24 October 2011


"The Love Letter", Emile Levy 1872

My darling, only through printed pages will you come to know my thoughts of love, for my heart remains shackled beneath the merciless flames of lonesomeness.

Hopefully, the virtues of sweet love will help me to understand that this fraction of my life can only be enjoyed when you appear again in my dreams bearing my favorite flowers.

Sadly, I will never be the same man I used to be when you were in my presence…instead I have become a trembling hand writing my emotions for you on printed paper.

The vigor & vitality that used to possess me mean nothing now, simply because I cannot pour my passionate strength into your beautiful heart.

Our separation represents the inability to love with freedom under the twilight zone of the heart where lovers cry from joy and ecstasy in each other's arms.

Lady Flower, not only will you read how much I love you upon printed pages, but more importantly, it is there that you shall see the vision of my inconsolable face with your beautiful reflection residing in my tear-filled eyes.

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  1. Nice blog you have here. And I love poetry and emotional writings too. I am a fan now. :)

  2. This is beautiful Andy. You are such a romantic! Your words pour out of your heart and soul

  3. ღ Poignant

    And yet we are told...
    Lღve hopes all things
    Bears all things...
    and believes all things
    Lღve never fails.

    Andy,Once again I am moved by your words. As always,I remain your biggest fan.ღ Ariama

  4. wonderfully written again, I love the romance of your words. I not being a romantic whatsoever find my self waiting for your new posts anxiously.

  5. Andy...this is so beautiful!!! It's filled with passion and love, and a bit of angst. I can feel your words as if I had written them myself. I can relate to this poem, thanks for sharing this beauty! :)

  6. very moving post...pain is visible in every word...its beautiful.

  7. I liked it so much that I can't decide where to start...every line is magic.All I can say is superb lines that touch the heart.I love your blog and your poems. :)


  8. Hi Andy Dear,
    I read your beautiful lines twice and enjoyed it so much! :)
    Lovely image :)

    Happy Diwali

  9. Congratulations ! Andy dear on your achievement at pick me on tuesday :)

    Keep expressing and delighting us ..

  10. great poem and i have a award for you at my blog http://royd-spiltmilk.blogspot.com/2011/10/pick-on-me-tuesday-30.html thank you for such a great poem . god bless

  11. What should I type? It is beautifully romantic.. Happy Diwali Andy...

    Someone is Special

  12. Andy this s soo beautiful , i loved d image. Awesome!! <3

  13. Awwww.. you never fail to move me emotionally with your words Andy.

  14. This one is a very moving and beautiful poem, Andy. I can truly feel and relate to the pain it contains ~ excellent writing :)

  15. Painfully beutiful Andy..."my heart remains shackled beneath the merciless flames of lonesomeness..." so intense and sad words.Gorgeous pic as well...sigh...

  16. ah...Andy you have set the Blogger on fire with this one... hope your Lady flower will read and respond to it i guess... :) keep writing...

  17. A peotry with passionate and emotional tinge. Wonderful!

  18. very beautiful, Andy, and emotional too. I have hardly seen men churning out this kind of emotional poetry and this one was a treat to read.

  19. There is nothing better than a perfectly penned poem or note letting someone know you love them. Time stops for a while when you read it and transports you to magical places. Well done as always Andy. :-)


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  21. And this was another masterpeice..!

  22. This is so beautiful............
    loved this..

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  24. This was ouchfully beautiful.

    Loved it!

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