06 September 2012


This rapacious world will prey upon an empty soul, even when there is nothing left but tears and sorrow.

It will try to capture the heart lacking the wisdom to discern the difference between right and wrong or contentment and greed.

Although bruised and lost within the willows of a barren garden and the poverty of lonesome darkness, my heart remains steadfast against any temptation, even if in the form of unfaithful love from a beautiful stranger.

As I face another day of uncertainty, there is a feminine voice in my dreams that I cannot recognize.

She speaks with a whisper and a smile about the beauty of an unexpected love, even as I undergo the atrocities of life.

Whether she is an angel, I know not, but her voice is one of sweetness and integrity that guides my heart away from the temptations of this plunderous world.


22 August 2012


Lady Flower, how is it possible for the naked wind to clothe me with the sweetness from your timeless fragrance without you ever being in my midst?

Every time you dispel your kisses to the heavens, I can feel them upon my face, as if I am welcome before the Throne of the Almighty Himself.

Kindly include me in sanctifying the shrine of your dreams so I may learn and understand the true meaning of the word "holy".

Permit me to have the honor, freedom and right to decorate your tresses with life's most prestigious flowers, for although my hands are empty, my humble heart is certain you can thrill me with songs of passion.

My darling, we both know the naked wind is invisible and its magic can only be felt by loving, grateful hearts.

Sadly, even though I might not see your smile in reality, I can still feel you entering my heart with the rhapsody of love…just like the naked wind. 

*Photo provided by/copyright my dear friend ~ Nelieta at Nelmitravel


08 August 2012


The greatness of love and passion can give anyone wings to soar into the imagination of a lover to understand the secrets of his or her emotions.

My heart has always been most humble beneath the sails of love, even though my voyage had no destination in the gentle arms of a loving woman with your pretty smile.

In tearful dreams, I have summoned love, but the only response I ever received was one of reality reminding me I must face another day without someone to bless me with the richness of love.

With much content, I will continue to comply with the laws of loneliness, but I will never give up on the beauty of love unless death overpowers my desire with a lifeless heart.

Reading about love upon written pages can beautify the human heart with many fantasies and dreams, but reality becomes much sweeter when the emotions of a lover are stored within a diary of love buried deep inside the writer's heart.

For some, a diary of love is all they have and each day they read from its beauty, the more they realize that love is also meant for the lonely and brokenhearted.

Lady Flower, a diary of love is what I hope to write now with loving tears upon the heart of a woman as beautiful as you.

(*photo by ~ EPGoddess)


05 August 2012


Lady Flower, this lonely road I walk is the only garden my heart knows.

To watch you gracefully decorating it with your feminine gait leaves me breathless, while wishing you were mine.

My soul even becomes intoxicated every time I look at you among nature's blossoms giving beauty to my dreams.

Sadly, as the final days of autumn come to an end, my heart willingly surrenders its warmth to the cold embrace of winter's unkindness.

Beautiful woman, if only I had the spirit of a great poet, I would pen the most mellifluous words of love upon the pages of your heart.

If I were a sheet of paper and you the ink, how I wish you would write your dreams upon my empty heart in return.

Darling, if it is my fate to remain in this lonesome oppression, I will gladly accept it with the hope that you will one day walk upon this lonely road again.


11 July 2012


So sacred is your gorgeous presence that I can actually feel your beautiful shadow touching me with love under the splendor of the sun.

Your name remains upon my lips, for I find myself whispering it among the flames of a fire started by the raindrops of passion.

Even the melody of your bangles in my ears leaves a divine sound much sweeter than ringing bells in a house of worship.

My darling, you have taught me to appreciate the lamp of knowledge shining within the heart that adores the gift of wisdom.

Amidst all of my misery and tribulations, you were always there to offer me comfort by letting my soul rest in the cradle of your loving arms.

Lady Flower, unfold my heart and you will find unpublished poems of love that were written with tears for only you.

Unfold my heart and you will also find the commandments of love bearing your name among the greatest words ever penned by this unknown poet.


10 July 2012


Lady Flower, the taste of love's zinfandel remains upon my lips, moist and wet from echoing your name in the winds.

How I triumph with desire over the fruits in my dreams that seem to bear the elixir of your feminine sweetness.

Should you examine my emotions, you would surely find your desires within, carefully wrapped up in the fervor of love.

So mesmerizing is your sultry beauty that I become bewildered and moved to tears just from looking at your reflection in a mirror.

Do you know you have become the enchantress flower intoxicating my mind with a sensual fragrance born from the kingdom of the heavens?

