05 October 2011


Darling, if for some reason you were to trample upon my heart with your pretty feet, it would still mean everything to me because of the tinkling of your anklets.

Please know I am compelled to cherish even those who refuse to accept my love beneath these firestorms of life.

Even when we were within the embrace of winter, the essence of your warm breath reminded me of a flower garden in spring.

My eyes are full of sweet love, but my heart remains thirsty for the kisses of the only woman I desire to bathe my lips with hers.

There is no tomorrow to fill these empty arms of mine with a new lover as yesterday with you still lives in my thoughts.

My soul never sleeps and my spirit stays awake humbly supplicating your heart to rekindle the passionate desires you once had for me.

My precious darling, yesterday with you is all I have before the beauty of time steals away the memory of you from inside this aching heart of mine



  1. Hi Andy, that's touching.. we miss such amazing people of our lives more when we want them to be with us..nicely written..

  2. A beautiful sentiment and wonderful write, Andy. Sometimes, yesterdays are the best.


  3. Visiting at your blog for the first time.. :)
    A lovely post here..
    Last lines touched me so deep!
    Liked you sweet blog and images ..Following you now :)

    Keep Expressing!

  4. It's not easy to feel love when it's not returned, but the person who can is filled with a special magic. The line "tinkling of your anklets" made me smile. You are passion personified! Love visiting your romantic space!


  5. Beautiful, love the last lines of the poem...:)

  6. Great images & post!

    Have a great weekend too,



  7. i really loved the way you have expressed your feeling... so much depth in them... straight from the heart

  8. David ur poetry s v touching!


  9. My spirit lies awake humbly supplicating your heart. Wow! I really like that stanza...maybe we should practice that more often...therein the true beauty lies... of love

  10. Ooh that is love, you are very much in love I think!

  11. Great combo of poetry and image.

    Here is my entry:

  12. Such great soft words and you are so right we can never forget yesterday and we should never forget it

  13. I like that firt line .. traple my heart .. and tinkling of anklets ...

    BEautiful poem ..
    but why aching :)


  14. beautiful picture and nice words :)

  15. Beautiful pictures and lovely heartfelt poem. xo

  16. Oh, how sad, a lost love. Very nice.

  17. Andy, you are just an amazing poet!!!

  18. You are such a romantic man, that's rather seldom nowadays !

  19. The sadness of unreturned love :(

  20. I am so deeply sad for you Andy, your sadness and sorrow shows in every word.
    Beautiful penned but....

  21. This is sad. It's a poignant reflection...

  22. I find my morning so much brighter, after reading this lovely poem...thank you so much!

  23. Lovely and so sad. But then life and love is often sad.


  24. Andy, Your first stanza is spellbinding! Tinkling of anklets......a heart trampled with pretty feet.......really speak to the senses and give your piece a strong opening.

    Love it! Namaste............cj

  25. Beautiful poetry...

    Thank you for sharing from your heart.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Thank you also for your visit. (And again, I truly thank you for sharing how to post a link in my comments :o)

  26. Andy you do have a way with words. So sensitive and very sensual. It is rare among men to be so poetic. I am sure your woman finds you so romantic.A lovely "Y" post!~Ames

  27. This is precious, love is everything, and this shows it, thank you, much appreciated. WS

  28. Hard to miss someone that much-- nice write.

  29. Awesome write my friend, I enjoyed it a lot!

  30. Beautifully written, sad but romantic too. I love the photo :)

  31. Always a joy to come here and read your words of love. Thanks! hugs, pat

  32. Beautifully romantic!!Touched my heart.Guess I'm still thinking of that yesterday person in my life!Love the pic,too.BEAUTIFUL!

  33. You know...I would have liked to trample on my ex a few times...and not with tinkly bracelets...perhaps with daggers or...




    I'm sorry.

    I read this lovely poem by you and was thinking murderous thoughts of a guy I was married to about 100 years ago!


    What a lovely, poetic image you shared with us this week.

    I'm so glad you're able to writing again Andy!

    You've been missed!


    Don't mind me...I'm rowdy today!

  34. Touching, sad, beautifully weaved as always Andy...
    Hope your day finds you well

  35. Ah, I came from the Rally thinking it'd be happy romance as I've found your poems to be always, but this was touching and sad, yet beautifully woven, Andy!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  36. lovely- romantic and sad

  37. beautiful & heartfelt, great write!

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  39. beautiful....lots of guys can relate to it...love can't be forgotten....naughty but so touching lines"my heart....hers"...not to talk about the beautifulness of last two lines...

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