31 January 2011


A woman's beauty can easily intoxicate a man's heart.

Her beauty is not just her pretty face or curvaceous image, but also her style, feminism and gracefulness.

Her color and size in any shape are most exquisite, especially when adorned with the magic of a flower's appeal sitting in her tresses.

Her true beauty, though, lies in the tender valley of her heart where she displays her timeless values and priceless qualities…the kind that captivates a humble soul with living tears.

What makes a woman beautiful is her long-suffering for divine love as she remains faithful to lonesomeness, rather than share her sweet fragrance with an ungrateful lover.

In the poverty of her thoughts, she sometimes prefers to hide her sadness from those in need of compassion, rather than unveil her own pain before them.

Through the kindness of her glittering eyes, she is a rainbow sharing the beauty of colors with those who embrace the jewels of peace and tranquility.

What makes a woman beautiful is her warm, feminine personality, which gives way to her enchanting and breathless desires.

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Tell me, beautiful woman, are you the lily-of-the valley or the water lily blooming within the teardrops of my loving eyes?

The natural beauty of your smile touches my heart with an appearance and attractiveness that embellishes my soul with trembling joy to embrace the plus-size of your curvaceous image.

Adorned with the ornamental vision of you, I have been led to this musical path echoing the sound of your melodious voice, while whispering my name with tastefulness and elegance.

Darling, your plus-size, curvaceous image is most sensuous to me, filling my eyes with the gratification a man enjoys when the beauty of a woman is the ultimate reason for his passionate desires.

Lady Flower, you are the perfume in spring intoxicating the air I breathe with life's sweetest essence born from the heart of a most exquisite angel.

As we walk hand-in-hand into the horizon of eternity, your footprints are most comely upon the sands of the seashores, while your anklets chime in rhythm with the ocean's waves.

In fact, with each footprint, you leave behind an indentation of warmth and tender passion, thrilling a man like me with your plus-size femininity.

Sweet darling, you are most praiseworthy and honorable before my eyes, for every man will observe your curvaceous beauty with voiceless words coming from his trembling heart, which will be awestruck every time…just like mine.

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Sweet mother, before I was conceived, I never knew you were the chosen angel to carry my simple life so close to your heart.

With joyful tears, let me say that while I was inside you, I learned humility, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and how to love even those who might not like me for some reason or another.

Every time you ate and drank, you fed my emptiness with the sustenance I needed to grow and form into the baby you came to love so very much.

In return, every time I moved around inside your sacred womb whispering into your heart how fortunate I was to breathe the gift of life through your blessed breath, I am sure you felt my gratitude and love.

Do you know that while you slept, there were times I stayed awake staring at your beauty and the light you placed over me for protection from the outside world?

I shall never forget the joy on that very special day when our heartbeats remained as one, even though we were separated, and you sanctified my humble life by giving me to the world.

O sweet mother, you are the reason why the world has come to know my name and why it is privileged to feel and taste my precious love.

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28 January 2011


Bewildered, he grasps for the hidden desires his heart has never tasted, for the mystery of love his soul has never known.

Where is the maiden who can break this spell of lonesomeness or is this life's kindness upon the heart of someone not deserving love's beauty?

No one can hear his lonely cries, because oppression is the prison guard keeping him bound in chains of misery, agony and the bitterness of sadness.

Among the knolls of his mind is where he roams, searching for the grapevine of hope to flavor his lips with the sweet taste of love's romance, but to no avail is his find, for the spring of his hope is really like a flowerbed in winter.

Throughout his journey, he is strong with understanding - his strength comes from the snowflake of life's beauty upon the garment of love he knows he will never wear.

Silent sorrow he adores with acceptance, for it is only within his imagination that he beholds the beauty of a woman.

Like sand through an hourglass, the lonely man pours out his sentiments hoping with time that every deaf ear will hear his cries as he speaks the mute words of love through the voice of his tear-filled heart.



In the anthology of my tender writings, the reader will get a glimpse into my humble heart and will envision the spirit of a man full of meekness, tears and love for the fate of a dying flower.

To some, my songs of poetry will remain bewildering to the mind, but to others, while searching for a flicker of happiness, they will be the hidden joy the heart never knew existed in the darkness of life.

What I write is not born from greed, wealth or fame, but rather from the jewels of love…the kind representing the sparkle of an infant's innocent smile that goes unnoticed in a world filled with evil and tasteless tears.

The breath of life bears the fire of love for everyone to speak, but sadly, a man's own doing extinguishes these flames of beauty, turning them instead into words of hate and death toward his brother born from the same woman.

My songs of poetry are the voiceless words of my heart speaking with the freedom of love to yours, for my hermitage holds the melodic silence that turns simple words into devoted flowers bowing down in worship before the presence of a beautiful woman.

My songs of poetry also hold the weeping sounds of a man who loves the enemy as his own, for with each falling tear, humility and kindness are whispered along with an eloquent understanding of love and forgiveness.

Yes, my songs of poetry are heartfelt words containing the fragrance of merciful flowers dancing upon paper before the reader's eyes, while giving birth to sweet love and tender sorrow...from the grace and flow of an ordinary pen.



My darling, illuminate my heart with life's eternal wisdom, so I may learn the sweet manifestations of love's desires.

Like a spectacle filling my eyes with human beauty, your kindness even moves me to cry invisible tears of love.

Over the years, I have ploughed the garden of lonesomeness and found nothing but withered flowers and broken thorns.

Today, your alluring image displays an illustrious glow causing my senses to feel the fire and warmth of imaginative passion.

Will you kindly fill me with the gratification a man desires from behind the veil of a woman's seductive smile?

Lady Flower, allow me to anoint you with poetic words of love that have been hidden away in my heart for so very long.

Simmering inside with trembling emotions has brought me to the conclusion that to learn life's eternal wisdom, one must enter your heart with tears of love.

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