Sanctified by your loving kisses, my thirst is eternally quenched when the zinfandel of love upon your lips flavors mine with the nectar of life.

My darling, with the aroma of love playing ever so gently with my lips, I know the very essence of you has seeped into my soul via the breathless kisses of an earthling angel.


04 July 2012


Secretly, I watched the waters of a lonely lake gesturing to a beautiful woman sitting upon its banks to touch its ripples with her painted toes.

If only I were one of the stones lying alongside such meekness, then how privileged I would be to feel her tender footsteps upon my heart.

With sheer beauty, she bore the curves of a flower gently bending upon a stem under the golden rays of a heavenly sunshine encircling the human heart with elegance and warmth.

As I stared at her from my hiding place among the hanging branches of a fruitful tree, I could not help but feel the kind of passion that gives a man the strength to love such a woman with joyful tears.

In those few seconds, she became the bride of my heart, for this was the one aspiration I could never dream in a thousand dreams, but was privileged to view in a moment that came and passed away.

She is the goddess of fantasy every man envisions behind closed doors, but to me, she was the ultimate reality I witnessed blessing the waters of a lonely lake with her painted toes.


02 July 2012


My darling, it is because of you that my heart has discovered these magical emotions of love, for whenever I look at your smile, you beautify my eyes.

Your enchanting grace and charm thrill me with wordless songs, even if all I can hear is the melody of the wind.

So simplistic are your feminine ways that my heart grows excited just to watch you bow before a garden of swaying roses.

The sparrows gliding across the morning skies even follow your gentle footsteps to a temple for love's worship.

Lady Flower, you make my eyes beautiful every time you reveal the mystery of love through your dripping tears.

In fact, it is this kind of love that has led me to the fountain of your heart where I shall never be thirsty again.

*Photo provided by/copyright my dear friend ~ Jan Neel at Photos by Jan


20 June 2012


Pinamar, Argentina

Poetry represents the universal language of sweet love, for no rhyme is necessary to express its tender and deep emotions among paragraphs written from joyful tears.

The three most powerful words of poetry that any human can whisper or utter to another are…"I love you".

Love epitomizes the ultimate authority of the heart, for every manuscript created under the hand of the writer is born from emotions of poetry.

Preserving the very essence of his thoughts through silent dreams, the words of a poet become like books in a library…storing within collections of his work for others to enjoy.

Impassioned with the gift to decorate ordinary paper with words of beauty, a poet feels deep love to touch the emotions of a stranger through the art of poetry.

Emotions of poetry are really the greatest joys of a poet's life, for with every smile that welcomes his work, his motivation to continue writing intensifies through unseen tears.

*Photo provided by/copyright my dear friend ~ Nelieta at Nelmitravel


17 June 2012


Love has a way of compelling us to listen intently to her tender voice whenever she speaks.

She is the greatest of all feelings the human heart can ever experience or enjoy in this journey of life.

Love is more beautiful than flowers in spring and the greatest treasure readily available to every human alive...it is the wealth among wealth with a priceless value that never decreases.

In the bosom of love, I lay my head and in the design of love, I find sweet comfort under her majestic halo giving light to my cloudy path.

The fragrance of love is like a never-ending, sweet perfume…it is the scent I taste every time your tender lips touch mine beneath the light of life's glowing beauty.

Love, the enchantress flower has captivated my soul, thrilling my heart with life's most beautiful enchantments. 

*Revised post - Originally © written/copyright/published 28th January 2011


12 June 2012


Is it possible for the silence of the wind to echo the whisper of love and not be heard?

My prose poems have been published in the winds and carried into the dreams of a lonely woman to learn of my deepest secrets.

She quietly reads each line with a humble, faithful heart…savoring the mystical flavor of love in her memory before falling asleep.

So magical are my words that in an awe-inspiring way, I can feel her lips dancing with mine among each written stanza.

So enchanted is her imagination that even multiple pangs of distress are removed from her heart when she sees a flower blooming in her image before the throne of love.

She is the gentle voice in the wind proclaiming the beauty of our love with delicate expressions for every listening ear.

*Revised post - Originally © written/copyright/published 26th October 2011


04 June 2012


Daughters of the night stood beside my sickbed and asked for a final reading of love from the tablets of my heart.

With deep respect and in a frail voice, I spoke of love like a gentle prayer from my pale, dry lips.

"Love," I whispered, "is greater than life itself, for in life, sin gives birth to imperfection, causing us to stumble upon pain and betrayal, with a seduction of tears as the river for bathing in lonesome depression."

