anxiously for you with eleven roses…knowing your beautiful face will complete the dozen.

*Image by Leonid Afremov, deviantart.com


04 December 2011


A gorgeous woman is what you are and the innocence coming from your lovely eyes is as beautiful as the passion you fill my humble heart with.

If it were within my power, I would rearrange the moving clouds so your beauty could glisten under their greatness…just like a dancing flame upon a candle in the gentle wind.

Sweet darling, as the rose in the garden of my heart, you keep all of my emotions wrapped within your silken petals - the same way you keep my nakedness wrapped in your loving arms.

O Lady Flower, through the whispers of your heart, advise mine to always long for your love and convince my thoughts to think of only you amidst tears of sadness and the joy of happiness.

Yes, let the thread of priceless lace continue to bind our hearts as one and, while the world stays in the cold embrace of lonesome darkness, let our love be the candlelight always keeping our days and nights bright with passionate flames of pleasure.


30 November 2011


Among the harvest of my thoughts, I find myself daydreaming of a Lady Flower whom I have not yet met.

The light gleaming from her eyes, even though hidden within night's darkness and fantasies, still gives beauty to my dreams.

Every heart is shackled by self-pity at times, but only the lonely know the difference between sympathetic sorrow and lonesome tears.

Tenderly, my heart remains devoted to her, for in the nakedness of the wind, I can taste her sweet, feminine scent through the poems I write on this lonely park bench.

Every time she gracefully walks upon lifeless grass, her sultry image gives beauty to it under a sunlight blessing beautiful flowers like herself.

Daydreaming about this lovely woman helps restore the voice of passion I once lost inside the grave of a broken heart.

Today, I cling to the liberty of her enchanting spirit for happiness and in the essence of my daydreams, I imagine reaching for her lips to taste what sweet love really means.

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28 November 2011


Beautiful maiden, breathe upon me your sweet fragrance and fill my mind with colorful shades of tenderness and joy.

Only you can remove this melancholic feeling filling my body and soul with a lifetime of heartaches I obtained beneath the trials of romance and love.

Sadly, my heart seems to vacillate between kindness and unfaithfulness - with the latter always leaving me in tears and at my lowest ebb.

Even if I am simmering inside for your feminine touch, I know quite well I can never buy your love with the most beautiful pearls sleeping at the bottom of the ocean.

The intonations of my heart speak to you with words that can only be heard through written poems dancing at your painted toes with the help of the gentle wind.

O maiden, your sweetness can bring a dying flower back to life and at the same time, your tears can fill a man's heart with sadness, causing him to appreciate a dying flower before the earth swallows her trembling beauty forever.

My darling, it is the fragrance of a trembling flower that leads me to you before the soil of the earth also welcomes me home.


23 November 2011


Her sweet, intoxicating fragrance in the gentle breeze reminds me of midnight kisses stolen passionately in secret.

Shining like jewels through an hourglass, her eyes bear the beauty of a velvet rose immobilizing time between two lovers.

In a garden of innocence, she is most noticeable because of her sultry intentions beckoning the heart of a man staring joyfully at this sweet, Spanish flower.

Lost in moments of imaginative madness, I find myself kissing the back of her soft, feminine hand in a public setting.

How can the allure of this woman move me to welcome her breathless kisses when we are bound by secrets that cannot be revealed?

Awakened suddenly by reality, I find myself gently kissing the silken petals of a flower blooming in my midst with warm, trembling lips.

Smiling bashfully while I hold her dearly and in such high esteem, I realize this sweet, Spanish flower has captivated my stolen glances, for I have come to adore her since she stands most beautiful among this garden of passionate freedom.


16 November 2011


My darling, when you cry, weep not for me, but for the love in your midst that you purposely refused to acknowledge.

You dance before kings and men of the night while believing yourself to be more prestigious than someone adorned with simplicity or residing in poverty.

Every woman was born for the desires of love, but sadly, only a few can separate its true meaning from the material lust of this world.

In puzzlement, I behold the vision of you blessing an infant flower with the kindness of water, but foolishly sharing the mystery of your perfumed veil with an intoxicated stranger.

Probe into my heart and you will find the kind of faithfulness every lover dreams of beneath the timeless sovereignty of love.

Lady Flower, cry not for me, but for the beauty of love that has passed you by…just like the soothing winds between your fingertips.

Darling, cry not for me, for I will soon be on my way to find and nurture an empty heart searching for a sweet and precious love like mine.


