18 December 2011


Upon an ancient oak lay an inscription of love a man had carved for a beautiful woman.

She was indeed the prodigy of his heart and the flower with the sweetest scent blooming over the horizon of his dreams.

In the stillness of dawn, her countenance glowed like the midday sun and under the blanket of moonlight, she thrilled him with her velvet kisses.

Every moment with her inspired him to write unpublished words of love that would be read one day with eyes full of silver tears.

Sitting by a rippling pond, his thoughts could also be heard through the flowing waters by those enraptured with his poetic verses of love.

Sweet love rules the human heart with perfection and with this man, there would be no exception to this timeless gift that he had been blessed with.

He knew quite well his inscription on this old oak would attract the attention of those stopping by just to marvel at his greatest work and others simply wanting to capture their own moments of love.

(*photo by EPGoddess)


15 December 2011


Hosted by L'Aussie, Romantic Friday Writers is a bi-weekly blogfest in which we are challenged to write a romantic piece in 200-400 words on the given theme. For Wk27 the theme is "Sparkle!" To read the other entries or for submission/membership guidelines, click here... (word count: 313 MPA*)

Artwork provided by/copyright ~ Melissa Tandoc

Beautiful woman, weep no more, for even though we are strangers, allow me to console you in this trying hour.

Do not choose solitude as a friend over me, for I am greater than sadness and kinder than falling tears.

In spite of sorrow, the beautiful portrait of your smile still glows with timeless essence before sleeping flowers at your painted toes.

You are so attractive that your image is a replica of a rainbow gleaming upon the precious canvas of life.

My heart can offer you the gift of poetry and with visible tears of compassion, the nobility of my humble spirit will embrace your pain as if it were my very own.

Please understand that as I walk away into a world holding emptiness for the foolish dreams I bear, I want nothing in return than to see a joyful sparkle in your eyes.

You remind me of a lonely flower hiding her beauty in a cloud of sadness over a great city with majestic lights.

Your tears fall rhythmically like crystal water upon the thirsting earth, but your beautiful image has more luminescence than the moonlight over a city of unrighteousness.

Permit me to help you open the envelope of sadness that has sealed your sorrow in the dawn of life.

Let me free you from the lover who has you bound with shackles of lies and tasteless kisses.

Lovely maiden, even though I am a prisoner of lonesomeness, I follow the scent of a rose as if it is the only flower dancing in freedom.

When I walk away, please know my eyes will hold the memory of you as the most exquisite flower swaying mellifluously within the cage of my loneliness.

And when tomorrow comes, the children of God will rejoice in your ethereal radiance, but I will fade from your memory….just like a passing breeze on this painful, tear-filled night.

RFW Wk27 Runner Up Award


12 December 2011


Would you not agree that the violins of love are more harmonious than the silent chords of death?

Love is like a flower adorning itself with the prettiest petals to attract the heart with timeless beauty.

The mirror standing between love and sorrow holds the reflection of a man craving the embrace of a maiden whom he can only enjoy in his dreams.

She has the grace and freedom of a woman thirsting for his passionate kisses beneath the empty skies.

Her heart remains dreamy towards him, for this romantic love she feels has become most addictive through the voice she can only hear upon the pages of his beloved poems.

Her fragrant tears upon his lips are the vision he sees every time the beautiful call of love comes to him in the form of the photograph of her pretty face.

Oh maiden, bless my heart with the reality of love and free me from the silence of death before the violins of love stop playing our song.


08 December 2011


Beautiful woman of my heart, not only did my love for you originate before my birth, but I have loved you even before my mother was created.

You are the peace among a war of roses and in your sweet tears, a dying flower upon a grief-stricken stem has the hope of lifesaving water to help revive its withered petals.

Even the trickle of a lazy river and the whistling winds whisper your lovely name with their refreshing sounds.

My darling, my Lady Flower, I have much happiness in your kisses and satisfaction from your loving embrace.

All things are beautiful in my life because of your illuminating spirit.

With your feminine touch, you make my heart dance to our song, while fulfilling all my desires in our temple of love.

You are my rock and my stronghold, for the dawning of a new day has no meaning to me without the awe-inspiring light of your dazzling smile before my eyes.

You are the eternal love I bear in springtime and every other season under the dewdrops of my heart.

Even though the burdens of this life are many, my load is always lighter when I walk hand-in-hand with you...the most precious and priceless jewel of my heart.

(*photo by EPGoddess)


07 December 2011


Farewell my love, for I must depart from our secret dreams until tomorrow comes.

I am flattered you have chosen this simple man to hide in your eyes for the beauty of a forbidden love.

Your elegant, sultry style keeps me captivated inside the superiority of your loving heart.

The emotional angst I once experienced from lonesomeness has all disappeared ever since our lips danced to your favorite song.

Among the snowflakes of a cold, wintery day, my heart is warmed knowing your thoughts are only of me as you sit quietly with your friends.

In intimate moments, your lipstick stains my dreams with breathless kisses born under the glory of a golden sunshine.

My darling, until we meet again, I shall wait anxiously for you with eleven roses…knowing your beautiful face will complete the dozen.

*Image by Leonid Afremov, deviantart.com


04 December 2011


A gorgeous woman is what you are and the innocence coming from your lovely eyes is as beautiful as the passion you fill my humble heart with.

If it were within my power, I would rearrange the moving clouds so your beauty could glisten under their greatness…just like a dancing flame upon a candle in the gentle wind.

Sweet darling, as the rose in the garden of my heart, you keep all of my emotions wrapped within your silken petals - the same way you keep my nakedness wrapped in your loving arms.

O Lady Flower, through the whispers of your heart, advise mine to always long for your love and convince my thoughts to think of only you amidst tears of sadness and the joy of happiness.

Yes, let the thread of priceless lace continue to bind our hearts as one and, while the world stays in the cold embrace of lonesome darkness, let our love be the candlelight always keeping our days and nights bright with passionate flames of pleasure.