"Love," I told them, "is pure and more beautiful than an altar of gold."

"Love causes the human heart to reason with beauty, understanding and salvation."

"Love is righteous, peaceful, tender and more innocent than falling tears from an angel in the clouds."

With my last breath, I uttered, "In life, death will soon embrace each of us at some time, but love's beauty is the only living thing that cannot die at the doorsteps of death."

The daughters of the night then looked at me with tear-filled eyes and like whispering flowers they uttered: "Goodbye, dear poet", as they watched my spirit become one with love.

*Image taken from here


25 May 2012


Secretly, the flame of a lonely woman burns sweetly, giving warmth only to the man who observes her feminine enchantments with a love song in his heart.

Every mountain and valley in the willows of life can hear her whispers for love and know the kind of romanticism she dreams of among lonesome darkness.

The vocabulary of love she speaks is of a deep silence and contains passionate words only a sincere and caring lover can understand.

With each tryst they share, he stores her soft, tender kisses in a trove deep within his soul.

Sadly, falling tears sometimes blur her vision of blooming flowers willing to dance for her with the gentle breeze.

In this journey of life, the flame of a lonely woman gives light to the heart understanding her needs while igniting his fire with the first kiss of sweet surrender.

*Revised post - Originally written by/copyright/published 28th January 2011


23 May 2012


Love is not something you can keep to yourself, for it is the command of the heart that leads to the greatest rewards in life.

It is no secret that love is more precious than beauty and is a gift that will never fade, in spite of age, time or season.

Love is more beautiful than a body of blinking stars and is as pure as the tears falling from a weeping angel.

Answering the call of love with a willing spirit will cleanse the heart from any preponderance of doubt once stored within.

Life is unpredictable at times and will one day betray you before death, but love…love will remain faithful until the very existence of this world is no more.

So do not be afraid to answer the call of love, for love has the power to free any heart from the kind of darkness that enfolds the human soul in lonesome and painful bondage.


22 May 2012


Darling, the tender breeze has brought with it sweet, scented flowers that remind me of beautiful you.

In the hours leading up to this moment, all I could think of was the magnificent glory of you giving light to my dreams.

The emotions conveyed from my heart to yours can cause anyone to hear the melody of love...through the beauty of silence.

How can I not be caught up in your spell when it is your smile making me tremble with desire?

Please know I have laid my thoughts at your painted toes so you will comprehend my intentions among the blooming flowers looking up at you.

Hide me in the secrets of your eyes and in the midnight hour of human tenderness, kindly reveal to me the mystery of your whisper.

My darling, sweet, scented flowers not only remind me of you, but more importantly, they are reminiscent of the tears we once cried together...in an immortal dream.


16 May 2012


Sad tears have replaced the dreams of a woman that used to fill my heart with joy and happiness under a moonlight zephyr.

Once lifted up into the fineries of freedom, my spirit remains caged within the sorrows of a broken man lost in the memory of her kisses.

How can the echo of my cries be heard when time and distance have separated us through bitter anguish and torrents of loneliness?

Fallen flowers floating upon the waters of a dying river remind me of my own tears and the fate life has bestowed upon me in exchange for sweet love.

Without her, despair has become greater than my sadness, for what I feel in this very hour is a dagger piercing my heart beneath this moonlight zephyr.

My longing for her is so intense that I can actually visualize the translucent veil hiding her own sadness as she calls out to me in the ebony darkness of the night.

So profound is the love we share that even when separated, our tears create an unbreakable union between two lovers reminiscing of sweet kisses under a moonlight zephyr.


15 May 2012


Lady Flower, since our separation, my heart has been caged inside a lonely dream bound by painful memories.

How could you desert me beneath the wings of a magical love that I thought was filled with so much beauty?

Today, the photo of me that used to sit in the frame of your heart has fallen under your painted toes, only to be trodden on by your footsteps as you walked away without so much as a backward glance.

Even your loving voice, once the representation of songs of glory, is now the whisper of torture and pain ushering my heart into misery and tribulation of a living death.

I could never be upset with you, knowing it was your heart's confusion that betrayed us both in the willows of our dreams?

O baby, if you divide my heart into two pieces, you will find your beautiful face still etched on both sides.

My darling, I beg of you, return to me like an angel from the heavens and let me love you again with heartfelt passion and forgiving tears.

*Image from redbubble.com


12 May 2012


With words, they met under the glory of freedom, in a place where the great seas, the highest mountains and time brought together two hearts without a single touch between them.

