28 October 2011


Her mystical smile embraces my thoughts like a snowflake in the wind melting away with time.

She sits upon my mind like I sit upon a mountain of beauty viewing life and seasons hoping she will drink with me from the cup of love.

Her beauty is like the sunrise - each gives light to the earth - and her voice like sweet music between midnight and dawn…soothing a tearful infant in discomfort.

She is supremely talented in kindness and her persona is one that cannot be compared with any other woman born from her culture.

Enslaved in a spiritual trance, I find myself in the wilderness of her aromatic fragrance, which keeps me caged within my own thoughts and like poetic expressions written upon the beautiful winds of India, I see the manifestations of her enchanted beauty.

She is the goddess of my thoughts and the prayers that fill my nights with wholesome silence.

What I feel for her cannot speak with the flow of an ordinary pen upon paper.

Instead, my feelings represent the dialogue of a precious love that she can never hear but will always feel…upon the beautiful winds of India.

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  1. very good bless you are with form of beautiful words and love you share. godbless

  2. Thanks Roy. I appreciate the visit & comments.

  3. Ahh... who is the lady that inspired this poem...

  4. I quickly scanned all the poetry on this page and see that your poetry is quite sensuous. I see shades of Robert Browing's love poems...nice!

  5. This one is exceptionally beautiful, Andy! I really love the title and it's hard to choose a favorite line because they are all golden but I am going to single this one out:

    " What I feel for her cannot speak with the flow of an ordinary pen upon papter " ~ superb! :)

  6. Andy, this is beautiful as is the gorgeous picture!


  7. Very well connected between the picture prompt and your verse. Lovely!


  8. To sparklemezan: Welcome to my blog friend. "She" is the epitome of beauty with a heart of purity & gold...the sweetest-scented flower I have ever known...she loves like no other...she gives life to my pen...she is anything I wish her to be...she is my muse, my inspiration, my reason for being. "She" is love (smile).
    Many thanks for stopping by. I hope you will return again soon.

    To Corinne Rodigues: Hello & welcome. WoW! Robert Browning...that's some compliment. Thank you. I appreciate it & hope you will visit again soon.

    To IRFANUDDIN: Thank you, my friend. I appreciate it.

    To Lady*♥*Fiona: Smiling...thank you my Lady. Your visit & comments are always welcome.

    To L'Aussie: The image is indeed exquisite. Thanks for visiting Denise.

    To kaykuala: Thank you Hank. Your visits & comments are always appreciated.

  9. lovely piece indeed...

    and i feel more happy and impressed reading it as i am myself an Indian....

    so it feels nice when someone writes so beautifully about Indian beauty....:)

    and i love the tittle of your poem...:)

  10. beautiful lines...emotions flowing so well....


  11. I was wondering who "She" was too. Got the answer in your comments section. "Wholesome Silence"...Nice thoughts.. :)

  12. To Life: There's beauty all around us, regardless of where we come from you. I thank you for the heartfelt comments.

    To SUB: Thanks SUB. I appreciate you stopping by.

    To Jyothi: Smiling...love & the sweet voice of Mukesh Chand Mathur send beauty to my pen. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

  13. so beautiful, Andy! "she is the goddess of my thoughts..." my favorite line :)

  14. Andy u r v romantic at heart...wud like to kwn whos d inspiration behind...;) n i loved d pic...m learning a lot frm u...:)

  15. Love the fourth line, beautiful post. Lovely...:)

  16. Sweet and romantic ~

    happy sunday ~

  17. Loved the pic & the comparision between her beauty and sunrise.Great!!

  18. Andy, this poem is even more beautiful and romantic than usual, and your writing is always both. I so love the stanza "her beauty is like the sunrise".....and that she is "supremely talented in kindness". Love the line "written upon the beautiful winds of India." Just lovely.

  19. Hi andy, These piece look amazing - so effortless and flowy.Amazing Collaboration of creativity and emotions !!
    have u been to india ?
    feel nice you wrote such a beautifully about indian beauty .

  20. nice textures to your piece

  21. This blog about sweet poetry is insanely beautiful... I adore written experience. Another poetry website i examine a ton is i think known as Poetry-of the-day.com .

  22. Your inspiration lends to a beautifully written piece ~~

  23. even am too conscious about my hairs more than my face..nice writing.

  24. Beautiful words...As always...XOXOXOOX

  25. Hi Andy Dear,
    Every time you come up with so beautiful creations that amazes me as I go through! :)

    You have a talent to play magic with your words and win millions of hearts!
    I wish you all the best for whatever you do..

    Keep Expressing and Sharing!
    Happy Blogging

  26. Absolutely enthralling! I hung on every word!
    Blessings, Andy!

  27. so beautiful Andy.. I love to read poems of this genre.. I have a treat for you in my place.. Enjoy...

    Someone is Special

  28. Very pretty - as pretty as the picture!

  29. Great blog, cheers from Argentina!

  30. Your words are so beautiful and captivating. I will very much enjoy following your blog, which I am now doing. I look forward to your future posts.

    Regards, Mari


  31. To urban butterfly: Thanks. I appreciate the visit.

    To Madeleine Begun Kane: Thanks.

    To Mani: Dearest Mani, I am in love with life and love. Everything I do & everything I write is fueled by love. Love and I are soul mates...two hearts beating as one. By sharing & offering feedback, we can all learn from each other. Thank you for taking the time to visit. Your comments are always welcome.

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    To Sherry Blue Sky: Sherry, I am so heartened by your comments. Thanks for the lovely compliment. You are a special dear.

    To sHoNa: Although I am Indian, I have never been to India, although I would like to one of these days. Beauty is all around us, I came across this image in my search & it just inspired me to write about Indian beauty. Glad you liked it.

    To zongrik: Thanks.

    To Anonymous: Why anonymous? I don't bite! Thanks for the link. I'll have to visit it sometime.

    To beccagivens: Thank you Becca. I appreciate it.

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  32. Beautiful!
    Every piece of poetry on your blog is a delight to read, i could forever read them.
    You really should publish them.

  33. To Tarunima: Thank you my dear. I too enjoy reading your poetry.

    I am indeed working on trying to publish some of my poetry. I promise to reserve a special copy for you (smile).

    Nice to see you & thanks for taking time out to visit. Means a lot to me.

  34. Sooo poetic sir..:) very nice.. i wish i could write a few like dis..:)

  35. To Ankitha: Welcome to my blog. Thank you for the lovely comment. I am sure you just as talented with your writing. I appreciate the visit & hope you will return again soon.

  36. Andy your words are so beautiful, as are Indian women, I've never come across such romantic and sensual writing from a man and I'm glad to know that men such as you exist!

    1. Dear Lucidgypsy,
      Women are like flowers...all are beautiful in their own way. Thank you for the comment. Romance and love are my other heartbeats (smile). Thanks again.