16 October 2011


When you look away from me bashfully, you fill my mind with many photographs of a sensuous woman concealing her romantic desires.

Even your casual, innocent gestures in this crowded room reveal the interest your loving heart has for mine.

Any polite conversation with you fills me up with the kind of happiness that fulfills a man's dreams with the sweet fragrance of an everlasting perfume.

The blood running through my veins seems to bear the scent of a princess like you whose kisses are like a burning torch glowing in the heart.

Beautiful Lady Flower, quench my thirsting eyes with the feminine enchantments hidden behind your sultry smile.

Take me to an altar of beauty where lovers bearing the same treasures of the soul give romantic worship.

Darling, my quivering spirit is most humble in your midst, for this beautiful glory of you even has me behaving bashfully myself.



  1. romantic Andy.. :-) Thank you so much for your constant encouragement :-)

    Someone is Special

  2. Hi Andy, it's been a while since I visited your page. This poem is as delicately written as the shy beauty it describes. Very romantic.

  3. Kerry said it right. I can add nothing better.

  4. very sweet and romantic...thanks for sharing this...

    happy sunday ~

  5. Andy,
    I am pleased that you have a most beautiful lady in your life. Romance is your forte!

    I hope all is good with you again Andy.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  6. Bashfully sensuous Andy! Love it!


  7. There is a lucky lady in your life. Thanks for sharing, Happy Sunday.

  8. ah andy...you are spoiling my mind now.. now everytime i see a bashful girl, i will think of these lines and will find some love in her every move and talk :) and if i get beaten by her, the responsibility lies with you :P
    beautifully written...

  9. Its very nice to visit your page... romantic words... keep going.

  10. beautiful, romantic, sensuous..I am so fond of love poems. You have such a talent for writing them.

  11. beauteous... n full of romance..
    Fantastic read !!

  12. I think it's interesting, when a person who isn't normally bashful, becomes bashful in the presence of the beloved. Love and attraction are so mystical and magical. Another lovely poem, thanks for sharing!

  13. woow Andy!
    that's very romantic and beautiful
    I really liked it !

  14. They are shy too, aren't they.
    Very romantic and lovely Andy.

  15. a combination of honesty, love, and hesitations.

    profound and sweet piece.

  16. I liked the passion that comes through. You create many layers of
    sensation and connection. Good job.

  17. Awesome write, Andy! This one is very vivid, and I can see the bashful lady, and I actually felt I was the man and felt the emotions you were imparting. Very well done!

  18. Sweet fragrance of an everlasting perfume. Nice work. Thanks for sharing it. Old Jules

  19. I always enjoy reading your poems of love for the female form.

  20. excellent and your expression of love for the female form really stands out in your poetry

  21. The poetry fills up the heart of readers to their content Sir...I am glad I visited your blog...Thanks for share....

  22. you capture such beautiful moods and images for one to attach one's imagination upon!

  23. very classical art and superb poetry.

    keep romantic juices coming.


  24. 'sultry smile'... :)

    Poetry, indeed.

  25. Are you sure you didn't write this for me? ::bats eyes::

    but seriously though, folks...

    beautiful words, and the accompanying image is perfect as well.

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  27. gentle,romantic and breezy moments of love beautifully written !Well Done Andy !

  28. Gentle ,breezy n romantic moments beautifully brought out Andy !

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