Her face represented timeless beauty and love through expressions of erotic desire only revealed in private fantasies.

Beyond eternity, love was the flower he gently placed in her tresses through the silence of romantic words.

Beneath her silken veil were the sultry eyes he longed to look into for the mystery and allure of a poetic life.

Today, her beautiful portrait sits within the frame of his heart as he writes the most eloquent words for her in the language of love.

Due to time, distance and circumstance, she reluctantly acknowledges her role as mistress, for life has been most unkind to her while searching for the beauty of love.

With longing and desire, she waves at him with each flicker of her eyelashes as if his kisses can actually touch her naked eyes.

"Mistress"…the title bestowed on her by the greatness of a love she willingly accepted from the poet - her poet - whom she knows will never embrace her or kiss her with tears.

*Artwork by Diego Rivera, wikipedia.org


01 May 2012


The day I bade farewell to loneliness, I could not help but remember the comfort I had found in the delicate flowerpot plant decorating my bedroom window, which overlooked the crowded street welcoming lovers from everywhere.

The sunlight kissing her beauty through my windowpane also gave light to me when darkness was all I had known.

I found intense inspiration to write love poetry from her tenderness, even though there was no one to read my heartfelt thoughts.

This flowerpot plant taught me much contentment, patience and humility by sitting all alone, waiting for the kindness of my hands to quench her thirst with lifesaving water.

Today, her beauty still glows with and without light, only this time, she takes pride of place beside the throne holding the presence of the woman I love.

Today, my flowerpot plant resides under sparkling jewels in a palace of gold.


28 April 2012

Day 25/28: YESTERDAY

For the first time ever, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo, where I'll have to write a poem a day for the whole of April (26 in total for A-Z). I'm combining both challenges. This is my entry for Day 25 letter "Y" (Day 28 NaPoWriMo).

Yesterday, children gathered around me and asked, "Sir, as a great love poet, will you teach us about love?"

Sitting on an old tree stump, I said to them, "Observe the tender spirit of the moon and the midnight colors of the rainbow and know they did not come into existence by chance, but were created from love by the Almighty Himself."

"See the birds soaring with freedom and the colorful fish residing in the depths of the ocean…all are evidence of love in a world where humans can never match their skill or graceful abilities."

"Likewise, when love rules as its master, the human heart holds life's greatest beauty, which can never fade, even in death.

"Although beauty glows in the image of every human, such beauty means nothing, if not complimented with love."

Finally, I told them, "Love is the fruit of life falling from the tree in the garden of our hearts."

Now, with a better understanding of love, they all shook my hand and like little angels uttered a very pleasant, "Thank you kindly, Sir" while running away.

*Image source


21 April 2012


For the first time ever, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo, where I'll have to write a poem a day for the whole of April (26 in total for A-Z). I'm combining both challenges. This is my entry for Day 19 letter "S" (Day 21 NaPowriMo).

Sweetheart, there is not a single flower blooming in the spring of life that matches the origin of your breathless fragrance.

You have turned my simple heartbeat into a melody of freedom blended with the harmonious beauty of a deathless love.

Your delicate footprints have stained my dreams with the beauty and tenderness of a maiden meeting with her beau amidst a moonlit paradise.

My darling, drink the wine from my heart until the very essence and sweetness of love quenches your thirst with an eternal joy.

Awaken the firestorm of happiness in me that causes a man to adore the flames of a flower sitting in his woman’s heart.

Tell me…why would I want to flee from your mystery when the very magic of you is what I have come to cherish and love?

Sweetheart it is you who shares with me the heavenly wine flowing from the sacredness of a woman’s sultry eyes.

It is you who sits on the throne in our evergreen paradise.

*Illustration by EPGoddess


18 April 2012


For the first time ever, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo, where I'll have to write a poem a day for the whole of April (26 in total for A-Z). I'm combining both challenges. This is my entry for Day 16 letter "P" (Day 18 NaPoWriMo).

My soul has become both restless and sleepless from the vision of a beautiful woman in the meadows of my dreams.

Each time I think of her, my spirit becomes lost between the kind of happiness that overpowers evil and the kind of sorrow that leaves the heart craving the reality of sweet love.

With raw emotions, the mirrors of her eyes speak to me with humility and with the most illustrious sparkle I have ever seen.

The beauty of her smile transcends the never-ending darkness, for in the ebb of my dreams, she is the prestigious painting hanging with glory in all of my fantasies.

As my weary eyes continue to worship the portrait of this unknown beauty, the wind seems to echo her name under dawn's early light.

