29 March 2011


Lovely woman, if you were mine, I would pour these jewels from my heart into your lap so my passion and love could glitter right before your pretty eyes.

You would feel the sweetness of my affection penetrating the very core of your soul with an overflow of faithful emotions while uniting two hearts as one under life's most powerful experience.

Darling, if I were an artist, the portrait of beautiful you would hang from the clouds, painted with my tears and dripping ink falling from the kingdom of the heavens for every eye to behold.

If you were mine, I would write for you letters of love expressing everything I am unable to say, as I gaze into your eyes to study the translation of kindness and passion buried deep inside your heart.

Beautiful woman, if only you were mine, then winter would feel like spring and the freedom of every blooming flower would bow before your presence bearing my fingerprints upon their stems while dancing  with the wind…like ballerinas in love.


21 March 2011


In the unkindness of an evening filled with thunderstorms, a feeling of aversion came over my weeping spirit.

In that hour, thirst and hunger were much sweeter than the bitter taste of betrayal sitting upon my lips…from the flavorless kiss of the woman whom I thought loved me.

The beautiful star that once brought her to me now hides itself behind clouds of darkness filled with never-ending rain.

My loving heart has been ridiculed by smiles of deceit, along with the scent of a stranger upon my lover's person.

Sadly, I shall accept my sorrow and cry to my heart's fulfillment, but joyfully, I will celebrate the victory of knowledge that enlightened my heart and caused me to turn away from the woman clothed with lies.

*Modified image from www.redbubble.com


17 March 2011


Sweetheart, did you know that rain and snow are the wealth and lust to lonely soil craving a kindly touch from the love of nature?

In fact, every form of life needs affection…including those of us unable to express intimate desires to the ones our hearts thirst for.

Impassioned by thoughts of you, my wishes have turned into poetic words describing the song I could never sing, but the poem I can only write.

A thousand shades of beauty are still not enough to distract me from envisioning the hope of romance glowing in your beautiful eyes.

You might not have been my companion from youth, but today, you have become the protégé of my dreams empowering me to create paper flowers.

Yes, my darling, without a garden to call my own, I have taken my favorite poems and made flowers out of paper for you.

Indeed, paper flowers have become pearls in my hands today, ever since their workmanship came from the inspiration of your delectable smile.

*Modified image by Konstantin Korovin, wikipaintings.org
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14 March 2011


In secrecy, she runs away to enjoy the kisses igniting her fire for sweet lovemaking upon flowers of unfaithfulness.

She engages in this furtive behavior to get even with her unfaithful master, thereby reasoning with his ignorance and unkindness.

The harvest of pain can last many days, sometimes even years, but the gift of faithfulness cannot be measured with time.

Her lover adores her aroma, but wants nothing more than her beautiful flesh in his naked arms.

With tasteless tears, this bride struggles with her infidelity, knowing the kisses of a stranger should never be welcomed upon her delectable flesh.

Under the glaring sun, each rose closes its petals before her lovely eyes, believing she is not entitled to enjoy their beauty blooming with the colors of a rainbow.

Sad to say, the lover's ego is fulfilled every time he pours his spirit into her, but the bride's value decreases and fades...just like an unpleasant scent in a cave of lifeless flowers.

The lover is now like her master - enjoying what is not deserving to the heart - and the bride like a lost, hungry soul eating bread defiled by the hands of play.

*Image modified from deviantart.com (i-am-JENius)
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11 March 2011


Even though every rose was designed with timeless beauty, how much more beautiful is the woman who wears one of them in her tresses?

Her presence illuminates the heart of a stranger, for under the vigil desires of a man's passionate secrets, he envisions her pretty face in his dreams.

So potent is her sweet fragrance that under the dynamic breeze, he becomes manacled by the scent of the woman who has captivated his freedom.

In his heart, he carries a make-believe tiara to crown her as a princess among the fairytale thoughts he wants to reveal.

In fantasy, his enlivened spirit even soars with vigor and zeal to a place where she shares the secrets of her heart with him.

She sways mellifluously on his mind like a rose upon a stem after its celestial beauty has attracted the eyes of a poet seeking inspiration.

Just like a rose is well-designed under nature's beauty, so the face of this beautiful woman glows among the emotional words of a poet.

(*photo by EPGoddess)
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