15 November 2011


Lovely maiden, view the birds in flight soaring across the skies with blooming flowers in their beaks for the wonder of you.

View the guitar at my side filled with excitement to play sweet music for you upon its silver, sparkling strings.

With love, I will pronounce your name in the prayers of life among lit candles bearing your wonderful, enchanting fragrance.

Darling, let me whisper to you the words I longed to say ever since that day when your beautiful eyes spoke about the attraction you had for a man like me.

Please know, if I should become shy and cannot speak in your presence, then the flowers among us will chant poetic words of romance buried within my loving heart for only you.

You will hear the sayings of passion and love filling the air while the beauty of you compliments each word with graciousness and style.

You will hear the voice of my heart thanking the birds in flight for raining upon your lovely image thousands of life's most beautiful and timeless flowers.

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08 November 2011


"la llorona", Maria Cristina 

I am a stranger to the flower sitting in the gentle hands of a woman who only has eyes for the man refusing to appreciate her priceless values.

How I wish I could comfort her from the bitter tears falling with sadness from her pretty, swollen eyes.

As I meditate on life and love, I cannot help but wonder about this woman who seems to have spent more days in pain and sorrow than in happiness with the man she accepted as her lover.

Foolish is the man who forgets what a woman means to his heart, his desires and to the earth!

Life and love are meaningless without the beauty and existence of a woman in the naked arms of a man, in the presence of children or among blooming flowers.

A woman is the queen of all flowers and the greatest inspiration man has ever known or will ever know in this stream of time.

A woman is the ultimate reason why I fall to my knees tearfully whenever I observe her beauty being disrespected by a man too blind to see she is the Almighty's most beautiful and precious creation.

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28 October 2011


Her mystical smile embraces my thoughts like a snowflake in the wind melting away with time.

She sits upon my mind like I sit upon a mountain of beauty viewing life and seasons hoping she will drink with me from the cup of love.

Her beauty is like the sunrise - each gives light to the earth - and her voice like sweet music between midnight and dawn…soothing a tearful infant in discomfort.

She is supremely talented in kindness and her persona is one that cannot be compared with any other woman born from her culture.

Enslaved in a spiritual trance, I find myself in the wilderness of her aromatic fragrance, which keeps me caged within my own thoughts and like poetic expressions written upon the beautiful winds of India, I see the manifestations of her enchanted beauty.

She is the goddess of my thoughts and the prayers that fill my nights with wholesome silence.

What I feel for her cannot speak with the flow of an ordinary pen upon paper.

Instead, my feelings represent the dialogue of a precious love that she can never hear but will always feel…upon the beautiful winds of India.

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26 October 2011


Is it possible for the silence of the wind to echo the whisper of love and not be heard?

My prose poems have been published in the winds that carry them into the dreams of a lonely woman to learn of my deepest secrets.

She quietly reads each line with a humble, faithful heart…savoring the mystical flavor of love in her memory before falling asleep.

So magical are my words that in an awe-inspiring way, I can feel her lips dancing with mine among each written stanza.

So enchanted is her imagination that even multiple pangs of distress are removed from her heart when she sees a flower blooming in her image before the throne of love.

She is the lonely woman...the gentle voice in the wind proclaiming the beauty of our love with delicate expressions for every listening ear.

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24 October 2011


"The Love Letter", Emile Levy 1872

My darling, only through printed pages will you come to know my thoughts of love, for my heart remains shackled beneath the merciless flames of lonesomeness.

Hopefully, the virtues of sweet love will help me to understand that this fraction of my life can only be enjoyed when you appear again in my dreams bearing my favorite flowers.

Sadly, I will never be the same man I used to be when you were in my presence…instead I have become a trembling hand writing my emotions for you on printed paper.

The vigor & vitality that used to possess me mean nothing now, simply because I cannot pour my passionate strength into your beautiful heart.

Our separation represents the inability to love with freedom under the twilight zone of the heart where lovers cry from joy and ecstasy in each other's arms.

Lady Flower, not only will you read how much I love you upon printed pages, but more importantly, it is there that you shall see the vision of my inconsolable face with your beautiful reflection residing in my tear-filled eyes.

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16 October 2011


When you look away from me bashfully, you fill my mind with many photographs of a sensuous woman concealing her romantic desires.

Even your casual, innocent gestures in this crowded room reveal the interest your loving heart has for mine.