In the meadows of my dreams, the portrait of this lady has pleasantly awakened my spirit to love and has given me hope that my hungry, thirsting lips will one day drink the sweet wine flowing from her fountain of love.


17 April 2012

Day 15/17: OPEN MY EYES

For the first time ever, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo, where I'll have to write a poem a day for the whole of April (26 in total for A-Z). I'm combining both challenges. This is my entry for Day 15 letter "O" (Day 17 NaPoWriMo).

Lady Flower, open my eyes before the glory of you so I will always notice your magical enchantments leaving a flowerbed of beauty in my path.

You have swept away my sorrow and miseries by loving me with a fulfillment I only knew in nighttime fantasies.

The letters of love you wrote to me have opened my eyes to appreciate the wondrous mysteries of your loving heart.

And every time I stare into your smiling eyes, your pretty face causes my emotions to multiply a thousand-fold with passion.

My darling, your spirit blankets my soul with such warmness and love that I can actually feel the rhythm of your heart beating with mine.

Even when the silence of love falls from your lips, it opens my eyes to adore the faithfulness of your sweet love.

Beautiful woman of mine, open my eyes to love only you and with each kiss we share, you will feel my desire for you so strongly that it will bring you to tears.

*Image modified from www.sciencephoto.com


12 April 2012


For the first time ever, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo, where I'll have to write a poem a day for the whole of April (26 in total for A-Z). I'm combining both challenges. This is my entry for Day 11 letter "K" (Day 12 NaPoWriMo).

My darling, teach me the knowledge of your heart, so I might learn its principles and have an in-depth understanding of its precious values.

Unbelievably, amidst all of my trials and failures, I still find life to be beautiful, because of dawn's twilight shedding her beauty upon my path at the beginning of each new day.

I have studied your smile meticulously and have come to realize that beauty like yours is everything my eyes ever want to see in a Lady Flower.

The embrace of lonesomeness sometimes engulfs my mind, but my impulsive thoughts of you always erase those feelings I have of life without the love of a woman to clothe my tear-filled heart with kindness.

My heart refuses to believe that love is only for those dwelling in the kingdoms of the world where riches and wealth are sometimes the payment for romance and happiness.

In love's abode, every heart is welcome and treated the same, for love triumphs over wealth, ignorance and even death.

This is the reason why I pray incessantly for your beautiful love to fill my emptiness with the kiss of faithfulness my humble heart longs for during moments of silent loneliness.


10 April 2012


For the first time ever, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo, where I'll have to write a poem a day for the whole of April (26 in total for A-Z). I'm combining both challenges. This is my entry for Day 9 letter "I" (Day 10 NaPoWriMo).

Adorned with secret desires for you, my heart finds infinite justice in sweet romance glowing like eternity in the beauty of your pretty eyes.

Darling, even when in silent sorrow, I find myself tearfully longing for your touch while my humble heart seeks mercy from the sympathy of time.

Thank you for entrusting me with your most passionate thoughts, for whenever I taste the poverty of lonesomeness, I also relish the beauty of your spirit feeding me with life's breathless kisses.

Oh sweet lover of mine, the words of passion are spoken in many different tongues, but never before have they been more eloquently expressed than through the eyes and smiles of beautiful you.

Conceal your immortal fragrance in my heart and while the snow of winter retreats for another season, perhaps in the kindness of spring, I can bless every newborn flower with the angelic scent of you buried deep inside of me.

*Image from Google


07 April 2012


For the first time ever, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo, where I'll have to write a poem a day for the whole of April (26 in total for A-Z). I'm combining both challenges. This is my entry for Day 7 letter "G".

My darling, the drizzling night falling upon your wholesome beauty looks like the dust of golden sand sitting upon an angel.

You are the meaning of every season to me, for your footprints in the golden sand inspire me to follow your feminine fragrance to a garden of newborn flowers.

Your charm is so romantic and sensuous that it repeatedly fills my heart with photographs of a woman kissing my yearning lips.

Darling, take this pleasure from my eyes and taste my desires for you hidden away from the knowledge of this world.

Introduce me to your emotions so I might come to know the secrets of your loving heart.

Since the very beginning of my humble life, the words of beauty I had written for my maiden's eyes have remained untouched and unread…until now.

Lady Flower, open the window of my heart and touch your beautiful picture decorated and adorned with words written from golden sand.

*Illustration by EPGoddess


04 April 2012


Among the pyramids of time, I encountered the intense sorrow of a lonely soul weeping profusely beside a river of freedom.

