11 March 2011


Even though every rose was designed with timeless beauty, how much more beautiful is the woman who wears one of them in her tresses?

Her presence illuminates the heart of a stranger, for under the vigil desires of a man's passionate secrets, he envisions her pretty face in his dreams.

So potent is her sweet fragrance that under the dynamic breeze, he becomes manacled by the scent of the woman who has captivated his freedom.

In his heart, he carries a make-believe tiara to crown her as a princess among the fairytale thoughts he wants to reveal.

In fantasy, his enlivened spirit even soars with vigor and zeal to a place where she shares the secrets of her heart with him.

She sways mellifluously on his mind like a rose upon a stem after its celestial beauty has attracted the eyes of a poet seeking inspiration.

Just like a rose is well-designed under nature's beauty, so the face of this beautiful woman glows among the emotional words of a poet.

(*photo by EPGoddess)
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  1. "She sways mellifluously on his mind, like a rose upon a stem, after its celestial beauty has attracted the eyes of a poet seeking inspiration."

    Mellifluous is such a beautiful word.How fitting for a verse that flows like honey and is so sweet.
    I appreciate the beauty of your words more and more with each poem you write Andy.Thank you...

  2. Andy, this poem is captivating as well as powerful. "In fact, her presence illumiates the heart of a starnger, for under the vigil desires of a man's passionate secrets, he envisions her pretty face in his dreams." Such beautiful words making the woman feel special. With each poem I read, I become thirsty for more.

  3. Hello Andy,
    Yor words have managed to capture the beauty of both the woman and the rose flower.
    A wonderful blend, of both beauties, within the eye of the beholder!
    Best wishes, Eileen

  4. For Eileen,
    Thank you for writing (and from so far away). I am in love with love, life and romance. What I write comes from the heart.
    This is a new experience for me...to be so open with my poetry and to share it with more than just my family and close friends.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to visit and write a comment.

  5. Welcome Kim Nelson,
    Thank you for taking the time to write.

  6. Andy,
    I have made a comment at this beautiful poem before.
    However, Andy I would like to thank you for visiting my poetry blog recently and leaving some very kind comments.
    I have had computer problems, which have made it difficult to spend as much time as I would have liked, visiting other blogs to read and comment.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  7. Dear Eileen,
    no worries...you can stop by anytime...you're always welcome. Thanks for the explanation.

  8. to me it had a senous undertone that entralled. i enjoyed this much.

  9. Welcome back lunawitch15,
    Glad you liked this one. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. For my girls, Ariana & Ruthi: Please forgive me for the lateness in replying.

    With his imagination and skill, a poet can take one word and make something beautiful out of it. "Mellifluous" is one such word.

    Thank you ladies for your support. I hope you never tire of my poetry (smile).

    See you both soon!