06 May 2011


Eve, the mother of all flowers, was created with perfect love by the loving hands of the Almighty Himself.

Her purpose was to fill the earth and decorate it with flowering children born from her sweet spirit and everlasting fragrance.

Mother, you are the greatest jewel upon the crown of contentment, which I shall wear from your discipline and teachings.

From your sacred hands, I ate my first bread and from your bosom, I drank my first milk for nourishment to grow alongside you with love.

Your beautiful eyes upon my soul are always filled with mercy and maternal love and the sound of your whispering voice is the most harmonious melody my heart has ever known.

From birth, the imprint of your first kiss has remained upon my face and my first tears were like raindrops upon your shoulders, as you gently swayed to comfort me in your loving arms.

You are my wisdom in life and the emerald lamp burning with beauty in my darkest path, for the flame of your tender love, Mother, is the greatest light my eyes have ever seen.

When I took my first steps, I can remember holding the hem of your pretty dress.

Today, I am honored to walk alongside you...only this time, I will be the one holding your hand.

The cup of love you gave me to drink will forever quench my thirst, as opposed to the tasteless water offered by a stranger.

"Mother" is the most beautiful word ever uttered by the lips of humans, for it is filled with hope, love, beauty and warmth.

In tearful sadness, mother is the consolation and in dreams born from silent darkness, she is the strength of encouragement.

Mother, you are the golden cloud raining droplets of love upon my heart, for when I sit among flowers of beauty, I see only you as the most exquisite flower in my life arrayed with the everlasting fragrance of the first woman, Eve.

Mother, I will forever love you with never-ending love.

Written for my beautiful Mother whom I celebrate not just on Mother's Day, but every day. 
(*photo by EPGoddess)



  1. mother is most precious treasure.. But at some point of time we lose it to the almighty.. Lets try to make it more happpier for her everyday she has left in her life.

  2. (¯`v´¯)
    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*My Dearest...Dearest Pღ et friend

    εїз ....Your mother is a beautifully blessed woman to have given birth to a son who could feel this way about his mother...you are indeed a very blessed son to have a mother with so many wonderful qualities and attributes. There is no doubt having you for a son...brought to life those lovely sentiments you wrote and now share. As mothers we too are truly very blessed to even bear the name "Mom".

    Thank you for sharing your Love of her today. I hope you don't mind , I reposted your poem to my Facebook...there are 488 friends & Mothers reading your lovely tribute to your Mother today...
    My Beautiful ღ Mother will be one of them. This could have been written about her as well.
    ღ Ariana

  3. Hello again Deepika: A mother is indeed precious and we should enrich her with happiness everyday.
    Thank you for commenting. I really appreciate your feedback.

    My dear Ariana: My mother is a big part of my life. She is the reason why I am who I am. I learned to humility, kindness, respect and how to love from her. There will never be enough words to thank her for giving me a start in life and for just being "Mom".

    Smiling...I am most touched that you've posted this poem to Facebook. Thanks for that and for always supporting my work. Your encouragement is most heartfelt.

  4. Your mother will be proud that you have honored her. Very nice write!

  5. Mothers are special to every kid...and every human being cherishes their child, even though a daughter has to at times hurt her own mother whom she loves the most in this world for the sake of her own child...what a vicious cycle this is...wherein a mother's love is always first for the child!

    Lovely verses...touched my soul!

    Take Care.

  6. Hello to dan roberson: Thank you for the kind words. My mother is a very important part of my life. I love her dearly and I know she loves me the same.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Hello again to Fatima: Thank you for commenting. In life, it is not always possible to please everyone. We have to find a way to balance.
    Your sentiments are very touching.
    Thank you for taking the time to write.

  7. Andy, this is a beautiful tribute to your mother. She is also lucky to have you, such a loving son!

    I love 'golden cloud raining droplets of love.'

  8. Hello again Mary.
    I consider myself the fortunate one to have come from such a beautiful woman. I lost my dad when I was in my early teens, so my mom has been both mother and father to me.

    I truly appreciate the warm sentiments.

    Thank you for taking the time to write and welcome to the "garden of flowers" (smile).

  9. Beautiful imagery, Andy. A lovely tribute to your mother.


  10. For flaubert: Hello and welcome Pamela.
    Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate you coming by.

  11. dude...this is beautiful...holding the hem of her skirt was a nice memory...and the cup of love quenching the thirst is a great line...

  12. Laughing...Hey Brian, I always get a smile on my face when I see a comment from you!

    Thanks for the warm sentiments. I appreciate you stopping by.

  13. very touching poem... beautifully put

  14. Hello Anthony. Thanks for the lovely sentiments. I appreciate you coming by and joining the fold.

    Thanks also for hosting One Stop today: http://onestoppoetry.com

  15. so full of love...I love the line like raindrops upon your shoulder. Your mother sounds wonderful. You are blessed.

  16. Just a lovely piece... sweet.

  17. Hello to the following visitors,

    @ Sheila Moore: Welcome again, Sheila. Thank you for the lovely sentiments. I love mom dearly.

    @ Reflections: Thanks for coming today. I appreciate your feedback.

    @ Penny: Welcome Penny. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate it.

  18. how it changes...first they hold our hand...then we hold-theirs...

  19. Our mother's love is a constant in our life. I cherish the time with my mom even though she exasperates me at times...

    let it be forever

  20. So many beautiful thoughts shared in this post, but these are my favourite:

    In tearful sadness, mother is the consolation, and in dreams born from silent darkness, she is the strength of encouragement.