Engaged in polite conversation, she tearfully revealed to me the atrocities of her pain caused by the neglect and abuse of an ungrateful man.

She reminded me of a deserted flower sitting upon a broken branch while trembling with sadness beneath the unkind winds.

Even though sunlight had pierced the evening sky with beauty, darkness was all her beautiful face saw, for in that very hour, life became most bitter to her.

At times, she quietly described her lover as stoic and disrespectful to the needs and wishes every woman seeks in her beau.

Drying her tears with my handkerchief, I realized this would be the closest I would come to touching the purest waters of life.

I also acknowledged that even with tear-filled eyes, she was the most exquisite beauty my eyes had ever beheld.

*Image from animationsa2z.com


03 April 2012


Is it possible to live like a lotus…without ever touching the dirty waters of life?

How can I flee this wilderness filled with the unclean temptations of lust and greed?

In desperation, I can find greater joy with a wordless poem on a sleepless night than with a romantic novel glorifying the darkness of the heart.

Sadly, an unhealthy romance bears destructive powers to turn an altar of gold into ashes of burnt copper.

As a result, only a few will ever find priceless jewels amongst the shadows of deceit and lies within the arena of love.

Once darkness has blanketed the earth with its magical mystery, the lips of the moon will gingerly kiss each nation with an alluring light

My darling, like a lotus, my heart will display its beauty and values towards only you, even if the temptations of unclean desires try to lure me into their naked embrace.


02 April 2012


For the first time ever, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo, where I'll have to write a poem a day for the whole of April (26 in total for A-Z). I'm combining both challenges. This is my entry for Day 2 letter "B".

Lady Flower, make me the bridge between the banks of a flowing river and the fantasies preventing you from loving with the beauty of freedom.

Could it be that I was born to love you amidst the mystery of a garden filled with honeymoon flowers?

The lordship of a man lies deep within his heart where the woman of his desires inspires him to build a kingdom from emotions of love.

Like a sculptor, I carve each day, hoping to see your beautiful face in the mirror of my dreams.

My darling, watching you sleeping under a starry night, I realize I was born to love you because of the ethereal radiance of your innocent beauty.

Please know…it is you whom I cherish, for I am most positive that I was born to love you after tasting your tears during our passionate lovemaking.

*Image credit


01 April 2012


For the first time ever, I'm taking part in the A-Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo, where I'll have to write a poem a day for the whole of April (26 in total for A-Z). I'm combining both challenges. This is my entry for Day 1 letter "A".

Sadly, because of life's circumstances, the attraction existing between us will never materialize in reality.

This forlorn heart of mine never knew such beauty as yours until I first saw your pretty face upon the pages of my humble work.

How I adore the stardust in your eyes revealing romantic gestures I only knew in lonesome fantasies.

Like a maiden who reaches for the emblem of passion for the first time, your lovely eyes pierce my soul so profoundly that I can actually feel your trembling touch.

The attraction between us is filled with unspoken words of romantic poetry that only lovers can hear in their midnight dreams.

My darling, you appear before me with invisible tears sitting in your eyes and when you disappear into infinity, your sweet fragrance is all that remains.

The attraction between us really is the most beautiful emotion life has ever bestowed upon my lonely soul.

*Image modified from www.pixels.pro


26 March 2012


Lovely maiden, I have seen you before…dancing among vibrant flowers that cling to the shadow of your beauty for friendship and nourishment.

Could it be that your ephemeral smile is only for those intoxicated by your tender tears beneath midnight dreams?

Engrossed by the beautiful image of you, I find myself spending eternity with infinite thoughts of a woman bearing only your tender affections.

My darling, hide me inside the temple of your eyes and let me taste your tantalizing fragrance born from the kisses of a rose.

I see your humble tears in a mirror every time I stare at your smiling reflection expressing the beauty of love to me.

Clothed by the fragrant nectar of your kisses, my spirit is lifted up into the fineries of time with every tryst we share.

Lady Flower, you are the bread of life feeding my heart with a deathless love and the maiden in my dreams who refreshes my soul with divine kisses from a rose.

*Image credit


18 March 2012


Sitting beside a rippling freshet, I can miraculously taste the perfumed scent of a beautiful woman who once lay beside its illustrious beauty.

So potent is her feminine fragrance that I cannot stop thinking of her, even in moments of quiet solitude.

Drawn into a romantic frenzy, I imagined the wind kissing her pretty face with the tenderness she always dreamed of.

