13 August 2011


My darling, the scent of the night is filled with your sweet, feminine fragrance amidst a gentle breeze.

With your painted toes, seductively remove these satin sheets so that passion will overrule our shyness as we become one again under love's rhythm.

When the beauty of life is no longer enchanting, it is the essence of you that rages in my heart like a burning fire giving light to my darkest days.

And even if my nights are cold and empty, I shall never allow them to steal away the visions I have of beautiful you.

The treasures of the heart are many, my love, but there are none more precious than the harmony created between two obedient hearts like ours.

As your jasmine perfume gives beauty to these fragrant candles, kindly rejoin me in listening to the music of the wind entertaining the midnight flowers swaying gently upon their stems.

Darling, kiss me first then seductively remove these satin sheets with your painted toes while you make love to me with tears of desire…like you did a few moments ago...

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10 August 2011


Through silent sorrow, I can hear you tearfully seeking the sensitivity of my emotions to comfort you beneath the quiet winds of the night.

Darling, reveal your sadness to me and I will dry your tears with trembling hands.

Sit with me beside a rippling stream and let the delicate rays of the sun warm your heart with the freedom of nature's breathless beauty.

Do not be tormented by the evils of lonesomeness when the power to be loved is in your midst - in the form of my humble image.

My affections are filled with kindness and sincerity…the kind causing love to bloom beautifully like the lips of a rose.

The quiet winds of the night are filled with your aromatic fragrance proclaiming the greatness of a woman in the most seductive way.

Lady Flower, escort me into your dreams and allow me to love you intensely with the beauty and silence of life's timeless passions beneath the quiet winds of the night.


03 August 2011


"The Favorite Poet"
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - WikiArt

You are like a candle burning in the wind bearing a potent smile that affects all those admiring your beauty.

Even when you speak of sad things, you have a mellifluous voice, simply because of the sacredness in your tender heart.

When a flower sees you for the first time, you continue to live in its memory before you fade away like a warm breeze in a garden.

My beautiful darling, you entertain my eyes with beauty every time your feminine gracefulness kneels before the birds of heaven, allowing them to eat from your lovely, silken hands.

Darling, the bounty of my happiness is you, for flowers appear upon the pages of each love letter I pen to you.

My maiden, pages of love would mean nothing to me without the delectable image of you blossoming among their words.