27 February 2012

Newsletter: Goodbye Google Friend Connect?

My dear friends,
As you're probably aware by now, from 1st March 2012, Google Friend Connect is being withdrawn for all non-blogger blogs. This means that if you are using some another platform besides blogger (like wordpress), you will no longer be able to use GFC to follow this blog. Regular blogger blogs will still be able to use GFC for a few more months after March 1st, but I believe Google will remove it altogether in favor of Google+ and circles.

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In the meantime, I look forward to continuing to build Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn with you by romancing you with the rhythm and flow of my pen (smile).

Hope you'll stop by soon!

Best wishes,


23 February 2012


Romantic Friday Writers is a bi-weekly blogfest hosted by DeniseCovey_L_Aussie who challenges us to write 400 words or less of prosetry (prose/poetry) based on the given theme. For Wk32, the theme is "The Perfect 9.5". For submission/membership guidelines or to read the other entries, please click here... 
(word count: 196 MPA=minimum critique points acceptable)

What makes a woman beautiful is simply her imperfections.

Her faults can be easily overlooked when the beauty of kindness and love are expressed through her loving eyes.

Even on those days when she does not look and feel her best, the goodness in her heart will still shine through like a gentle luminescence from the heavens.

She is the ultimate, priceless jewel, for her worth is far greater than any accomplishment a man can achieve in this world.

A sleeping infant is comforted upon her warm bosom and an undying love is held inside the depths of her heart.

True beauty does indeed come from imperfection, for she even welcomes grief sometimes, if it will result in peace, before a new day dawns.

Even blooming flowers joyfully wave their silken petals for her attention whenever the very breath of her timeless presence comes into their midst.

The heart of a woman was made beautiful from birth, causing her very existence to decorate the earth with love every time she gracefully walks upon its soil.

Without a doubt, it is because of the imperfect image of a woman that man has come to know life's greatest perfection.



Lady Flower, no anguish or pain can ever stop me from loving you for the remaining days of an already cruel life.

These bittersweet dreams of mine were once filled with the fire of sorrow that sometimes buries the human heart beneath ghastly intentions.

As I peer deeply into the jewels of your eyes, bless me with the ability to see the glittering lights of heaven.

Kindly tame these wild flowers of my heart leaping graciously into yours…bearing sweet, romantic words of poetry.

How I long to love you amongst the pleasures of the night where two hearts can actually taste the perfumed blossoms of each other's dreams.

O lovely maiden, no anguish or pain can ever steal away the patience and courage my heart holds for a dignified woman with your humble character.

Had I not waited for you with anguish and pain, my darling, I would never have come to know the beauty of love in these final days of a cruel life.


13 February 2012


The earth embraces the seed of a flower and gives it nourishment and life through its soil.

In return, the flower embraces the kindness of the earth by decorating it with speechless beauty.

My darling, my heart is like the earth and you are the flower beautifying it with sweet emotions called love.

Amongst a garden of fragrant roses and gardenias, I take notice of only you.

I bow before your throne of beauty with eyes full of hunger and happiness for only your passion.

I have made your beauty my religion and give worship to you day and night with love burning from the altar of my heart.

In the mirror of my affections, you will see your beautiful face among a flock of doves glorifying the language of our love.

My darling, you are the flower in the soil of my heart anointing the lover in me to beautify the woman in you...with endless love and devotion.

*Photo provided by/copyright my dear friend ~ Mary at Living with Food Allergies and Celiac Disease


08 February 2012


The pheromones of love have seeped into my humble heart through the sultry eyes of a very attractive and feminine Lady Flower.

Her smiling face represents the beauty of light - its luminescence glowing deep within the passionate secrets of my soul.

To kiss her full, red lips is like tasting the nectar of honey…so potent, it leaves me drunk and intoxicated with love and desire.

Even her hands and feet are most appealing to me, for by decorating them with nail polish and fine jewelry, anyone can see she enjoys being a woman.

How I contemplate living moments of passion and joy with her amidst fragrant incense burning eternally.

From the very pages of my heart, she has become the poetic words of love I write under the influence of wisdom, romance and tears of freedom.

Like a refreshing wind, she comes to me gracefully with a smile, kissing my face with the kind of tender endearment a loving woman gives to her man.

The pheromones of love have seeped into my heart because of the beauty of this enchanting woman whose eyes bear the erotic flames of the morning sun.


05 February 2012


Pure as a fallen snowflake, your innocence and beauty transcend the glory of the clouds.

I am bewildered by your beautiful presence, which leaves me hiding behind emotions of passions that I want to enjoy only with you.

This pink rose reminds me of you, for there can be no surrender to sweet love without the gift of freedom.

With your pretty, manicured fingers, kindly touch each word upon the pages of my poetry to feel and learn the meekness of my heart.

The warmth I experience from your smile leaves me envisioning our lips drinking from the same stream flowing from the throne of love.

Without love, what good is wisdom if a man cannot discern the difference between the greatness of a woman's heart and the teardrops of a flower?

My darling, every time you look at me, this pink rose appears in your eyes…whispering my name with a dialect of sweet love.