01 January 2012


A poet will always share his immortal thoughts with the faithful winds of freedom.

He knows that only a beautiful woman can make an infant bud blush before the world embraces its adult perfume with smiling eyes.

Using modest words of love, salutations from his heart create vibrant emotions for her upon paper.

Even the sweet-smelling breeze guides her intoxicating scent to him during the quiet hours of an evening as he works on a dreamless poem.

No one can separate them, for she is the ultimate vision of beauty he sees with closed eyes beneath the shadows of a cold night.

It is no secret that he is mesmerized by the mystery of her affections as he tearfully reaches for poetic words to describe his desires to her.

Roused by the enchantments of her feminine allure, he also reveals to the world the secrets and harvest of his thoughts for loving her ever so deeply.

A poet's immortal thoughts are indeed like eternal blossoms causing this woman to envision her own timeless essence among his written words.



  1. i absolutely agree with you andy!!! great work:)
    Happy new year!!!!!!

  2. How beautiful when a man could be married to his passion and poetry. They just simply complement each other. I see how it reciprocates its love for you. You blend.

    Breath taking :)

  3. To Haritha: Happy New Year Haritha!
    Thank you for welcoming my first post for 2012. I appreciate the visit & will be stopping by yours soon.

    To melissa: My dear Melissa, Happy New Year!
    I am a very fortunate man to have the best of both worlds...love & poetry. Thank you for the lovely comment. I'm sharing my first smile of 2012 with you (smile). See you soon!

  4. I love the way you are able to put your love in words with such beautiful imagery. What a wonderful talent you have been blessed with, and what a beautiful love. Jan <3

  5. To Jan: Hello Jan. Happy New Year!
    I'm really enjoying your visits. Everything I do in life is fueled by love. I live, eat, breathe love. Thank you for the kind words. They are very much appreciated. I'll be stopping by yours soon.

  6. So true...:-) Keep delighting us.

  7. To JANU: Happy New Year Janu!
    Thank you for welcoming 2012 with me. I appreciate the kind words.

  8. Enchanting tribute to the love of your life...god bless

  9. To sulekkha: Happy New Year Sulekha!
    Lovely to see your smiling face. Thanks for visiting & the kind words.

  10. Talent alone cannot make a writer. There must be a man behind the book,a personality which, by is by birth and quality...and you have it all in you...more than that,you have love in your life,which is the best thing you have blessed with...Thank you for being with me in 2011,looking forward to more of your exquisite work this year..A very happy new year to u.

  11. Love the you expressed, beautiful. :)
    Happy new year :)

  12. so true. nothing more i could agree :)

    Happy New Year Andy :)
    stay blessed :)

  13. What a remarkable piece you wrote Andy! I am really impressed!
    You are one of the great writers i have met across blogger!
    Keep writing! :)

    P.S Happy New Year! May this year bring lots of happiness and luck for u :)

  14. Hope you have a wonderful new year Andy!

  15. Lovely way to ring in the New Year. Exquisite image of Elizabethan times - a quill dipped in an ink pot & parchment paper.
    Happy New Year Andy.

  16. You seem to find great joy through your poetic expression, that is beautiful to behold!

    Thank you for sharing!

  17. being a person who can write only on love dreams i very well can connect and visualise what u feel while u write:)thanks for sharing..it was beautiful

  18. To Motifs: Alpana, you certainly know how to touch my heart. Thank you for your kindness & heartfelt words. It's been a pleasure making your acquaintance & I'm looking forward to many years of friendship with you. May your 2012 be filled with much happiness, laughter & lots of love. Many thanks for your support throughout 2011. It has not gone unnoticed. Best wishes, my dear!

    To Shreya: Happy New Year Shreya!.
    Thanks you for taking the time to visit. Always nice to see you.

    To Inspector Saahab: Happy New year to you & your family too!
    I've not known you long, but I am touched by your support. May we continue to be a source of encouragement to each other. Thanks for visiting.

    To Rosette Princess: Hello Javaria. Happy New Year!
    I am humbled by your kind words. Thank you so much. I love to write & my reward is having my readers enjoy my work so much that they keep returning for more. Thank you for your loyalty throughout this past year. I hope you will continue to enjoy my expressions from the heart for a very long time to come (smile).

    To Ruby: Happy New Year Ruby!
    I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. I'll be visiting you soon.

  19. oh, how well you have expressed yourself here! nicely written Andy :)

  20. absolutely true Andy and beautifully penned.. Happy New Year to you.. Let this year brings you the magic you wish..

    Someone is Special

  21. ...such passion!

    Happy New Year


  22. Andy ur poetry is your love and passion and it reflects in ur writings.

    Lovely read as always.

    God Bless U and I wish to read many more poetries in 2012.


  23. Greetings:

    Happy Happy New Year.

    Appreciated your support of 2011,

    Best Wishes for the year of 2012…

    Your contribution is always welcome!

    Lots of blessings and cheers sending your way.

    See you soon.


  24. Happy New Year, Andy - looking forward to more romance from you in 2012!

  25. Wonderful to begin another new year with your lovely romance in words Andy, you never cease to warm my heart with the out pouring of love from yours.
    Happy new year.

  26. The last line is priceless and so very true. Good job, Andy, and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  27. yes, the thoughts are immortal

  28. Wow, such evocative powerful description, congrats!!!!!!!!!

  29. To R.Ramakrishnan: Thank you, my friend. All the best for the New year to you too!

    To Dangerous Linda: Hello Linda. Yes...writing gives me great pleasure & of course I love to exist in the images of love & romance. Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate the visit.

