25 January 2012


No one can escape the claws of death, yet how foolish is the man who wants to flee from the beauty of love?

When love is the true breath of the heart, defying its greatness is really beyond human comprehension.

A man will gladly place himself at the mercy of love if he can feel its blessings through a beautiful woman adorned in your image.

Searching for the secrets of your heart, I am awestruck by my findings…the kind that leaves a man breathless for the jewels in you.

The ailments I once knew from loneliness have disappeared, all because of the happiness you have given to me upon the horizon of my dreams.

Lady Flower, touch me with your sweetness and let my heart and soul experience the magic of love's mystery.

Touch me with your sweetness and let the sparkle in your eyes give light to mine as a new morning dawns.


18 January 2012


The ocean mist has tenderly kissed me with its beauty as I stare at freedom and loneliness upon its silent greatness flowing with precision.

How I wish for the immortality of a beautiful woman to embrace me with her warmth and to observe the flaming passion glowing like fire in my eyes for only her.

The sufferings of my heart for love and romance have been from long ago.

Yet with much understanding, I now realize that sacrifices are sometimes necessary for the enjoyment of passionate and romantic happiness.

Sad to say, into nothingness is where my hope lies as I feel the non-existence of a maiden's kiss upon my lonesome and tasteless lips.

Yes, I shall lay my dreams into nothingness, for there is where I will continue to welcome the ocean's mist as the only kiss my heart will ever know.


13 January 2012

{THIS MOMENT}...my first!

A Friday moment, a single photo - no words - capturing the week, day or experiences. A simple or extraordinary moment. 
This moment is one I want to pause, savor and remember.

{This Moment} is a ritual found on Life - inspired by the weeman adopted from Soulemama which was introduced to me by my blog friends. If you find yourself touched by a Moment and would like to participate, post your picture on a Friday and leave your link in the comments section, so I can visit your "Moment".

(*photo by EPGoddess)


11 January 2012


There is a song of beauty in my heart for only you, my sweet Lady Flower.

Walk with me among melted snow and feel the winds of freedom stealing the warmth from our hands, but setting ablaze the fire in our hearts.

Your beautiful tresses against my face shield me from the desires of a stranger and your hand in mine reminds me of the gift of love I only feel when in your gorgeous presence.

Remind me once again why you love me so much and then listen intently as my heart whispers my love for you in return.

Do you know that treasures of the heart are greater than a kingdom without love and a rich man has nothing without the faithful love of a humble woman?

My darling, with trembling lips I speak love to you and with a joyful heart, the song of beauty plays for you endlessly…doing so with the most harmonious melody upon the harp of my soul.

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10 January 2012


Darling maiden, in my fantasies, I have sculpted your exquisite beauty from words carved upon paper so they might become gifts of poetry for lonely hearts to read.

My sorrow in lonesomeness is hidden as I await the fire of love to warm my heart with yours in passionate silence.

Even when silken flowers are sleeping in my hands, they are really invisible to me until your lovely eyes can awaken them with one teardrop sound.

Woman of my dreams, I shall continue to love you among the blossoms of every moonlight before the cruel hours of daylight steal you away again from the many fantasies of my mind.

With the passing of countless twilights and in all my undertakings, I have worked hard to protect the sacred poems of you…the same way a stem holds a beautiful rose close to its stalk.

O Lady Flower, zealous for your love is what I have become in a world where the image of a man like me goes unnoticed for loving with faithfulness and truth.

Please understand that I shall remain delighted to exist without sleep knowing there is some hope of you seeing in my weary eyes just how zealous I am for your sweet and precious love.


04 January 2012


The golden dust of each footprint you leave behind inspires me to follow you into the beauty of the winds delicately and tenderly embracing your smile.

Your pretty voice is as soft as the whisper of a morning flower and yet each whisper uttered before the altars of heaven is echoed with a tear for the gratitude of life.

Beautiful maiden, your thoughts are of a charitable nature even toward the lowly ones who rejoice in your humility and compassion when unkindness is all they have ever known.

Although the partition of life can sometimes divide the heart between right and wrong, righteousness is always faithful with you, because the sunrise of love in you is greater than the light of dawn.

My shadow trembles joyfully every time your beautiful presence shares the blessed sunshine with me, especially on days when romance is the only fragrance blowing in the wind.

My darling, the resplendent beauty of your footprints leaves behind mellifluous words of love written and expressed with golden dust that beautifies the earth with your gorgeous image.


01 January 2012


A poet will always share his immortal thoughts with the faithful winds of freedom.

He knows that only a beautiful woman can make an infant bud blush before the world embraces its adult perfume with smiling eyes.

Using modest words of love, salutations from his heart create vibrant emotions for her upon paper.

Even the sweet-smelling breeze guides her intoxicating scent to him during the quiet hours of an evening as he works on a dreamless poem.

No one can separate them, for she is the ultimate vision of beauty he sees with closed eyes beneath the shadows of a cold night.

It is no secret that he is mesmerized by the mystery of her affections as he tearfully reaches for poetic words to describe his desires to her.

Roused by the enchantments of her feminine allure, he also reveals to the world the secrets and harvest of his thoughts for loving her ever so deeply.

A poet's immortal thoughts are indeed like eternal blossoms causing this woman to envision her own timeless essence among his written words.