08 May 2011


My eyes have become full of pain after watching a brokenhearted woman become lost beneath the cruelty of an unfaithful love.

In conjunction with her sorrow, she searches frantically throughout the night for a place to hide her empty soul.

How can I offer her comfort and compassion without making her feel uneasy about my sincere kindness?

Her swollen eyes are red from the fire of tears…the kind that holds the human heart hostage over a furnace burning with malediction and darkness.

What a dilemma for this heart of mine - to choose to ignore her wretchedness or to dry her tears with my handkerchief of honesty.

Of course, I must opt for the latter, for the brilliance of love's beauty within the eyes of such an attractive woman cannot be hidden from a stranger like me.

Taking her trembling hand, I gently guide her into a dream draped with flowers hanging from the branches of my heart.

Deep down inside, she knew love had finally found her…through the intense and emotional tears of this mysterious stranger.

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  1. I don't think sincere comfort and compassion would make a person feel uneasy. I think most would treasure the care and an understanding heart. Well composed, Andy.

  2. Your romantic heart shines throughout this poem.

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  4. My friend,
    I find much comfort in this poem realizing that there are those who will not let the brokenhearted woman continue in her path of lonesomeness. The part where you say, "taking her trembling hand, she follows me into a dream draped with flowers a=hanging from the branches of my heart...so warming, yet humble.

  5. ╔════════════════╗
    ❤ Love Has Finally Found Her ❤

    ஜ .....She searches frantically throughout the night for a place to hide her empty soul. ஜ

    I know what an empty soul feels like...
    I've also had that one special friend who was able to hold my trembling hand...and dry my tears with his words of encouragement.

    This was very touching and comforting . It's a poem of hope for a lonely and lost soul...

    I am enchanted with the thought of "going in to a dream"....in my mind thats a thought filled with endless discoveries.

    And you wonder why I say you are my favorite poet Andy?
    ....This is why..because what you write is not only beautiful...it's truth, and reality sprinkled with just enough fairy ,¤°´`°¤,¸.•*´ dust to make us believe in magic and happily ever after endings.ღ


  6. My girls, Ruthi & Ariana, you know I'm always dreaming (smile).

    To Ruthi: I write what comes from the heart. I have somewhat of a vivid imagination. I love to pen words that make the one reading drift off into that moment. Thank you for always being supportive. It means a lot to me.

    To Ariana: As you know, I enjoy writing about love and romance.

    If my humble, thoughtful words can bring a fraction of hope and happy ever after endings to someone, then I will have accomplished what I set out to do...to allow the reader to step into his/her own dreams and fantasies.

    Thank you dear friend for always supporting my work. I am touched and humbled by your praise.

  7. Happy ending made me smile. Well composed. Thank you Andy.

  8. So poignantly written touches a chord somewhere. Loved these lines 'dry her tears with my handkerchief of honesty'Radhika

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  10. Her distress and the comfort that Love offered to her, is very well portrayed.
    Love always soothing,shall heal her wounds.
    Well done Andy.

  11. Andy,
    You have aheart beating with real compassion, for the plight of the lady and an evn bigger heart for the love you wish to share.

    Thank you so much, my friend, for your very kind thoughts and sentiments left at my poems. I appreciate your words very much Andy.
    All Good Wishes, Eileen

  12. I would say she is lucky. Not every soul finds a soothing hand for the wounds carved by cruelty of worlds. She is fortunate to have found you and i wish this time her heart won't get broken again..
    Lovely composition.

  13. Hello everyone.

    To Preml: Welcome Prem. I don't know how I would exist in this life without love.
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    Your words are always so encouraging and truly spoken from the heart.

    It means a lot to me that you keep coming back. Thank you for taking the time to write.

    To Deepika: How right you are! Sometimes words can be cruel, especially when spoken from the mouth of one claiming to love you.

    Thank you for the lovely sentiments. I really appreciate them.

  14. Very romantic and well written. Makes one believe you are part of the scene!

  15. unfaithful love hurts,
    true love heals,
    Glad to see genuine passion find her.

    well conveyed emotions,
    you rock.


  16. Andy, I read the poem and decided to stand aside for while and thought of that woman who read and will read this poem and find a lot of comfort. She will read it, hanging on every word and re-read it again. She will look around and realize there is somebody who cares. Somebody writing for her. And from that vantage position, I saw the woman's eyes cloud. She shed a tear. Because of the power of your words, Andy. You are a gift to this woman. And me too.

  17. Very well presented. Great character development. Enjoyed the story and sentiment.

  18. Beautiful short story. The ending is so full of love and hope. Loved it!

  19. Welcome hemarao: Thank you for the observation. Smiling...sometimes you might see me in my poems, other times not...I'll let you decide!
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    To Promising Poets Parking Lot: How right you are! True love does indeed heal and makes one come alive again.
    Thank you.

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  20. For Salem: My brother, thank you for the warm sentiments. I truly felt they were coming from a genuine place in your heart.

    You know...there are a couple of my regular girls (that's what I like to call them) who have expressed similar emotions as you.

    I enjoy writing poetry. It's in me. I do not conform to any textbook style. I have to write my thoughts freely. Someone once wrote in a comment on another poem that she gets lost in my poetry. For me, such emotions keep me inspired to write and write.

    I am humbled by your compliments. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to write. It means a lot to me.

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  22. First of all i would like to thank you for visiting my blog,because of your visit,i was able to read such lovely words of yours.:)
    This post brims with love and compassion. This write up made me smile and also told me one thing about you-that you have a heart of gold!
    keep writing!

  23. Let it not be said the romantics of the world are dead - a touching short-short, setting us through an emotional coaster. From the pit of sadness, welling in this visage of a broken woman, to an ending of love and hope...love is a healing power like no other, and with luck, it shall sooth all the pain the past has wrought. Compassionate words, well-delivered.

  24. For tarunima: Thank you for your kind words. Smiling...my mother always calls me her "Golden Son"...perhaps that has something to do with my heart!

    I too enjoyed my time at your blog. I hope you are not too sick after eating all that cake! I'll be visitng again soon.
    Thanks for coming.

    For Chris G: Thank you for a very heartfelt comment. For me, romance and love will never die.

    Best wishes and thanks for stopping by.

  25. Such beautiful visual words and so sincere.

  26. Hello again teric, thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate you coming by again.

  27. Another great poem. I love the way your poems are structured.

  28. Hello Jack. Nice to see you again.

    I don't follow any textbook style or structure. I'm a bit like a madman when it comes to writing...once I get a thought or idea, I have to write freely...without any boundaries.

    I appreciate you coming by.

  29. How romantic, Andy. Not many people can pull that off successfully, but you did. Lovely.


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  31. Andy, you are unabashedly romantic in this post, and I love it. There's something of the dreamer in you, very appealing. Amy

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  33. hey nice..loved the way you expressed

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  35. Ah, so romantic! Her eyes will not be red for long!

  36. Hello to Lolamouse.
    Smiling...the next time she cries, it will be from tears of joy and love.
    Thank you for visiting.

  37. Romance is still alive! What a great write.

  38. Welcome back Myrna R.
    Smiling...you'll always find romance here.
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    P.S. I hope Hortense is proving you right(laugh)!

  39. I quite like the style of your poetry.

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  42. This is beautiful. Bless your good heart :)

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  44. This was so poignant. Loved it. :)

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  46. Beautiful work. Powerful and inspiring ending...
    Loved this...

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