    To alka narula: Thank you. Nice of you to stop by.

  30. To Ostensible Truth: Thank you. I appreciate your kindness. Thanks for visiting.

    To SiS: Hello Saravana. Happy New Year, my friend! I wish the same for you & much more. Thanks for taking the time to visit. Come back soon!

    To Amy: Happy New Year Amy!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    To Mani: Happy New Year Mani!
    Thank you for the ind words. As long as you keep reading, I'll definitely keep writing. Wishing you all the best for this coming year. See you soon!

    To Promising Poets Parking Lot: Happy New Year to you!
    Thank you for your kind sentiments & for providing a forum for us to express & share our prized writings. Your award gifts have been a great source of encouragement for me & many other poets. I'm looking forward to another wonderful year of sharing & contributing to your community. Many thanks.

    To Sherry Blue Sky: Happy New Year, Sherry!
    Thank you for the lovely comment. I shall be happy to oblige you with my romantic expressions from the heart (smile). Thanks for visiting.

    To Daydreamertoo: My heart is always full of love. Love is my life-force & the fuel for my pen. Thank you for the lovely sentiments. Your kind words are very much appreciated.
    Best wishes to you for the New Year!

    To charlesmashburn: Hello Charles. Happy New Year to you & your family!
    Thanks for taking the time to read my first post of the year. I'll be over to visit you soon.

  31. Andy You breathe life into words and give them meaning where none was before. It's a pleasure to watch you paint your canvas!! Blessings!! :)

  32. May the poet for the upcoming year remain in your spirit and may you always be attune to the sweet smelling breeze of your words in your heart...Happy New Year Andy!

  33. loveliness as usual Andy! :)
    happy gooseberry day!!

  34. This post is a poet's delight. Just beautiful beyond words...:)

  35. You write of love so beautifully. Thank you for such lovely thoughts.

  36. To David: Thank you for the heartfelt comment David. Much appreciated.

    To lorely: Happy New Year Lorely!
    Thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot. Nice to see you. Please stop by again soon.

    To Jerly: Thanks Jerly. I appreciate the visit.

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    To Belva Rae Staples: I exist in the image of love. Love is my food, my breath & the ink for my pen (smile). Thanks for a lovely comment. I appreciate the visit.

  37. so now i got it...the mystery... i always thought why i cannot be a good poet ( rather a bad one will be more than enough for me :P )... now i realize...one needs a beautiful woman :) so i must find her first and then i can think of becoming a poet :)

    marvelous as always... and yes i was thinking it like poetry but as you said it is a little unusal type of poetry so that is why i asked... thank you for the reply and also the visit to our blog :) happy new year...

  38. Beautifully expressed ,Andy Dear! :)

  39. I love reading, you always have the Charm my friend! Keep your words coming :)

  40. This is one of my favorites by you so far! The world needs more romantics like you. :)

  41. Agreed on all what is written here! :) Happy new year Andy! :) I love your first line here..:) God bless you! :)

  42. I simply adore romanticism. Certainly, what the poet has penned lives on forever, as does the eternal love. It is also my favorite topic. Happy New Year dear Andy. xoXox

  43. To Muhammad Israr: Happy New Year, my friend!
    LOL...Israr, you are so funny! Poet or not, you are an impressive storyteller!
    I hope this year brings you much happiness, laughter & yes, even love (smile). Thanks for the entertainment. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

    To Simran: Thanks Simran dear. I appreciate the visit.

    To Prime Aque: Thank you for the kind words. Nice of you to stop by.

    To Namrata Kumari: Hello. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

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    To Sagittarian: Happy New Year to you too Sagittarian!
    Thanks for visiting. Always a pleasure to hear from you. I'll be stopping by soon!

  44. Hello Kay. Happy New Year!
    I once labeled myself as the "Romance Doctor"...I live, eat breath love & romance. I always say I exist in the image of love. Nice comment. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

  45. Very original. I love the creative used of symbols to describe a moment...it can only be written down by a person who had deep understanding in poetry.
    I consumed every essence therein inside...

  46. To zongrik: Thanks. I appreciate the visit.

    To projectwords11: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your visit is appreciated. Hope you'll stop by again sometime.

  47. oh, convincing thoughts.

    stay upbeat.
    Thanks for the lasting love to our community.

    keep it up.
    Happy New Year.

  48. Whose heart wouldn't melt when touched by honest and passionate poetry? Indeed, poets are blessed with the gift of immortalizing a thought or an emotion not just on paper but in the heart of whom the piece is dedicated.

    Happy New Year to you! Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece. :)

  49. To FherYmas: Hello Fher. I nearly missed your comment. For some reason it had ended up as spam!
    Thank you for the lovely comment. I truly appreciate your visit.

    To Taylor Boomer: Hello. Nice comment. Thank you. Thanks for all your hard work to bring us all together each week.

    To Katherine: Welcome to my blog Katherine. The greatest gift a poet can receive is when his/her words touch the reader's heart. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Your kind words are most encouraging. I hope you will visit again sometime.

  50. you're a great wordsmith..a romantic at heart..?

  51. Beautiful Andy, great work! and Happy New Years to you!

  52. To Alfandi: Hello Alfandi. Welcome to my blog. I appreciate the kind words. Hope you will stop by again sometime.

    To tekia: Hello Te'Kia. Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting. I appreciate the comment.

  53. oh i like the words expressed....ur love for poetry defines here....:)

    1. My dear Elvira,
      Writing poetry, especially about love, is my passion. Just as we cannot exist without life...so I cannot exist without love (smile).
      Thank you for your kind words.