Any polite conversation with you fills me up with the kind of happiness that fulfills a man's dreams with the sweet fragrance of an everlasting perfume.

The blood running through my veins seems to bear the scent of a princess like you whose kisses are like a burning torch glowing in the heart.

Beautiful Lady Flower, quench my thirsting eyes with the feminine enchantments hidden behind your sultry smile.

Take me to an altar of beauty where lovers bearing the same treasures of the soul give romantic worship.

Darling, my quivering spirit is most humble in your midst, for this beautiful glory of you even has me behaving bashfully myself.


05 October 2011


Darling, if for some reason you were to trample upon my heart with your pretty feet, it would still mean everything to me because of the tinkling of your anklets.

Please know I am compelled to cherish even those who refuse to accept my love beneath these firestorms of life.

Even when we were within the embrace of winter, the essence of your warm breath reminded me of a flower garden in spring.

My eyes are full of sweet love, but my heart remains thirsty for the kisses of the only woman I desire to bathe my lips with hers.

There is no tomorrow to fill these empty arms of mine with a new lover as yesterday with you still lives in my thoughts.

My soul never sleeps and my spirit stays awake humbly supplicating your heart to rekindle the passionate desires you once had for me.

My precious darling, yesterday with you is all I have before the beauty of time steals away the memory of you from inside this aching heart of mine


26 September 2011


Lady Flower, the flesh my heart desires is hidden under your silken garments.

Make me dizzy from your breathless kisses and your tender touch.

Let me lie in the shadow of your love to find refreshment like a bird sheltering from the heavy rain or scorching heat under the leaf of a tree .

My darling, golden sand I will pour at your feet, only to have your jeweled footprints walking beside me in shinning brilliance.

When I first knocked at the door of your heart, you gave me friendship to drink and upon entering, you fed me with the gift of true love.

In return, I have allowed you to unlock my naked heart to see all of my love hidden inside.

When I close my eyes, I can still enjoy the touch of the breeze mixed with the incense of love and the fragrance of a flower sleeping in freedom.

I cannot blame the man who, in his turbulent and elderly years, will cry out for a woman like you to comfort him in his great loneliness, even though he knows his hope lies in a cry that might never be heard.

Beautiful maiden, I will give anything to be a humble man on bended knees who has the priceless privilege of kissing the back of your soft, gentle hand under the unkindness of the pouring rain without an umbrella.

Let me express love's meaning to you with words that will turn into music and then into a whisper of our never-ending song.

My darling, I love you with the song of life…I love you with the song of love.

*Modified image by Jean-Baptiste Oudry, wikiart.org


12 September 2011


Precious darling, your wholesome, tender ways have become most beautiful to me since I know the secrets we share are born from the exciting origin of passion and romance.

In many different ways, you dazzle my eyes with your kindness, understanding and the manifestations of your warm, breathtaking desires.

Sweetheart, do you know that every time we exchange smiles, we make love over and over again, as if for the first time?

In a crowded room, your feminine allure thrills me deeply inside with invisible tears and with a weakness for your trembling kisses…reminding me of the tenderness in beautiful you.

You more than transcend all the love and passion I ever wanted in a woman and at the same time, you comfort me with sweet satisfaction by making all of my fantasies come true in your loving arms.

The beauty you bear within is quite remarkable, for with you, a flower and a child both long for your enchanting fragrance.

O beautiful woman, your eyes reveal to me unspoken words of flaming desire causing my heart to skip a beat at the thought of touching and tasting the tenderness in lovely you.


13 August 2011


My darling, the scent of the night is filled with your sweet, feminine fragrance amidst a gentle breeze.

With your painted toes, seductively remove these satin sheets so that passion will overrule our shyness as we become one again under love's rhythm.

When the beauty of life is no longer enchanting, it is the essence of you that rages in my heart like a burning fire giving light to my darkest days.

And even if my nights are cold and empty, I shall never allow them to steal away the visions I have of beautiful you.

The treasures of the heart are many, my love, but there are none more precious than the harmony created between two obedient hearts like ours.

As your jasmine perfume gives beauty to these fragrant candles, kindly rejoin me in listening to the music of the wind entertaining the midnight flowers swaying gently upon their stems.

Darling, kiss me first then seductively remove these satin sheets with your painted toes while you make love to me with tears of desire…like you did a few moments ago...

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10 August 2011


Through silent sorrow, I can hear you tearfully seeking the sensitivity of my emotions to comfort you beneath the quiet winds of the night.

