26 September 2011


Lady Flower, the flesh my heart desires is hidden under your silken garments.

Make me dizzy from your breathless kisses and your tender touch.

Let me lie in the shadow of your love to find refreshment like a bird sheltering from the heavy rain or scorching heat under the leaf of a tree .

My darling, golden sand I will pour at your feet, only to have your jeweled footprints walking beside me in shinning brilliance.

When I first knocked at the door of your heart, you gave me friendship to drink and upon entering, you fed me with the gift of true love.

In return, I have allowed you to unlock my naked heart to see all of my love hidden inside.

When I close my eyes, I can still enjoy the touch of the breeze mixed with the incense of love and the fragrance of a flower sleeping in freedom.

I cannot blame the man who, in his turbulent and elderly years, will cry out for a woman like you to comfort him in his great loneliness, even though he knows his hope lies in a cry that might never be heard.

Beautiful maiden, I will give anything to be a humble man on bended knees who has the priceless privilege of kissing the back of your soft, gentle hand under the unkindness of the pouring rain without an umbrella.

Let me express love's meaning to you with words that will turn into music and then into a whisper of our never-ending song.

My darling, I love you with the song of life…I love you with the song of love.

*Modified image by Jean-Baptiste Oudry, wikiart.org


12 September 2011


Precious darling, your wholesome, tender ways have become most beautiful to me since I know the secrets we share are born from the exciting origin of passion and romance.

In many different ways, you dazzle my eyes with your kindness, understanding and the manifestations of your warm, breathtaking desires.

Sweetheart, do you know that every time we exchange smiles, we make love over and over again, as if for the first time?

In a crowded room, your feminine allure thrills me deeply inside with invisible tears and with a weakness for your trembling kisses…reminding me of the tenderness in beautiful you.

You more than transcend all the love and passion I ever wanted in a woman and at the same time, you comfort me with sweet satisfaction by making all of my fantasies come true in your loving arms.

The beauty you bear within is quite remarkable, for with you, a flower and a child both long for your enchanting fragrance.

O beautiful woman, your eyes reveal to me unspoken words of flaming desire causing my heart to skip a beat at the thought of touching and tasting the tenderness in lovely you.