26 March 2012


Lovely maiden, I have seen you before…dancing among vibrant flowers that cling to the shadow of your beauty for friendship and nourishment.

Could it be that your ephemeral smile is only for those intoxicated by your tender tears beneath midnight dreams?

Engrossed by the beautiful image of you, I find myself spending eternity with infinite thoughts of a woman bearing only your tender affections.

My darling, hide me inside the temple of your eyes and let me taste your tantalizing fragrance born from the kisses of a rose.

I see your humble tears in a mirror every time I stare at your smiling reflection expressing the beauty of love to me.

Clothed by the fragrant nectar of your kisses, my spirit is lifted up into the fineries of time with every tryst we share.

Lady Flower, you are the bread of life feeding my heart with a deathless love and the maiden in my dreams who refreshes my soul with divine kisses from a rose.

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18 March 2012


Sitting beside a rippling freshet, I can miraculously taste the perfumed scent of a beautiful woman who once lay beside its illustrious beauty.

So potent is her feminine fragrance that I cannot stop thinking of her, even in moments of quiet solitude.

Drawn into a romantic frenzy, I imagined the wind kissing her pretty face with the tenderness she always dreamed of.

If only I could cultivate the soil she walked upon, I would observe the new life coming into existence beneath her graceful footsteps.

If the sweetest scent my heart has ever known is all vanity, then happy is this moment I have come to relish and embrace.

Her perfumed scent will forever remain in my heart, until time or a miracle escorts her glorious image to join me in a tender moment beside this rippling freshet.


09 March 2012


For Romantic Friday Writers hosted by DeniseCovey_L_Aussie who challenges us bi-weekly to write 400 words or less of romantic prosetry (prose and/or poetry) based on the given theme. For Wk33, our entry must include the words "I LOVE YOU BECAUSE...". Romantic Friday Writers is open to everyone, but if you'd like to become a member, membership is FREE! To read the other entries or for submission/membership guidelines, click here... (Word count: 224 *MPA=minimum critique points acceptable) 

Like a flower, you sit upon the stem of my heart feeding on my love.

You have completed the imperfect man in me to love you with perfect love by giving me all of you to enjoy in sweet, tender lovemaking.

Sometimes, I find myself lost in daytime dreams, wondering how I became the keeper of your beautiful heart and soul with just the gift of poetry.

My darling bride, with beautiful you in my life and in my heart there is always one more tomorrow.

Upon the bosom of love, I lay my heart alongside yours and under the growth of love, the knowledge of fidelity and devotion have been imparted in me to love you with joyous tears.

My darling bride, I love you because you possess the secrets to my dreams that hold only you in exaltation...high above the jewels of heaven.

I love you because you are the flower watering my heart with peace and tranquility.

I love you because you represent truth and faithfulness under the sacred vows of our marriage.

At midnight, our spirits become one while love keeps us close bearing the same dreams...with forever as our destination.

When a new dawn comes into view, I slowly lift my eyes to see the sun smiling bashfully as it gently warms our naked bodies with its timeless luminescence.

(Condensed version of a poem I wrote a few years ago for my beautiful wife) ©  


06 March 2012


Have I ever told you that you infuse my life with color and beautify it even more with the melody of love playing ever so sweetly upon my heart?

Beautiful maiden of my dreams, teach me the habits of love so I might fulfill its precious meaning through the desires of your tender heart.

Teach me how to unfold the moving clouds so I might find your enchanting portrait hidden inside their tender embrace.

Darling, fill my life with your sunset smile and glorify my nights with the jewels of your heart as my lips quiver passionately to taste only yours.

This soul of mine thirsts for your joyful tears to quench my heart with life-saving water that is more precious than rain itself.

If ever I am given the privilege of choosing the length of my days, I will gladly die a thousand deaths if it means I can share and live just one complete life with only you.

My precious darling, your heart has become the temple in my dreams, giving me divine pleasure to worship you with burning incense and love with every breath I take.