Darling, reveal your sadness to me and I will dry your tears with trembling hands.

Sit with me beside a rippling stream and let the delicate rays of the sun warm your heart with the freedom of nature's breathless beauty.

Do not be tormented by the evils of lonesomeness when the power to be loved is in your midst - in the form of my humble image.

My affections are filled with kindness and sincerity…the kind causing love to bloom beautifully like the lips of a rose.

The quiet winds of the night are filled with your aromatic fragrance proclaiming the greatness of a woman in the most seductive way.

Lady Flower, escort me into your dreams and allow me to love you intensely with the beauty and silence of life's timeless passions beneath the quiet winds of the night.


03 August 2011


"The Favorite Poet"
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - WikiArt

You are like a candle burning in the wind bearing a potent smile that affects all those admiring your beauty.

Even when you speak of sad things, you have a mellifluous voice, simply because of the sacredness in your tender heart.

When a flower sees you for the first time, you continue to live in its memory before you fade away like a warm breeze in a garden.

My beautiful darling, you entertain my eyes with beauty every time your feminine gracefulness kneels before the birds of heaven, allowing them to eat from your lovely, silken hands.

Darling, the bounty of my happiness is you, for flowers appear upon the pages of each love letter I pen to you.

My maiden, pages of love would mean nothing to me without the delectable image of you blossoming among their words.


24 July 2011


My love for you is like a song in the heart…it will reach your ears even if we are on opposite sides of the earth.

The delicate smile you share with me is like a sweet fire burning within the secrets of my heart, giving warmth to my lonely soul.

Without you beside me at night, I dream sorrowful dreams, but when you are with me, I can look over a distant horizon and see even more clearly your love for me.

Like fragrant incense in my heart, you fill my life with everlasting happiness and like love's inferno, you forever smolder within the depths of my soul.


21 July 2011


The naked earth clothes her perfect beauty with the wild flowers of freedom.

The vast sea hides her loneliness by weeping profusely during the stillness of a long night.

Even the blue skies reveal their moods of contentment by watching the clouds drift away casually from their presence.

My darling, you will find the kindness of the winds amid the broken branches of a barren tree gently kissing their wounds to make them fertile again.

Not every soul has a soft bed to lie in at night or a lit candle to read about the wondrous hopes of an everlasting love.

Tell me, Lady Flower, will you cherish the life of love through the humble and faithful eyes of a man with my persona?

Please know that my love is far superior to nature, for no hurricane or wind can ever snatch away these emotions of love from the paradise within me.

In fact, the blue skies and the blooming gardens of life befriend my humble soul by learning the difference between common nature and the divinity of human love.

(*photo by EPGoddess)


09 July 2011


You might not have noticed, but during a quiet moment in the garden of your dreams, I saw the stars winking at you.

Kindly untie the ribbon from around my heart and then unwrap the gift inside created for you from the beauty of love.

How profound the human heart is when sweet love enters its chamber beneath glittering jewels of faithfulness.

It is beautiful you who has conquered my senses for passion and the reason why I breathe your intoxicating fragrance among a crowd.

Lady Flower, in between the two lamps of life, even though one of them is filled with darkness, I find the light of happiness glowing through you.

The stars that winked at you have done justice to my poems by inspiring me to write loving words especially for the woman in you.

How can I not understand the beauty of love after finding its timeless meaning in your innocent-looking smile?

My darling, the stars that winked at you were made visible to me, because of their luminescence dancing in your eyes.

*Image modified from myspace.com


29 June 2011


Darling, the gentle breeze dancing with the hanging branches of a willow tree reminds me of my fingers caressing the curls of your silky tresses.

How I wish I could bathe in the joyful tears of your beauty to fulfill the pleasures of my lonely heart.

Could this be just a simple flirtation or raw emotions of passion between two souls seeking the melody of an intense romance?

To gaze upon a flower like you makes me wish I were the stem of love…for how intriguing would it be for the flower to sit upon the stem?

Make me drunk first with the nectar of your fragrance and then make me weak from the desires I only knew in fantasies.

Just like a morsel of bread gives nourishment to a hungry soul, so the gentle touch of your trembling lips satisfies my emptiness.

Lady Flower, feed the poverty of my loneliness with the sweet nectar of your fragrance and in return, I will worship you with a never-ending love.

