24 July 2011


My love for you is like a song in the heart…it will reach your ears even if we are on opposite sides of the earth.

The delicate smile you share with me is like a sweet fire burning within the secrets of my heart, giving warmth to my lonely soul.

Without you beside me at night, I dream sorrowful dreams, but when you are with me, I can look over a distant horizon and see even more clearly your love for me.

Like fragrant incense in my heart, you fill my life with everlasting happiness and like love's inferno, you forever smolder within the depths of my soul.


21 July 2011


The naked earth clothes her perfect beauty with the wild flowers of freedom.

The vast sea hides her loneliness by weeping profusely during the stillness of a long night.

Even the blue skies reveal their moods of contentment by watching the clouds drift away casually from their presence.

My darling, you will find the kindness of the winds amid the broken branches of a barren tree gently kissing their wounds to make them fertile again.

Not every soul has a soft bed to lie in at night or a lit candle to read about the wondrous hopes of an everlasting love.

Tell me, Lady Flower, will you cherish the life of love through the humble and faithful eyes of a man with my persona?

Please know that my love is far superior to nature, for no hurricane or wind can ever snatch away these emotions of love from the paradise within me.

In fact, the blue skies and the blooming gardens of life befriend my humble soul by learning the difference between common nature and the divinity of human love.

(*photo by EPGoddess)


09 July 2011


You might not have noticed, but during a quiet moment in the garden of your dreams, I saw the stars winking at you.

Kindly untie the ribbon from around my heart and then unwrap the gift inside created for you from the beauty of love.

How profound the human heart is when sweet love enters its chamber beneath glittering jewels of faithfulness.

It is beautiful you who has conquered my senses for passion and the reason why I breathe your intoxicating fragrance among a crowd.

Lady Flower, in between the two lamps of life, even though one of them is filled with darkness, I find the light of happiness glowing through you.

The stars that winked at you have done justice to my poems by inspiring me to write loving words especially for the woman in you.

How can I not understand the beauty of love after finding its timeless meaning in your innocent-looking smile?

My darling, the stars that winked at you were made visible to me, because of their luminescence dancing in your eyes.

*Image modified from myspace.com