19 June 2011


The winds of yesterday have returned to my memory in the form of the aromatic, perfumed scent of a very beautiful woman.

How I wish I could reach into my heart and retrieve the stolen moments we once shared under an illustrious night of melodies and music.

The sovereignty of her kisses flavored my lips with the sweetest taste life has ever bestowed upon my humble being.

When tomorrow seemed like an eternity, even her warm embrace felt like the wings of an angel protecting me from the evils of the night.

The winds of yesterday have secretly come to me by exhibiting their beauty through an open window where her delicate footprints once adorned the carpeted floor.

My affections for her continue to grow in dreams, even though the wealth of my thoughts belongs to that enchanting, but memorable night.

Sadly, the winds of yesterday haunt my heart with the sweet fragrance of a Lady Flower, tormenting my lonely soul with the dance that was never concluded.

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  1. The winds of yesterday - a fantastic take on the prompt. Beautiful as always :-D

  2. Hello Andy. This is a brand new one...hot off the press!
    Glad you like it.
    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Memories on the wind. Beautiful memories.

  4. εїз A most lovely picture you paint with your words Andy.

    The gentle brush stroke of the perfumed scent of a Woman...
    An empty canvas filled with Stolen moments....and flavored kisses....

    And yet you share words that are as haunting as a sad melody..One feels the Lovers torment for a dance that was never finished...

    "The winds of Yesterday" is my new favorite today....

    Beautifully written !
    ღ Ariana

  5. To Teri: Thank you for visiting.

    To Ariana: Yes...for many the winds are comforting...but for the man in this poem, they represent bittersweet memories.
    So glad you like it.

    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

  6. It's very nice, Andy. I was feeling those winds of yesterday along with your poet. Actually I had felt them before.
    My favorite and somewhat personal to me line was "retrieve the stolen moments" as I have several of those moments in mind I'd like to retrieve.

  7. Hello andy,
    This poem is replete of beautiful lines,i especially liked-

    "When tomorrow seemed like an eternity, even her warm embrace felt like the wings of an angel protecting me from the evils of the night."

    even though the poem ends on a sad note but i still find this lovely:)

  8. "When tomorrow seemed like an eternity, even her warm embrace felt like the wings of an angel protecting me from the evils of the night."

    Captivating verse within this excellent poem.

  9. So beautiful filled with longing. All your poems come right from the heart, wonderful

  10. Hello everyone.

    @ Tumblewords: Thank you.

    @ Jim: I hope you can retrieve those moments. Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Tarunima: Thank you dear friend. I appreciate your comments.

    @ 1meremortal: Thank you.

    @ Mad Kane: Thanks for spending time here today. I appreciate it.

    @ mindlovemisery: Yes indeed...straight from the heart. Thank you.

  11. the thought of memories on wind is
    stunning delivery.

  12. To Jingle: Hi Ji. Thank you for the kind words and all your encouraging gifts.

  13. Amazing words! The winds of yesterday... great metaphor :D

  14. To magdalenahermanstories: Good Morning to you!
    Thank you for spending some time here today. I appreciate it.

  15. What beautiful words! We all have at least one that got away, don't we?

  16. beautiful thoughts Andy!

  17. To Rachel Hoyt: Smiling...I guess that's true for the man in this story...not so for me personally.
    Thank you for visiting.

    To Sandra: Welcome to my blog.
    I appreciate your comment. Thank you.

  18. Ah, the winds of yesterday. I have felt them. And learned to dance alone. It's not bad! But your poem touches my heart deeply. Thanks.

  19. Andy... You have quite a theme going. String them together, what will you have? An entire book!


  20. I do so enjoy your poetry!
    Beautiful, Andy.

  21. To Sandy: Smiling...thank you Sandy. Your comment will give hope to many. Thanks for stopping by.

    To Kim: Hello again Kim. Smiling...a book...excellent idea! Thank you.

    To Margie: Hello. How are you?
    Thank you for your continual support. I appreciate it.

  22. winds of yesterday! How it makes toay alive!!


  23. This was very lovely.

  24. This is filled with sweet thoughts beautifully penned. I enjoyed your poem.

  25. Hello Harshad: Thank you so much. Nice to see you again.

    Hello bsain: Thank you for stopping by.

    Hello Old Raven: Thank you for taking the time to visit.

  26. you're such a hopeless romantic Andy...such a beautiful reminiscence of a romantic past!

    lovely rendition... :)

  27. Such longing in that beautiful poem..."winds of yesterday" can be filled with so many memories can't they?

  28. Hello Amity: You've guessed right...I am indeed a romantic man (smile).
    Thank you for taking the time to visit.

    Hello Patti: They sure can!
    Thank you for commenting.

  29. Andy, such a beautiful poem. Excellent....


  30. To Cassiopeia Rises: Hello Melanie. Thanks for commenting and for following my blog. I try to return the favor when Blogger permits.

  31. BEAUTIFUL...
    No other words to express... Fantastic write Andy..

  32. Hello Hanan. Thank you for taking the time to always support my blog. I know you are busy and I truly appreciate your comments.