If only I could cultivate the soil she walked upon, I would observe the new life coming into existence beneath her graceful footsteps.

If the sweetest scent my heart has ever known is all vanity, then happy is this moment I have come to relish and embrace.

Her perfumed scent will forever remain in my heart, until time or a miracle escorts her glorious image to join me in a tender moment beside this rippling freshet.


09 March 2012


For Romantic Friday Writers hosted by DeniseCovey_L_Aussie who challenges us bi-weekly to write 400 words or less of romantic prosetry (prose and/or poetry) based on the given theme. For Wk33, our entry must include the words "I LOVE YOU BECAUSE...". Romantic Friday Writers is open to everyone, but if you'd like to become a member, membership is FREE! To read the other entries or for submission/membership guidelines, click here... (Word count: 224 *MPA=minimum critique points acceptable) 

Like a flower, you sit upon the stem of my heart feeding on my love.

You have completed the imperfect man in me to love you with perfect love by giving me all of you to enjoy in sweet, tender lovemaking.

Sometimes, I find myself lost in daytime dreams, wondering how I became the keeper of your beautiful heart and soul with just the gift of poetry.

My darling bride, with beautiful you in my life and in my heart there is always one more tomorrow.

Upon the bosom of love, I lay my heart alongside yours and under the growth of love, the knowledge of fidelity and devotion have been imparted in me to love you with joyous tears.

My darling bride, I love you because you possess the secrets to my dreams that hold only you in exaltation...high above the jewels of heaven.

I love you because you are the flower watering my heart with peace and tranquility.

I love you because you represent truth and faithfulness under the sacred vows of our marriage.

At midnight, our spirits become one while love keeps us close bearing the same dreams...with forever as our destination.

When a new dawn comes into view, I slowly lift my eyes to see the sun smiling bashfully as it gently warms our naked bodies with its timeless luminescence.

(Condensed version of a poem I wrote a few years ago for my beautiful wife) ©  


06 March 2012


Have I ever told you that you infuse my life with color and beautify it even more with the melody of love playing ever so sweetly upon my heart?

Beautiful maiden of my dreams, teach me the habits of love so I might fulfill its precious meaning through the desires of your tender heart.

Teach me how to unfold the moving clouds so I might find your enchanting portrait hidden inside their tender embrace.

Darling, fill my life with your sunset smile and glorify my nights with the jewels of your heart as my lips quiver passionately to taste only yours.

This soul of mine thirsts for your joyful tears to quench my heart with life-saving water that is more precious than rain itself.

If ever I am given the privilege of choosing the length of my days, I will gladly die a thousand deaths if it means I can share and live just one complete life with only you.

My precious darling, your heart has become the temple in my dreams, giving me divine pleasure to worship you with burning incense and love with every breath I take.


27 February 2012

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23 February 2012


Romantic Friday Writers is a bi-weekly blogfest hosted by DeniseCovey_L_Aussie who challenges us to write 400 words or less of prosetry (prose/poetry) based on the given theme. For Wk32, the theme is "The Perfect 9.5". For submission/membership guidelines or to read the other entries, please click here... 
(word count: 196 MPA=minimum critique points acceptable)

What makes a woman beautiful is simply her imperfections.

Her faults can be easily overlooked when the beauty of kindness and love are expressed through her loving eyes.

Even on those days when she does not look and feel her best, the goodness in her heart will still shine through like a gentle luminescence from the heavens.

She is the ultimate, priceless jewel, for her worth is far greater than any accomplishment a man can achieve in this world.

A sleeping infant is comforted upon her warm bosom and an undying love is held inside the depths of her heart.

True beauty does indeed come from imperfection, for she even welcomes grief sometimes, if it will result in peace, before a new day dawns.

Even blooming flowers joyfully wave their silken petals for her attention whenever the very breath of her timeless presence comes into their midst.

The heart of a woman was made beautiful from birth, causing her very existence to decorate the earth with love every time she gracefully walks upon its soil.

Without a doubt, it is because of the imperfect image of a woman that man has come to know life's greatest perfection.



Lady Flower, no anguish or pain can ever stop me from loving you for the remaining days of an already cruel life.

These bittersweet dreams of mine were once filled with the fire of sorrow that sometimes buries the human heart beneath ghastly intentions.

As I peer deeply into the jewels of your eyes, bless me with the ability to see the glittering lights of heaven.

Kindly tame these wild flowers of my heart leaping graciously into yours…bearing sweet, romantic words of poetry.

How I long to love you amongst the pleasures of the night where two hearts can actually taste the perfumed blossoms of each other's dreams.

