28 November 2011


Beautiful maiden, breathe upon me your sweet fragrance and fill my mind with colorful shades of tenderness and joy.

Only you can remove this melancholic feeling filling my body and soul with a lifetime of heartaches I obtained beneath the trials of romance and love.

Sadly, my heart seems to vacillate between kindness and unfaithfulness - with the latter always leaving me in tears and at my lowest ebb.

Even if I am simmering inside for your feminine touch, I know quite well I can never buy your love with the most beautiful pearls sleeping at the bottom of the ocean.

The intonations of my heart speak to you with words that can only be heard through written poems dancing at your painted toes with the help of the gentle wind.

O maiden, your sweetness can bring a dying flower back to life and at the same time, your tears can fill a man's heart with sadness, causing him to appreciate a dying flower before the earth swallows her trembling beauty forever.

My darling, it is the fragrance of a trembling flower that leads me to you before the soil of the earth also welcomes me home.



  1. Beautifully-written! You expressed well the true love of a man towards his other half. There's a melancholic side of it and I feel it more in the last line "the soil of the earth also welcomes me home." So touching when both are at a resting place called home.

  2. Well written... :)
    You always take us into your poems...

  3. Pearls sleeping at the bottom of the ocean. Beautifully written and such a lovely melancholy poem.

  4. such a hopeful poem!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. terrific tableau of blooms Andy floating on the waters of your words

  6. truly gorgeous! thanks for dropping by...great to be here...:)

    thanks also for leaving some ideas about what to do with leftovers...much appreciated!

  7. Beautiful flower arrangement and words for T.

  8. Andy this is truly fragrant!

    Checked out the autumn pics on fb. Wonderful!


  9. Beautiful and vintage.

    I am so sorry, I wanted to respond to your invite but was very late. Tried yesterday but by that time it was closed. Settling in a new city is taking a toll on me...

  10. O! Soo beautiful n deep andy dear.

    Loved it!!


  11. Lovely!

    Tooth Fairy please come and see it when you get a chance. Thanks!

  12. Imagine me reading this with one of those haunting songs from the Secret Garden. The words just stuck on my mind and although it was written from a man's point of view, it was enough to draw so many emotions.

    I so admire you and your poetry. oh well, words are enough to make one fall in love!

  13. Exquisite lovely piece, Andy!
    Particularly love the lines about her sweetness, the dying flower and her tears.

  14. Love the flower arrangement !
    ABC Team

  15. So many powerful lines...such pictures, smells and feeling your poems bring to my mind and heart.

  16. Your words are sweeter than the scent of the most lovely rose. :)

  17. Lovely - romantic, tender but sad.

  18. A warm welcome is extended to new & returning visitors.

    Thank you friends for your heartfelt comments. I appreciate you all for taking the time to stop by. Your kindness keeps encouraging me to write & share more.

    I believe I've paid you all a visit, but if for some reason I haven't, please know I shall be stopping by soon.

  19. Lovely post and great entry for T day!
    Thanks for sharing:o)

    Happy day****

  20. Hello Mildred. Thanks for reading my "T" entry. I appreciate you stopping by.