14 March 2011


In secrecy, she runs away to enjoy the kisses igniting her fire for sweet lovemaking upon flowers of unfaithfulness.

She engages in this furtive behavior to get even with her unfaithful master, thereby reasoning with his ignorance and unkindness.

The harvest of pain can last many days, sometimes even years, but the gift of faithfulness cannot be measured with time.

Her lover adores her aroma, but wants nothing more than her beautiful flesh in his naked arms.

With tasteless tears, this bride struggles with her infidelity, knowing the kisses of a stranger should never be welcomed upon her delectable flesh.

Under the glaring sun, each rose closes its petals before her lovely eyes, believing she is not entitled to enjoy their beauty blooming with the colors of a rainbow.

Sad to say, the lover's ego is fulfilled every time he pours his spirit into her, but the bride's value decreases and fades...just like an unpleasant scent in a cave of lifeless flowers.

The lover is now like her master - enjoying what is not deserving to the heart - and the bride like a lost, hungry soul eating bread defiled by the hands of play.

*Image modified from deviantart.com (i-am-JENius)
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  1. Although I find this a bit different than that of most of your poems, I find it very intrigging. "In secrecy, she runs away to enjoy the kisses that ignite her fire for sweet lovemaking, upon flowers of unfaithfulness." Although I do not condone what she is doing, I can understand the reasons why she is doing this. I do not believe the bride's motives is to get even with her master, but more to fulfill the lonesomeness she is experiencing in her life. A woman needs love and tender kisses and when she is unable to get them at home begins to look elsewhere. Very emotionally touching.

  2. Whoa! Not too sure how to respond to this one. Although this is a sensual & emotionally touching poem, it's also somewhat taboo.
    Like the previous reviewer said, we don't condone this behavior, but we know it exists in society, in secret.
    Bravo to you for being brave enough to write about it!

  3. We always long for the forbidden things, and desire what is denied us,and yet the love that lasts the longest is the love that can never be.
    Often it is the Forbidden fruit that tastes the sweetest.Though it is morally wrong passion defies reasoning.
    Look at you creating a sensual controversy with this piece.

  4. powerful and wonderful thoughts,
    well done.

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    Your visits are appreciated.