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19 June 2011


The winds of yesterday have returned to my memory in the form of the aromatic, perfumed scent of a very beautiful woman.

How I wish I could reach into my heart and retrieve the stolen moments we once shared under an illustrious night of melodies and music.

The sovereignty of her kisses flavored my lips with the sweetest taste life has ever bestowed upon my humble being.

When tomorrow seemed like an eternity, even her warm embrace felt like the wings of an angel protecting me from the evils of the night.

The winds of yesterday have secretly come to me by exhibiting their beauty through an open window where her delicate footprints once adorned the carpeted floor.

My affections for her continue to grow in dreams, even though the wealth of my thoughts belongs to that enchanting, but memorable night.

Sadly, the winds of yesterday haunt my heart with the sweet fragrance of a Lady Flower, tormenting my lonely soul with the dance that was never concluded.

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11 June 2011


I saw tears in the heart of a flower weeping quietly for love under the rainbow of life.

This intriguing mystery was not only in her tears, but also in her demeanor, which showed her humility and contentment in accepting the atrocities of a cruel life.

What a majestic moment this was for me as I peered intently into the very essence of her dreams existing beneath the realm of nothingness.

I saw the beauty of love in the form of teardrops cascading off her petals onto dead soil thirsting for the water of freedom.

Compassionately, I became the hand caressing her silken petals, as if she were a bird being coaxed to fly again with wings once broken but now healed.

This flower's tears have indeed opened my eyes to the jewels of love, which we should not ignore, even when thwarted by the trials of life.

Her trembling petals upon my lips reminded me once again of love's supremacy...for all she ever wanted was to be loved and cherished in a world filled with much unkindness.

(*photo by EPGoddess)
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29 May 2011


Darling, please allow me to throw myself upon your mercy, before you dismiss my poems of silence, which you once adored through my teary eyes.

In this frolicsome paradise of my heart, the pursuit of happiness was first formed between us via the perfect storm we created.

If you recall…the perfect storm is two raging hearts burning with passion inside the fire of romance that leaves fragrant ashes upon their lips.

Under luminous colors, the beauty of your spirit haunts me with the countenance of a woman bringing me to my knees for the breath of her sweet kisses.

Darling, these strings of my heart continue to play your song amidst the rising sun and the eternal moonlight glowing above a lonely stream.

Sadly, the perfect storm has become unkind to my soul, ever since the temptress of life unleashed her fury upon the death of my poems, which are no longer desirable to her beautiful eyes.


22 May 2011

A poet muses...
His pen scribbles...
Two become one,
Timeless beauty is created...
Andy David 05/22/2011

I received the Wk44 Perfect Poet Award for my poem THROUGH OPEN EYES, which was shared with Thursday Poets Rally. My sincere thanks goes out to JinglePromising Poets Poetry Cafe, Thursday Poets Rally and all those kind readers who nominated me.
My nomination for Wk45 is Andy McDonald - MAKE IT A REALITY



The evening wind has kissed my heart with sultry thoughts of a beautiful woman dreaming of me in fantasies.

Her once broken dreams have been mended with kindness through the written words of a small collection of my poems.

She reads them late into the night and finds forgotten treasures of romance and love glowing from their pages.

Could she be the muse who has come into my life to remind me that my prose poems are also gifts for the weak, lonely and brokenhearted?

Inside the melancholy of my most precious poems, a feeling of contentment flows mellifluously from her tender heart to mine.

When I hear her lamenting in silent sorrow, I am overcome with intense emotion and wish I could cleanse her tears with words written only from love.

The evening wind has indeed kissed my lips with the sweet, perfume scent of this beautiful woman as we search for each other beneath life's mysterious enchantments.

*Image from wikimedia.org
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15 May 2011


The flames of passion have consumed my heart with joy, because of the temptress who embraced my poetry with tear-filled eyes.

When dusk sets in, I find myself writing words once scattered in fantasy, but now decorated upon paper…in the form of her beautiful smile.

Fickle by nature, her beauty displays human sweetness among swaying flowers that have never seen the light of femininity.

What mystery is this my heart has come to know, when poetic words are all that we share?

Life's luminous colors now appear more radiant to me, because of the jewels I have found through the sparkle in her eyes.

In celebration of our literary friendship, she gracefully inspires and motivates me to pen words of fire upon the parchments of my lonely dreams.

When dusk sets in, our hearts secretly bear the same rhythmic happiness, while searching for tender moments in which to indulge our random musings.


