29 June 2011


Darling, the gentle breeze dancing with the hanging branches of a willow tree reminds me of my fingers caressing the curls of your silky tresses.

How I wish I could bathe in the joyful tears of your beauty to fulfill the pleasures of my lonely heart.

Could this be just a simple flirtation or raw emotions of passion between two souls seeking the melody of an intense romance?

To gaze upon a flower like you makes me wish I were the stem of love…for how intriguing would it be for the flower to sit upon the stem?

Make me drunk first with the nectar of your fragrance and then make me weak from the desires I only knew in fantasies.

Just like a morsel of bread gives nourishment to a hungry soul, so the gentle touch of your trembling lips satisfies my emptiness.

Lady Flower, feed the poverty of my loneliness with the sweet nectar of your fragrance and in return, I will worship you with a never-ending love.

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19 June 2011


The winds of yesterday have returned to my memory in the form of the aromatic, perfumed scent of a very beautiful woman.

How I wish I could reach into my heart and retrieve the stolen moments we once shared under an illustrious night of melodies and music.

The sovereignty of her kisses flavored my lips with the sweetest taste life has ever bestowed upon my humble being.

When tomorrow seemed like an eternity, even her warm embrace felt like the wings of an angel protecting me from the evils of the night.

The winds of yesterday have secretly come to me by exhibiting their beauty through an open window where her delicate footprints once adorned the carpeted floor.

My affections for her continue to grow in dreams, even though the wealth of my thoughts belongs to that enchanting, but memorable night.

Sadly, the winds of yesterday haunt my heart with the sweet fragrance of a Lady Flower, tormenting my lonely soul with the dance that was never concluded.

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11 June 2011


I saw tears in the heart of a flower weeping quietly for love under the rainbow of life.

This intriguing mystery was not only in her tears, but also in her demeanor, which showed her humility and contentment in accepting the atrocities of a cruel life.

What a majestic moment this was for me as I peered intently into the very essence of her dreams existing beneath the realm of nothingness.

I saw the beauty of love in the form of teardrops cascading off her petals onto dead soil thirsting for the water of freedom.

Compassionately, I became the hand caressing her silken petals, as if she were a bird being coaxed to fly again with wings once broken but now healed.

This flower's tears have indeed opened my eyes to the jewels of love, which we should not ignore, even when thwarted by the trials of life.

Her trembling petals upon my lips reminded me once again of love's supremacy...for all she ever wanted was to be loved and cherished in a world filled with much unkindness.

(*photo by EPGoddess)
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