12 December 2011


Would you not agree that the violins of love are more harmonious than the silent chords of death?

Love is like a flower adorning itself with the prettiest petals to attract the heart with timeless beauty.

The mirror standing between love and sorrow holds the reflection of a man craving the embrace of a maiden whom he can only enjoy in his dreams.

She has the grace and freedom of a woman thirsting for his passionate kisses beneath the empty skies.

Her heart remains dreamy towards him, for this romantic love she feels has become most addictive through the voice she can only hear upon the pages of his beloved poems.

Her fragrant tears upon his lips are the vision he sees every time the beautiful call of love comes to him in the form of the photograph of her pretty face.

Oh maiden, bless my heart with the reality of love and free me from the silence of death before the violins of love stop playing our song.



  1. WoW! Definitely one of my favs from you, Andy! This image is also in my favorites from pictures I've collected on the net :) Your words and the picture = Perfect, winning combination! Love it!

  2. Sooo beautiful, this is a sweet sweet poem.

  3. you gifted me a wonderful morning unknowingly. the song from a secret garden was overwhelming, so soft and soothing. i kept on listening. then started reading "violins of love".

    there is a fine line between reality of love and the smoky dreams that satiate the power of imaginations. in between plays the music of soul, the violins of love. let the music linger on with his presence though untouched.

    wonderful whispering of love.

  4. U know how to touch a woman's heart andy!

    Another spectacular post from u!!



  5. violins of love..
    silent chords of death..
    timeless beauty..
    fragrant tears..

    just wow
    awesome expressions.
    Loved your writing as ever !!

  6. It reverberates a clear and familiar chord in my heart ;)I love this poem. Veramente bellissima! Violin, soothing music, words of love does wonders to those longing for quiet intimacy ;)

  7. Wow.. beautifully penned, Sir :) Looking for more posts from you :) And lovely image selection :)

  8. Beautiful Image Andy...your poem is like a Song of the Heart...beating to a rythmn of Love's lived and lost...waiting to be tasted again when the Violin Plays...absolutley stunning...the music is perfect....you are a true Romantic...

  9. Violins of love! - such a dreamy phrase! I love this post.

  10. I agree with Melissa. Reading your poem today has stirred something in me. Nothing can be worse than the silence of death, it kills you every moment. Bless you Andy and your heart with the reality of love.

  11. It is beauty in itself. Loved the way you have written the feelings.. Thank u so much for sharing :)

  12. Touching, sweet...misted my eyes.

  13. Another beautiful poem - I can hear the violins in my heart . . .

  14. What's violin for you
    Is a guitar for me
    Someone could well be blowing
    Trumpets of love you see

    And before death embraces me
    And strings can no longer be strummed
    I wish this song of mine be played in your heart
    And on your lips the words be hummed

    Your blog is my poetry practice ground. LOL
    About your poem? Beautiful imagery as always (smiles)

  15. " A wonderful sweet air;with admirable rich words to it."

  16. Andy,
    Your words are beautiful...the longing reaches so deep within me that it leaves me aching...
    Well done my poet friend.

  17. Ah, Andy...the violins of love...I can heard them. My daughters both played violins. Such beautiful music! (As can be found in your words.)

  18. very musical poem; or maybe I was influenced by the pic.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  19. Beautiful. I could almost hear those violins. You definitely have a poetic soul.

  20. Andy, the first line itself revealed it is a beauty.. and the last line made it so touching.. :-)

    Someone is Special

  21. 'Violins of Love", is such a sweet poem. May you find the maiden of your dreams, with the sweetest Voice to calm your yearnings.

  22. Great as always!:) Love is in the air!:) Thanks for sharing!:)

  23. The title and the poem are awesome!

  24. If only romantic love would stay a bit longer for most people. Love your poetry!

    abcw team

  25. My grandfather used to play violin. Love your song here.

    Please come and see the Voyage of the Mermaid. Happy holidays!

  26. Ah the sweet music of violins of love!!! Lyrical and melodious love poem.

  27. Wow, Andy... So much passion and honesty in your words... Beautiful beyond words! :-)

  28. Reading this in conjunction with the music playing on your blog makes a great combination! ♥

  29. Very pretty!

    Please inspire me with your comment at my V entry thanks!

  30. May the violins never stop playing for you. :-)

  31. You can write for Mills and Boon publishers.

  32. Beautiful indeed. Could feel the depth of it!

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