24 April 2011


I learn humility from the beauty of a flower sitting all alone among crawling insects and unpleasant winds.

She sits hoping the kindness of the rain will remember her humble image by blessing her with the water of life or with just two teardrops from the clouds.

Even though a stranger ignores her, she still decorates his presence every time he stands alongside her shadow.

Every emotion in her heart comes from the gratitude for life in a world where misery and pain are the cries in the hearts of those wanting more, but who do not possess the humility to enjoy anything less.

She sometimes withers in weakness under the scorching sun, but her spirit remains strong…even before the out-stretched arms of death's welcome.

Her tears are unseen and she is monochromatic among her kind, but the very essence of her fragrance remains beautiful among the perfumes of life.

She rips my heart with sadness, yet at the same time, she gives beauty to me with happy tears, for her humility reminds me that life is only beautiful when the heart is contented...even without a place to call home.


18 April 2011


Darling, even though you are unknown to me, we are not strangers, for I have seen your beautiful face before…upon the pages of my poems.

My poetic verses remind me of our silent meeting in a garden of sleepy violets that stayed awake just to listen to our whispers of love.

It is your timeless beauty that transports me into dreams and fantasies bearing the mellifluous sweetness between a poet and his Lady Flower.

I am so enthralled by you that when you cry, I hear each teardrop sound falling gently upon my thoughts while I reach for your tender hand, which remains invisible to the touch.

We are not strangers, my darling, for the breath of the wind brings your sweet essence to me in the form of a white dove soaring over my unwritten poems.

Like an enchantress flower, you inspire me to pen poetic words of beauty for your precious eyes to read.

If ever your heart should embrace my thoughts with joy and wholesome desires - the kind that causes a woman to crave the deep kisses of a man - then, beautiful Lady, we are most definitely not strangers.

*Modified artwork by Konstantin Somov, wikipaintings.org


10 April 2011


A soft, midnight breeze has brought with it the sweet, intoxicating scent of a woman I only see in passing.

To be submerged in fantasies of imaginative lovemaking with her leaves me weak, but completely satisfied.

She is the proverbial beauty of romance sitting upon the mind of a man observing her gracefully walking among invisible roses.

The flames of passion will forever burn inside the human heart when the attraction of the opposite sex bears an irresistible appeal.

Walking innocently upon my joyful tears, this beautiful woman even decorates my eyes with her feminine sweetness.

It is no secret there is a certain divine aura about her, causing her glamorous image to glow with timeless radiance.

I find myself walking with her in the symbol of my dreams until a new day escorts me back into this empty reality.

In fact, just to walk with her, if only for one moment, will complete this part of my life, which I never imagined could be so beautiful.

*Image modified from free-hdwallpapers.com
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