10 January 2012


Darling maiden, in my fantasies, I have sculpted your exquisite beauty from words carved upon paper so they might become gifts of poetry for lonely hearts to read.

My sorrow in lonesomeness is hidden as I await the fire of love to warm my heart with yours in passionate silence.

Even when silken flowers are sleeping in my hands, they are really invisible to me until your lovely eyes can awaken them with one teardrop sound.

Woman of my dreams, I shall continue to love you among the blossoms of every moonlight before the cruel hours of daylight steal you away again from the many fantasies of my mind.

With the passing of countless twilights and in all my undertakings, I have worked hard to protect the sacred poems of you…the same way a stem holds a beautiful rose close to its stalk.

O Lady Flower, zealous for your love is what I have become in a world where the image of a man like me goes unnoticed for loving with faithfulness and truth.

Please understand that I shall remain delighted to exist without sleep knowing there is some hope of you seeing in my weary eyes just how zealous I am for your sweet and precious love.



  1. The woman who has captured your affection in such a powerful way is a blessed woman indeed!

  2. The romance never ends! Oh, such expressions would (and will) win the heart of your beloved.
    Thank you, Andy, for this joy and inspiration.
    Blessings to you!

  3. Somehow the woman who inspires you to write so beautifully I do not belive lives in your dreams yet I do belive she fulfills them and brings them to life.

  4. better deeper and more soulful with every poem...

  5. I was CLOSE - I figured you'd go with ZEAL. That's just the kind of guy you are!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Andy, your words are like liquid moonlight.
    I have something for you on my blog so stop by and pick it up.

  7. Zealous for your love would make a beautiful song. Your poems are so tender and filled with longing.

  8. We can never have enough of this romance....just wonderful. <3

  9. Andy she has captured your soul.... and when that happens a magical journey begins...

  10. I am not sure if it took... But here it is again

    She has captured your soul and when it happens a magical journey begins!

  11. To Jessica M: Smiling...I am the one who is most fortunate to have been captured by love. Thank you for stopping by.

    To Martha J. M. Orlando: Martha, Love is the voice in me that refuses to be still. Thank you for the kind words.

    To SJ: Smiling...what a lovely thing to say. You might even be right SJ, but I leave each reader to draw their own conclusions. Thanks for visiting.

  12. To Jan: Thank you Jan. You are always so kind with your comments.

    To Roger Owen Green: Smiling...my original thought was ZEAL, but I couldn't make my poem flow with just ZEAL, so I had to branch out a bit more into ZEALOUS & well...this is the result. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate you stopping by.

  13. When we read ur poetry each day is romantic with full of love n passion.

    You have ur own unique style which is d best thing abt ur writings..


  14. To Leah Griffith: Hello Leah. You have me intrigued. I'll be right over. See you soon.

    To photowannabe: Thank you for the lovely comment.

    To JANU: Smiling...me neither. Thanks Janu. Always nice to see you.

  15. darling maiden in my fantasies--------------------for broken hearts to read...oh god such beautiful lines..you write with such finesse..lovely words..

  16. A true masterpiece for you woman... ;)

  17. So is your whole life a series of love poetry? I hope so, it inspires you and those who read them as well.

  18. Andy this is another inspiration,.:) You really make us think about the woman here, lol.. Thumbs up! :)

    Thanks a lot! :)

  19. I eagerly await your new poem!Your each poem is a gem to be cherished! I just wonder who is your muse?

  20. That is beautiful image.

    Zing is it for me. Hope you can visit and see. Have a nice day!

  21. What a wonderful shot!

    Zodiac is one of my entries. Come see it when you get a chance. Thanks!

    I am now a follower of your blog Andy.

  22. Romantic...Last line is lovely!!!

  23. If I were to color your wonderful poem...it would be passionate red!

  24. To alka narula: Thank you for the lovely compliment Alka. My expressions come from deep emotions.

    To R_Phoenix: Thank you. Your comment is appreciated.

    To melissa: Smiling...yes, you could say that. Everything I do, everything I write all stems from the beauty of love. Love is my sustenance & ink for my pen. Thank you for the kind words. Always nice to hear from you.

    To Sagittarian: Thank you Sagitarrian. Your comments are a constant source of encouragement.

    To Autumn Eliza: Smiling...my muse, my life-force, my ink, my heart, everything about me is all thanks to the beauty of love. Thank you for the kind words. I sincerely appreciate your visits.

    To Ms. Burrito: Hello Ms. Burrito. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I enjoyed your photos at your link.

  25. To chubskulit: Hello Rose. The shot is not mine, it is courtesy of Google images. Thank you for visiting & following. I always try to return the kindness & have already been over to your blog to follow & read your entry. Hope you will stop by again soon.

    To Saru Singhal: Thank you Saru. Nice of you to stop by.

    To Wanda: Hello Wanda. Smiling...you are most kind. Thank you for taking the time to visit. I'll be stopping by yours soon.

  26. Sorry I missed this one. I have been having problems with my net. But what do I say? Your words gives me hope for a love like that.

    1. Hello Rimly.
      Better late than never, right? (smile)
      Love has a way of creeping into your heart when you least expect it. The main thing to remember is that no matter your burden in life, always keep your heart open to love and when it comes knocking, embrace it with every ounce of your being.
      Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Lovely to see you.

  27. A great post to finish off the round: http://jobryantnz.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/z-is-for-zinke/

    1. Thanks Jo.
      I learned something from your post too.
      See you in Rd10!

  28. It's hard to find the words to express the beauty of this piece. Once could stay here all day within these words of love.


    1. Hello Tameka.
      Thank you for the heartfelt sentiments. My doors are always open anytime you feel like stopping by (smile).
      I've been over to your blog. That recent post of yours is a real soul-barer. I commend you for your courage & strength.
      Thanks for sharing & visiting. Always a pleasure to see you.

  29. Like always very romantic ..:):)
    Woman of my dreams , I shall continue to love you among the blossoms of every moonlight before the cruel hours of day light steal you away..
    Woooow loved those lines...!!!!!