20 February 2011


My darling, ever since that day I first saw your pretty face, I have yearned for you in secret silence throughout my nights.

Tell me…how can a painting manifest its beauty with you inside it, while holding living flowers swaying with joy beneath your sensuous smile?

Did you know the emblem of love can never be seen, but is truly felt because of its divine relationship with the heart?

I am the comforting hand caressing the sorrow of spring after its tears fail to rejuvenate the barren soil gently holding flowers of beauty in your lovely image.

In your eyes, I am privileged to see the flames of romance surrendering their warmth upon the heart of a humble man like me.

Lady Flower, you are like the temperature of summer - harvesting the crops of happiness in my heart, which will eventually give birth to sweet love.

You are also like the beauty of autumn - shedding her sacredness upon my soul with the fruits of passion as I love you with faithful emotions into the great winters of life.

*Modified image by Alfons Mucha, wikimedia.org



  1. You are also the beauty of autumn…shedding her sacredness upon my soul with the fruits of passion, as I love you with faithful emotions, under life's greatest winters.

    Beautiful Autumn,my favorite season of the year.
    Lovely,almost spiritual.Thank you

  2. Andy,
    WOW...It is with special thoughts you are able to express the feelings of love and incorporate them into the four seasons. The pharse that touches my heart is..."I am the comforting hand that caresses the sorrow of spring, after its tears fail to give life to barren soil from producing flowers of beauty in yours lovely image." Your words are always touching to the reader and make them feel special.

  3. To Anonymous: I too love autumn...the crisp air and the shades of brown, gold, orange & reds. It's my favorite time of year.

    To Ruthi: Sorry I did not reply to your comment sooner.

    Since I posted this poem, I've changed it slightly, but the theme is still there.

    Thank you for the warm sentiments. You are always special to me (smile).

  4. Phew, I do like the bit about the emblem of love!!

  5. A warm hello to new visitor Andy Sewina.
    Thanks for commenting.

  6. What a romantic warm beautiful words embedded in the seasons

  7. Hello Marja. WoW! You've come a long way to see me (smile).

    Thank you for the lovely comment. I hope you had a pleasant journey.

    Your blog is filled with some stunning photos. I really enjoyed my time there. Thank you for sharing a little piece of your neck of the woods.

    To learn more of Marja, please visit her here: http://dutchcorner.blogspot.com

  8. Hi Andy

    You are a man who is obviously capable of deep love and expression. Bravo!

    Anna :o]

  9. Welcome Anna :o].
    What a nice thing to say! Thank you. I appreciate it.

    Thanks for coming by.