  21. Andy, such sweeter words could not have been spoken in tribute to your mother. You are right with saything that this should be celebrated every day, not just on Mother's Day. I can tell she was the major force in your life and you cherrish her for all she has done for you and made you the man that you are today. As a mohter myself, no gift or card could compare to hear these words from their child, and know that they truely mean it. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

  22. My sincere thanks to all the lovely ladies who've responded to this poem.

    To Claudia: Hello and welcome.
    So true...in the beginning moms have the responsibility, then later in life, we have to be the ones to safely guide their footsteps.
    Thank you for coming by.

    To gautami tripathy: Hello again, Gautami. Smiling...I agree with you, but we always have to remember the sacrifices mom made for us and forgive them.
    Nice to see you again.

    To ayala: Welcome back Ayala. Thank you for commenting & for coming by.

    To Kerry O'Connor: Hello Kerry.
    Thank you for coming. I appreciate your feedback.

    To Ruthi: Dearest Ruthi, Yes...mom has been many things in my life and you're right, sometimes all they need to hear is how much we love them. Thanks for the lovely sentiments. I truly appreciate them.

  23. Welcome LeahJ.Lynn. Thank you.
    I was over at your blog and really liked your Mother's Day post too.
    Thanks for sharing and for coming by.

  24. Beautiful lines. Very rich imagery. Loved it.

  25. A warm hello to Mystic Margarita.
    Thank you for the comment. I appreciate you coming by.

  26. Hello Andy,
    I am your newest follower and after reading this beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your Mother, I will definitly be reading more and more!

    This poem had me crying all the way through it, every line bringing back beautiful memories of my own Mother, memories of my own children, your words and beautiful sentiments have reached beyond this post and embraced me with their love!

  27. Wanda, Wanda...Why are you crying my dear? Please dry those lovely eyes (I seem to be having that effect on you lately...smile)!

    Wanda, thank you so much for the heartfelt comment and compliment. I am touched that my simple words move you to tears.

    Thank you for coming and welcome you to my flower garden, where it's always bright & sunny...it's a place to relax, get comfy & enjoy life. I've instructd my flowers to give you an extra special hug today (smile).

  28. Well Andy this is the third time I am trying to leave you a comment and I hope it works. I am not ashamed to say your poem for your mother brought me to tears. It was so moving and beautifully put and as a mother I can imagine how your own reacted to those words. God has surely blessed you with this gift and I so glad to be able to partake of it. I am looking forward to reading more as my busy time at work is winding down. Take care dear friend, "Princess" Anne

  29. My Princess Anne, I'm so sorry you've been having trouble commenting.
    Smiling..I'm happy your persistence paid off and you're here now.

    How wonderful to see you again! You know...I wrote this poem for my mother ages ago and actually sent it to her in a frame, because she lives overseas. Even I had tears in my eyes when she spoke with me after she received it.

    I am truly touched by your reaction to this poem and am honored to share not only my words, but a bit of my mom with you. I am extremely fortunate to have been born from & raised by a truly remarkable woman.

    Thank you, my dear, for coming by and for writing.
    You'll always be my favorite Princess.

  30. Wonderful, sweet write; good stuff.

  31. Welcome Steve Isaak.
    Thank you for coming by. I appreciate your comments.

  32. This is lovely. A mother is very precious indeed. I can't describe the beauty of your words. The less said the better.

  33. Welcome back madhumakhi. My mother has always been a very important part of my life.
    Thank you for the warm sentiments. It was good to see you again.

  34. Hello Andy, oh, I am speechless with this you know, you got to be powerful with your words~! It's heart touching! When I read it, emotions flow within me! If I would claim I am a good writer, I would claim you not just better, but one of the best that I have known in the blogosphere in our niche!

    I know that your Mom is so happy with you, I know for sure that you are the best son she could brag all the time with her friends!

    I am so happy as well to know that she is strong with her age, she doesn't look that old you know in the picture! I am sure you give her pure happiness that's why she stay young!

    Happy birthday to your Mom my friend!

  35. To Prime Aque: Hello. Thank you so much for reading my mother's poem. I am humbled & touched by your compliments. I love my mother very much. She & I were both in tears when she read it.

    Mom is indeed beautiful. The accompanying photo was taken a couple of years ago. Not only is she loved and humble, but she too has a heart full of love & I believe that's what keeps her young-looking (smile).

    Thank you again for taking the time to stop by & for the lovely comments. I sincerely appreciate them.

  36. a sweet testament to your mother's love. she must be very happy and proud. thank you for sharing! XOXO

    1. My dear friend Linda,
      Many thanks for your sweet words. They were greatly appreciated.

  37. Wonderful tribute to a Mother...of course, without her, we are nothing...thanks and love to all the mothers of the world.

    1. My beautiful Janaki,
      Thank you for the heartfelt sentiments. Mother's day for me is everyday. I am sure your children will feel the same way about you (smile). Thank you my beautiful Lady Flower.

  38. Andy, I write this comment with moist eyes and a smile on my face. Mothers are the most precious jewels in our lives and we can't treasure them enough. Your post is a lovely tribute to your Mother, god bless.

    1. My dear Sulekkha,
      I am moved and touched by your sincere emotions. Thank you for these magical words of love and beauty about mothers everywhere (smile).

  39. Dear Mani,
    Thank you for your kindness. I am most grateful.

  40. A grand salute to the most important woman in life! Very very well put Andy... That first piece of bread and that first taste of milk is what we have become today.

    1. My dear Kriti,
      What beautiful words of truth from you my dear. I love how you spoke of the bread and milk. Thank you so much for being so kind to my work.