O lovely maiden, no anguish or pain can ever steal away the patience and courage my heart holds for a dignified woman with your humble character.

Had I not waited for you with anguish and pain, my darling, I would never have come to know the beauty of love in these final days of a cruel life.


13 February 2012


The earth embraces the seed of a flower and gives it nourishment and life through its soil.

In return, the flower embraces the kindness of the earth by decorating it with speechless beauty.

My darling, my heart is like the earth and you are the flower beautifying it with sweet emotions called love.

Amongst a garden of fragrant roses and gardenias, I take notice of only you.

I bow before your throne of beauty with eyes full of hunger and happiness for only your passion.

I have made your beauty my religion and give worship to you day and night with love burning from the altar of my heart.

In the mirror of my affections, you will see your beautiful face among a flock of doves glorifying the language of our love.

My darling, you are the flower in the soil of my heart anointing the lover in me to beautify the woman in you...with endless love and devotion.

*Photo provided by/copyright my dear friend ~ Mary at Living with Food Allergies and Celiac Disease


08 February 2012


The pheromones of love have seeped into my humble heart through the sultry eyes of a very attractive and feminine Lady Flower.

Her smiling face represents the beauty of light - its luminescence glowing deep within the passionate secrets of my soul.

To kiss her full, red lips is like tasting the nectar of honey…so potent, it leaves me drunk and intoxicated with love and desire.

Even her hands and feet are most appealing to me, for by decorating them with nail polish and fine jewelry, anyone can see she enjoys being a woman.

How I contemplate living moments of passion and joy with her amidst fragrant incense burning eternally.

From the very pages of my heart, she has become the poetic words of love I write under the influence of wisdom, romance and tears of freedom.

Like a refreshing wind, she comes to me gracefully with a smile, kissing my face with the kind of tender endearment a loving woman gives to her man.

The pheromones of love have seeped into my heart because of the beauty of this enchanting woman whose eyes bear the erotic flames of the morning sun.


05 February 2012


Pure as a fallen snowflake, your innocence and beauty transcend the glory of the clouds.

I am bewildered by your beautiful presence, which leaves me hiding behind emotions of passions that I want to enjoy only with you.

This pink rose reminds me of you, for there can be no surrender to sweet love without the gift of freedom.

With your pretty, manicured fingers, kindly touch each word upon the pages of my poetry to feel and learn the meekness of my heart.

The warmth I experience from your smile leaves me envisioning our lips drinking from the same stream flowing from the throne of love.

Without love, what good is wisdom if a man cannot discern the difference between the greatness of a woman's heart and the teardrops of a flower?

My darling, every time you look at me, this pink rose appears in your eyes…whispering my name with a dialect of sweet love.


25 January 2012


No one can escape the claws of death, yet how foolish is the man who wants to flee from the beauty of love?

When love is the true breath of the heart, defying its greatness is really beyond human comprehension.

A man will gladly place himself at the mercy of love if he can feel its blessings through a beautiful woman adorned in your image.

Searching for the secrets of your heart, I am awestruck by my findings…the kind that leaves a man breathless for the jewels in you.

The ailments I once knew from loneliness have disappeared, all because of the happiness you have given to me upon the horizon of my dreams.

Lady Flower, touch me with your sweetness and let my heart and soul experience the magic of love's mystery.

Touch me with your sweetness and let the sparkle in your eyes give light to mine as a new morning dawns.


18 January 2012


The ocean mist has tenderly kissed me with its beauty as I stare at freedom and loneliness upon its silent greatness flowing with precision.

How I wish for the immortality of a beautiful woman to embrace me with her warmth and to observe the flaming passion glowing like fire in my eyes for only her.

The sufferings of my heart for love and romance have been from long ago.

Yet with much understanding, I now realize that sacrifices are sometimes necessary for the enjoyment of passionate and romantic happiness.

Sad to say, into nothingness is where my hope lies as I feel the non-existence of a maiden's kiss upon my lonesome and tasteless lips.

Yes, I shall lay my dreams into nothingness, for there is where I will continue to welcome the ocean's mist as the only kiss my heart will ever know.


13 January 2012

{THIS MOMENT}...my first!

A Friday moment, a single photo - no words - capturing the week, day or experiences. A simple or extraordinary moment. 
This moment is one I want to pause, savor and remember.

{This Moment} is a ritual found on Life - inspired by the weeman adopted from Soulemama which was introduced to me by my blog friends. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section, so I can visit your "Moment".

(*photo by EPGoddess)