13 May 2011


Lady Flower, I cannot hide it any longer…after being frightened by the things I saw in your unfaithful eyes, I must become a prisoner of my own heart.

Now I know the eminence I achieved over the years came not from the reality of you, but from my romantic fantasies of love.

The emotional sustenance I longed for from you to complete my happiness and to comfort me through life's lonesomeness has instead turned out to be like the stroke of death burying me in the enslaved embrace of a broken heart.

Darling, you may not know this, but you cut me open every time with your lies, leaving me to bleed beneath the unpleasant wonderment of doubt…the kind causing a man to cry in silence among a crowd, but out loud when all alone.

Even though my reflection might seem vivacious to many, I have become blind to the beauty of life and find myself staring into an empty mirror. 

Quite frankly, my reflection in the mirror shows a forgotten man whose heart has been conquered by a woman seeking her happiness in dreams that never really included him.

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08 May 2011


My eyes have become full of pain after watching a brokenhearted woman become lost beneath the cruelty of an unfaithful love.

In conjunction with her sorrow, she searches frantically throughout the night for a place to hide her empty soul.

How can I offer her comfort and compassion without making her feel uneasy about my sincere kindness?

Her swollen eyes are red from the fire of tears…the kind that holds the human heart hostage over a furnace burning with malediction and darkness.

What a dilemma for this heart of mine - to choose to ignore her wretchedness or to dry her tears with my handkerchief of honesty.

Of course, I must opt for the latter, for the brilliance of love's beauty within the eyes of such an attractive woman cannot be hidden from a stranger like me.

Taking her trembling hand, I gently guide her into a dream draped with flowers hanging from the branches of my heart.

Deep down inside, she knew love had finally found her…through the intense and emotional tears of this mysterious stranger.

*Image modified from abstract.desktopnexus.com 
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06 May 2011


Eve, the mother of all flowers, was created with perfect love by the loving hands of the Almighty Himself.

Her purpose was to fill the earth and decorate it with flowering children born from her sweet spirit and everlasting fragrance.

Mother, you are the greatest jewel upon the crown of contentment, which I shall wear from your discipline and teachings.

From your sacred hands, I ate my first bread and from your bosom, I drank my first milk for nourishment to grow alongside you with love.

Your beautiful eyes upon my soul are always filled with mercy and maternal love and the sound of your whispering voice is the most harmonious melody my heart has ever known.

From birth, the imprint of your first kiss has remained upon my face and my first tears were like raindrops upon your shoulders, as you gently swayed to comfort me in your loving arms.

You are my wisdom in life and the emerald lamp burning with beauty in my darkest path, for the flame of your tender love, Mother, is the greatest light my eyes have ever seen.

When I took my first steps, I can remember holding the hem of your pretty dress.

Today, I am honored to walk alongside you...only this time, I will be the one holding your hand.

The cup of love you gave me to drink will forever quench my thirst, as opposed to the tasteless water offered by a stranger.

"Mother" is the most beautiful word ever uttered by the lips of humans, for it is filled with hope, love, beauty and warmth.

In tearful sadness, mother is the consolation and in dreams born from silent darkness, she is the strength of encouragement.

Mother, you are the golden cloud raining droplets of love upon my heart, for when I sit among flowers of beauty, I see only you as the most exquisite flower in my life arrayed with the everlasting fragrance of the first woman, Eve.

Mother, I will forever love you with never-ending love.

Written for my beautiful Mother whom I celebrate not just on Mother's Day, but every day. 
(*photo by EPGoddess)


01 May 2011


Behind this ordinary pen lies the empty heart of a lonely poet who scribbles well into the darkness, until a new dawn comes into view.

He writes about a woman whom he sees only in his dreams, even though her smile surpasses the reality of his greatest imagination.

Like a flower trembling under the rain, so the heart of this beautiful woman reaches for someone to shelter her from the sorrows of life.

Driven by a burning desire for love, he searches frantically for her feminine essence among simple words that have not yet been written.

As he scribbles a verse of love, he visualizes her pretty face giving him the inspiration to pen the sweetest thoughts his lonely heart can ever dream of.

Even in exile, she comes to him upon the winds and kisses his tears that wet her lips in return with the beauty of this man's deepest emotions.

The lonely poet may have finally unearthed the mystery of love behind this ordinary pen - via the reader's eyes, which become engrossed with the intense lovemaking of his [poet's] words amidst the silent darkness of the night.