13 May 2011


Lady Flower, I cannot hide it any longer…after being frightened by the things I saw in your unfaithful eyes, I must become a prisoner of my own heart.

Now I know the eminence I achieved over the years came not from the reality of you, but from my romantic fantasies of love.

The emotional sustenance I longed for from you to complete my happiness and to comfort me through life's lonesomeness has instead turned out to be like the stroke of death burying me in the enslaved embrace of a broken heart.

Darling, you may not know this, but you cut me open every time with your lies, leaving me to bleed beneath the unpleasant wonderment of doubt…the kind causing a man to cry in silence among a crowd, but out loud when all alone.

Even though my reflection might seem vivacious to many, I have become blind to the beauty of life and find myself staring into an empty mirror. 

Quite frankly, my reflection in the mirror shows a forgotten man whose heart has been conquered by a woman seeking her happiness in dreams that never really included him.

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  1. This is powerful and insightful and, in the end, so sad!


  2. Very poignant. Beautifully expressed.

  3. Hello Kim, Thanks for commenting. I truly appreciate it. If I've not already done so, I'll be over at your blog too.

    Hello Sherry, Nice to see you as well.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    I haven't forgotten you either and will be over soon (smile).

  4. A very powerful and raw piece of writing, Andy. One many of us can identify with, the sadness of a heart broken by one we thought was someones else.

  5. Hello Paul. Thanks for commenting
    Glad you stopped by.

  6. I can identify too ... a very beautiful piece of writing ...

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    " Darling, you may not know this, but you cut me open every time with your lies, leaving me to bleed beneath the unpleasant wonderment of doubt…the kind that causes a man to cry in silence among a crowd, but out loud when all alone. "

    So much emotion in this poem Andy ,I feel it.
    It's heartbreaking when you discover the person you love has betrayed you and been deceitful.

    You've captured perfectly an intense feeling...a sad moment that I too have felt.
    In my sadness and deepest sorrow I have suffered in silence to spare those around me whom I love....choosing instead to bear my own pain...
    And yet I have often wept bitter tears in my solitude.

    Very thought provoking....I thank you for making me "feel" your words.

  8. It feels bad when you realise that you are just an instrument for another person's desires. You feel betrayed.
    You've expressed this beautifully in your poetic piece of prose.

  9. Welcome back all visitors.

    To Celestial Dreamz: Thanks so much for commenting. Nice to see you again.

    To Ariana: The worst kind of pain is suffering in silence for the one you love. Deceit is indeed a bitter pill to swallow and can gradually eat you up inside.

    Thanks for expressing so much of yourself here.
    As always, I appreciate you coming by.

    To madhumakhi: The human heart can be so fickle sometimes.
    Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

  10. Such powerful imagery; Well Done!
    I am sorry for your pain~

  11. Thank you for the lovely sentiments, Ella.

    I'm glad to see you here again.

  12. awesome reflection.
    keep it up.

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

  13. Proof that the heart can pen when it cannot voice. Powerful and emotional. Thank you for this piece of literary art.

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    I'll be over to check out your new blog soon.

    Hello Andy Mcdonald: What a nice thing to say! I really appreciate it. Thanks for coming by.

  15. some dreams are better than the reality indeed. :(
    enjoy the potluck!

  16. though provoking expression.
    well done.

    the way you convey your thoughts is

  17. Hello lynnaima: There are times when dreams & reality go hand-in-hand.
    Thank you for stopping by & for the link. I'll be over soon.

    To Jingle: Hello Ji. Thank you for the lovely sentiments. I appreciate you stopping by.

  18. This is beautiful ! Just amazingly beautiful!

  19. so sad and powerful.
    i love the emotions.
    also the way you expressed them was lovely!

  20. To ~L: Hello & welcome to my blog. I appreciate your comment & thank you for stopping by.

    To Tarunima: Thank you for your continued support of my humble writings. I appreciate your feedback & hope you will return again soon.

  21. This one is not like your previous love dripping verses... rather its sad and to an extent, practical; while still preserving the charm of your writing style. I wrote some love poems some years back, would share with you someday... just to know your take on those.

    But for the time being,
    Cheers and Happy Potluck.

    Here is my Potluck entry-

  22. Hello Mihir. Thank you for your kind words.

    It will be my pleasure to read your love poems when you are ready to share them. (You may also email me if it makes you more comfortable...I've just added my email address to my profile.)

    I'll be over to read your entry soon.

    Thank you for visiting.

  23. ouch. I hope this is not true for you.

  24. Hello Luna. Smiling...no...it's quite the opposite for me thanks.

    This poem came about at a time when I was listening to my favorite singer (Mukesh Chand Mathur) and the melancholy in his voice just set my pen to working.

    Thank you for the sentiments & the hugs.

  25. Beautiful Andy those last lines were simply heartbreaking you truly captured the devastation and the loss of trust after betrayal.

    I wrote something a little more romantic here

  26. Hello mindlovemisery: Thank you for commenting & sharing your poem, which I have read...it's simply beautiful...one should never be embarrassed to express our romantic thoughts.

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

  27. Hello Teresa: Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.

  28. To Leckeres für Mensch und Katze: Welcome to my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

  29. A very sad story, and one that happens too often, I suspect.


  30. Oh how these emotions seem hauntingly familiar.

  31. Wow! Too bad she is such an uncaring person. Your love for her seems wasted.~Ames

  32. What a self-absorbed woman! She doesn't deserve your love!!

  33. That last line is brilliant Andy.

    I hope you're off somewhere enjoying a wonderful vacation.

    I liked the bitter-hard edge to this piece.

    It felt so real.

    Thanks for sharing it.


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